IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2018-11-22

joacimjaeger: signature mismatch on mate/libatasmart00:07
joacimshould have listed on portdb i think =)00:10
joacimjaeger: libbytesize should also depend on python.00:13
joacimit is missing as a dependency, and fails since python isn't pulled in early enough00:14
joacimshould probably make that python3 to match the footprint00:14
saptechok, I'm back. sorry I had to fix dinner, the wife is been sick00:15
saptechwhere are the build logs kept?00:18
joacimshould be the default dir00:18
joacimyou might have to uncomment the logfile line in prt-get.conf00:18
saptechyep because I do not see those logs00:20
joacimprobably not an issue for a lot of people, since python and python3 is installed already with xorg, but should be listed as a depdency still i think00:24
joacimjaeger: libmatemixer is missing intltool. also pulled in with xorg, but you get errors if you install mate and xorg in the wrong order00:26
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saptechjaeger, here is python3-gobject log.
joacimlibmatemixer needs glib too00:35
jaegerwill check them out in a bit00:36
saptechdo I need gtk installed?00:38
saptechfor Mate00:39
joacimyes. it is based on gtk00:39
saptechit is installed00:43
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jaegerjoacim: I don't see the libatasmart mismatch here01:01
joacimi didnt have the file01:02
joacimgrabbet it from your github01:02
jaegerAh, ok01:02
jaegerIt's in the repo itself if you sync, for what that's worth01:02
joacimbut there is no listed on tho01:02
jaegernot yet, only added it somewhat recently01:02
joacimwhich is where i got the mate.httpup. didn't think it would have signed ports since no .pub was listed01:03
jaegersaptech: you might try rebuilding python and python301:03
joacimah. didnt think to check there01:03
jaegerI'll add it to the portdbs soon, had forgotten about it01:04
joacimjaeger: i also get a footprint mismatch in mate/dconf. some files have permissions 644 instead of the footprints 66401:14
jaegeradding these to a list to check out01:17
joacimbuilding this on a vm with no changes to umask or anything like that01:17
joacimthink i saw someone else a while ago notice they got different file permissions when they used a container to build, compared to bare metal and a vm01:18
saptechjaeger, the pythons both passed01:19
saptechdo I need to build python3-gobject?01:19
joacim <- the file list from dconf01:21
jaegersaptech: yeah, try building it now01:22
saptechI'm getting same error, python.h no such file01:24
saptechI'm using this cmd, 'sudo prt-get depinst python3-gobject'01:25
saptechthis is the link I followed to install,
joacimsomething is off with your system. python3-gobject installed fine on my system01:30
saptechthis is odd01:30
joacimdid you run a ports -u in the past couple of hours?01:31
saptechI can run it again01:31
saptechConnecting to
jaegerI cannot duplicate the python.h issue, no idea what's up with that01:38
saptechI wonder should I reboot01:44
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jaegerI'll upload a built python3-gobject package01:47
joacimjaeger: i also get a footprint mismatch on mate-sensors-applet. <- this is the new footprint01:55
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mayfrostdoes pkgmk have any ./configure options detection?01:58
joacimtypically ./configure picks up on optional libraries01:59
joacimdepending on the project01:59
joacimthere is nothing like use flags or variants if thats what you're asking02:00
mayfrostyeah, that is what I am asking02:00
jaegerjoacim: can you paste the diff instead?02:01
joacimi could make one.dont have that kind of stuff configured in my vm yet02:02
joacimthats all from me tho. saw no other errors02:12
stratacthey guys, how do I set up a *.git ports extracter?02:29
saptechjaeger, do I untar it in /usr/lib?02:30
jaegersaptech: pkgadd python3-gobject#3.30.1-1.pkg.tar.xz02:30
saptechok, thanks02:30
stratactnevermind, my dumb brain figured it out from looking at the git driver02:40
saptechI guess it worked, now I'm get footprint mismatch for libpeas02:41
jaegerunfortunately there are quite a few mismatches for mate since it's a lot of packages02:41
