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ryuowell, that was a surprise.04:55
ryuoUbuntu LTS being extended to 10 years.04:55
joacimif i was ubuntu, i'd want to die right now05:52
abenzafter learning about their shady "search" thing I no longer recommend it to friends05:53
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elderKHey guys, libjpeg-turbo port doesn't install an .la file?07:14
elderKThis breaks some other packages. I was wondering how I go about correcting this?07:14
elderKYeah, libgd fails to build07:18
elderKGod damn fucking fuck.07:52
elderKI am so sick of various pointless "system" wars.07:52
elderKThe autobuild system vs. cmake etc.07:52
elderKWhy don't they both just migrate to writing their dep info as .pc?07:52
elderKThen you have some projects that support both, but do both half-assed.07:52
elderKSo, you install with Cmake? None of the AM stuff is installed.07:53
elderKVice versa07:53
elderKWhich breaks OTHER packages.07:53
elderKWhat a fucking clusterfuck07:53
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stratactHi, has anyone here made an unofficial aarch64 image for Crux?08:57
stratactfound it, nevermind:
abenzstratact: running on what?09:32
stratactI'm interested in installing it on a Banana PI W209:33
abenzI see09:34
abenzdoes anyone have a pkgfile for a more recent wpa_supplicant? (namely one with OWE/SAE)09:53
abenzlets ride the wpa3 wagon!09:53
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frinnstelderK: ack10:08
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frinnstlibgd built fine here10:27
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pedjafails here10:55
pedjaelderK, yup, libgd is broken10:57
elderK:( It's a problem because I need it for m17n-lib, which is needed for emacs :(*10:58
elderKNormally I use Vim, but I am playing with Lisp lately and was thinking of trying Emacs.10:58
elderKCould we build libgd with cmake, instead of autotools?10:58
elderKI was going to do that with my own libgd port, but I was concerned of what not having a might break10:59
pedjaelderK, I'd suggest to use libgd master for your port, it moved quite a lot since the latest stable release11:03
elderKHow do you guys create a "master port"? What do you use for the version / release?11:04
pedjashort git hash or date11:06
elderKAnd do you just checkout from Git in the Pkgfile? Or you store a .bz2 in your ports tree?11:06
pedjaI prefer to roll the tarball11:07
pedjayou could checkout the specific commit that you know it builds, but meh :)11:08
elderKI prefer to do that too.11:09
elderKClone what I wanted, make it so it has no .git stuff, archive that. Ship it with the pkgfile11:09
elderKVersion is the date that I cloned :P11:09
pedjaI use this for archives11:11
pedjathere are a bunch of neat tools for git for lazy bastards like me that can't remember the options :)11:17
pedjaelderK, opt/libgd builds fine with cmake, with jpeg enabled. so might want to do that instead?11:35
elderKWell, yeah, but then won't be around :)11:44
elderKAnd how much stuff relies on that?11:45
elderKAFAIK, prt-get dependent libgd only shows gnuplot11:45
elderKAlso, prt-get dependent doesn't always show me anything, even when it should.11:45
elderKIs there some step  I have to do to to get that to work?11:45
pedjawhat do you mean?11:49
pedjausing .la for deps is deprecated anyway, iirc, apps should use .pc for that11:51
pedjabut cmake install doesn't install them, so :)11:52
pedjait's a mess11:52
pedjagd-2.2 branch, same issue. well :)12:01
pedjathere is a commit in master that adds support for libjpeg.pc, that might be the answer12:04
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SiFuhInteresting accident13:20
frinnstit built just fine here, care to paste build log?13:53
frinnstbut I agree the lack of .la files are problematic. I didnt see any issues on my systems so I pushed libjpeg-turbo13:54
frinnstbut gtk/glib is currently all fucked up due to the same issues13:54
pedjafrinnst, they also use .la to locate libs?14:04
frinnst wtf14:05
frinnsteveryone seems to still be alive14:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: Revert "libjpeg-turbo: updated to 2.0.1"14:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: glib: updated to 2.58.114:40

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