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saptechcan I use this command xdg-utils to create user's directories?01:32
saptechI'm looking for something like this, 'xdg-user-dirs'01:33
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saptechI'm trying to install mate DE but having issues04:41
saptechfollowing this document,
saptechI think it was with the part on starting it with .xinitrc exec start-mate04:42
saptechrecompiling it now04:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] ghostscript: update to 9.2609:44
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: perl: cleanup, closes FS#169909:45
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: perl: signature fix09:52
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nwehmm does someon know if I can fake that a file exist,but it doesnt?.11:42
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john_cephalopodanwe: In which way?11:50
john_cephalopodanwe: What exactly are you trying to do?11:50
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saptechgreetings all13:10
saptechI'm trying to build Mate DE but having problems with lots of .footprint mismatches13:10
saptechdo anyone know if this person is still around? He/she wrote the docs for installing mate13:12
john_cephalopodasaptech: Can you paste such a footprint mismatch, e.g. to
saptechwell, at this point I used pkgmk -uf and it seem to have taken care of those so far13:15
saptechI'm not sure if that was the correct thing to do13:16
saptechbut I stopped last night when I got a missing pkg, 'No package 'pygobject-3.0' found'13:16
saptechjohn_cephalopoda, most of those mismatches had NEW next to them13:19
pedjaignore those13:20
saptechwhen a pkg, such as mate is building for the first time, does it showing mismatches or other errors?13:21
pedjaI'd suggest to set 'PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW' in pkgmk.conf to yes, so they are info only13:21
saptechBecause when I ran the build originally, it seem to finish but when I tried to use the exec start-mate in .xinitrc, it wouldn't run13:22
pedjapaste th elog13:22
pedjathe log*13:22
saptechwhere are those logs kept?13:23
pedjaidk, I use this '/usr/bin/startx ${1+"$@"} 2>&1 | tee $HOME/.X.err'13:27
saptechpedja, I'll add 'PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW' in pkgmk.conf to yes13:28
pedja'NEW' is info, 'MISSING' is a bug :)13:28
pedjamate maintainer, jaeger, is alive and well, afaik :) he is using mate on several machines, I think13:29
pedjadifferent timezone, thou (USA)13:30
saptechI'm in USA, but I have to get ready to take grandson to school and run some errands13:30
saptechright now I'm stuck with pyobject-3.0 not found, so mozo failed to build13:31
pedjaah. well, your best bet is to post to the crux mailing list with questions/issues13:31
saptechhmmm, yes I can search through it also13:32
saptechthanks for the help/advice. bbl13:32
pedjasaptech, the issue you are having might be related to recent port name change for several python and other ports13:36
saptechpedja, is there an easy fix for it, if so?13:39
saptechwould the pygobject be part of the python name change?13:41
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pedjasaptech, that should now be be python3-gobject, if I am not mistaken13:47
pedjarun 'prt-get depends mozo'13:47
saptechhmmm, I do not see anything related to pygobject13:49
saptechI see python & python313:50
saptechI just now see this, "missing packages pygobject-gtk3 from mozo"13:53
pedjasaptech, try 'prt-get fsearch $file_reported_missing'13:54
pedjaso 'prt-get fsearch pygobject-3.0', in your case, iirc13:54
saptechFound in /usr/ports/opt/python3-gobject: /usr/include/pygobject-3.0/13:55
pedjaso depinst that, and you should be good to go13:55
saptechpedja, thanks alot. you showed me some commands to use13:57
pedjanp :)13:57
saptechfailed to build....grrr13:57
pedjawhat failed to build?13:58
pedjasaptech, try 'prt-get depinst python3-gobject'14:00
saptechthat python3-cairo did install14:00
saptechthat is what I typed14:00
saptechI need to leave, thanks again. any ideas just post here14:03
pedjaweird. that missing header ships with python314:03
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jaegerupdated the deps for mozo in the MATE repo17:13
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joacimstarting to think the problem with network manager isnt the system itself, but the poor tools that tries to use it. what works just fine with using mate, is completely broken in gnome. gnome completely messed up my bond20:04
john_cephalopodaI should apply as manager at the harbour of Hamburg and put "Experience with managing 22 different ports" into my CV.20:44
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saptechhi all23:01
saptechwhen compiling Mate, I'm getting this error23:01
saptechhow can we get this fixed?23:02
pedjasaptech, did you update mate ports recently? afaik it was fixed in the repo23:04
jaegermozo was fixed, that's from python3-gobject itself23:04
john_cephalopodasaptech: Can't reproduce.23:04
saptechupdate ports? No did not23:04
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jaegeralso, make sure you're installing dependencies. Python.h is supplied by python and python3, both of which are in the dependency tree for python3-gobject23:06
saptechI'm doing something wrong23:13
saptechI keep getting the Python.h msg23:13
saptechI'm running this after updates23:14
saptechsudo prt-get depinst mate --install-scripts23:14
pedjatry 'prt-get deptree mate', that'll list if you are missing some dep23:15
jaegerWhat does 'pkginfo -o Python.h' report?23:15
saptechpython   usr/include/python2.7/Python.h23:16
saptechpython3  usr/include/python3.6m/Python.h23:16
jaegerok, that seems normal23:16
jaegercan you pastebin the entire log from the python3-gobject build?23:17
saptechgive me a moment23:20
joacimjust noticed after my attempt at gnome, the loopback device is now disabled23:48
joacimi'll stick with mate from now on. the networking tools that start with it doesnt mess anything up on my system23:50

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