jaegerdesktop and multimedia stuff tends to pick up extra deps02:42
saptechdo I just run pkgmk -uf?02:42
jaegeryou can generally just run pkgadd at that point02:42
jaegerif there's a footprint mismatch it means the package finished building02:43
saptechso far so good03:05
stratactpedja: you maintain the xfce repo right?03:11
pedjawell, 'maintain' would be pushing it, but yes :)03:11
stratactpedja: for the 3.4-xfce-next branch, the xfwm4 port needs to have libwnck-gtk3 as dependency03:13
pedjaah, thanks, I'll fix that03:13
stratactNo problems03:13
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saptechBuilding '/usr/ports/mate/mate/mate#1.20-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded. prt-get: installing mate 1.20-103:42
saptechprt-get: installed successfully03:42
saptechfinally, thanks for all the help03:43
jaegerno problem03:43
saptechlet me try it out03:43
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saptechI'm using sakura terminal, xterm will not run either04:08
saptechall the programs I installed with openbox are working and some mate apps run but most don't04:10
saptechI did reboot04:11
saptechwhen I run xterm in sakura terminal, no output and it is showing when I ps ax04:12
saptechif I click Ctl-C, it seems to kill the running program04:12
saptechin ps04:12
saptechwell press ctl-c04:12
saptechControl Center opens04:20
joacimsaptech: i remember xterm requires something to be enabled in /etc/fstab. Did you uncomment the devpts and shm lines?04:27
saptechlet me check04:29
stratactpedja: other than that dependency for xfwm4, xfce 4.13 build and runs04:30
saptechjoacim, they are not commented out, it have message saying they are required04:30
saptechI tried opening Caja from the menu didn't open but the Home folder on desktop opens04:32
saptech655 tty1     S      0:00 caja --no-desktop --browser04:33
saptechshould caja have that --no-deskop part?04:33
saptechEngrampa opens from menu04:35
saptechmate-calc opens04:36
saptechpluma doesn't open04:36
saptechEOM opens04:37
joacimanything in revdep?04:37
saptechrun that command?04:37
saptechhmmm, it seems firefox not opening04:38
jaegerdo you have /dev/shm mounted?04:39
saptechrevdep is still running04:39
saptechshm on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw,relatime)04:40
saptechrevdep didn't show anything04:41
jaegerand you ran the install scripts while installing mate ports?04:42
saptechI installed mate ports yesterday and that's when I ran the install script for first time04:43
saptechjaeger, I may not quite understand what you're asking04:44
saptechI did setup the mate ports first04:46
saptechcaja opens from the desktop icon but not from the Applications, System Tools menu04:50
jaegermight be worth a reboot04:53
jaegersomething funky is afoot04:53
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saptechrebooted, I noticed the desktop background image and desktop icons show, but both panels take awhile longer before they appear05:03
saptechsame behavior05:05
saptechwhat mate pkg can I build to see if it will work, something light?05:09
saptechI added firefox icon to the desktop still doesn't work. I added sakura and it works05:11
saptechall that I had installed with openbox worked05:12
saptechpcmanfm works05:12
jaegervery strange, don't know what might be wrong. I've not experienced anything like that05:20
saptechyes, strange05:24
saptechI wonder what is causes the panels to open about 30 or so seconds after the desktop is up05:25
jaegerthat's one I've never heard of before05:25
saptechI'm going to boot back into openbox, since FF not working05:27
saptechis there a midora port?05:27
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saptechgood thing for openbox  :)05:42
saptechpluma work05:43
saptechlooks like everything runs in OB05:44
saptechone thing, my autostart file do not run when I start openbox05:45
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Romsterpower went out for 2 hours -_- of course i wasn't home to fire up the generator, and the ups's wont hold that long.07:18
stratactat least you have a generator ;)07:31
Romsteryeah but i wasn't home to use it.07:42
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stratactCan someone help me with the adwaita-icon-theme packages? When I build it, I get repeated "Can't load file: Unrecognized image file format" messages in a loop and then it eventually fails to build08:44
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frinnststratact: still somewhat busy but can you share the configure part somewhere?09:52
frinnsti recognize that error but don't rememver where from09:52
frinnstlibrsvg is installed OK?09:53
frinnstand no other missing dependencies?09:54
stratactfrinnst: yes librsvg is installed and I even tried rebuilding it with the `--enable-tool` configure flag as someone on a gentoo forum said that using the `tools` USE flag worked for them with this same issue but it didn't work for me. I rebuild gdk-pixbuf and that didn't help either, so I'm lost.09:59
frinnstcan you share the configure output?09:59
stratactlet me boot back up the machine09:59
stratacthmm, maybe I'll try building inkscape10:14
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frinnstcan you paste a bit more of the build log too? It should be fairly short so go ahead and grab it all10:19
pedjastratact, you have shared-mime-info installed, right?11:23
stratactI'll check11:24
stratactpedja: and yep, it is installed.11:25
pedjawell, that goes that theory :) 'gtk-encode-symbolic-svg fails to convert images if it's unable to load MIME database on runtime'11:27
pedjastratact, maybe run 'update-mime-database /usr/share/mime' as root/with sudo?11:29
stratactpedja: unfortunately, that didn't help either :/11:33
pedjaI am out of ideas then, sorry11:33
stratactpedja: it's appreciated though11:34
stratactDunno, if I should rebuild world or something11:34
pedjatry 'grep svg /usr/lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders.cache'11:38
stratactnothing shows up11:39
pedjarun 'gdk-pixbuf-register'11:40
pedjathen grep again11:40
stratactdone and stuff now shows up in the loaders.cache11:41
pedjayay :) try to install adwaita thingie11:42
stratactlet's do this!11:42
stratactpedja: success! You're a genius ;)11:44
pedjahardly :)11:44
stratactSo how should frinnst fix this in a port?11:45
pedjahe can't, the issue is not in in adwaita port11:45
frinnstah, not installed with "runscripts yes"?11:45
frinnstwe have pre/post installscripts for some ports11:46
frinnstits not enabled by default since it executes stuff11:46
frinnstbut if you trust the repos it might be worth enabling11:46
frinnstcheck out prt-get.conf11:46
stratactah, will do11:47
stratactit's been a long time since I've used CRUX, so I've forgotten some stuff11:49
stratactThanks for all the help guys, it really helps having nice looking icons on my xfce desktop ;)11:52
frinnstno worries11:52
stratactI need to get some sleep, but later when I wake up, I would like to rebuild the world with "rzver1" subarch settings to get the most out of my ryzen build.11:55
stratactand I need to figure out how to cross compile the kernel for my BPI-W211:56
john_cephalopodastratact: There is no finished kernel available?12:10
john_cephalopodastratact: When the manufacturer has one on their website you could just boot that one up and compile it on the real hardware. If you feel like spending hours compiling your kernel, that is ;)12:10
saptechhiya all12:45
saptechwhat if I'm building a pkg and maybe half way it fails due to a dependency, then I decide I do not want it. Is there a way to remove whatever was built?12:48
saptechthe remains of it12:48
pedjasaptech, the build directory?12:50
saptechI guess that is what I'm referring to12:51
pedjait gets cleaned up automagically12:51
saptechwhat about other dependencies etc?12:52
saptechthat finished building12:52
pedjathey are installed, of course. you can remove them manually, if you know nothing else depends on them12:53
pedjayou can check with 'prt-get dependent $foo'12:54
joacimsaptech: did you check prt-get.conf if runscripts is enabled? a lot of the packages mentioned above come with scripts that need to be run. someone asked you about this before, but i didn't see a clear response.12:55
saptechjoacim, looking now, I do not have it enabled. I thought I did12:56
joacimenable it, and go through every single installed package, and run their scripts12:57
joacimi think most of the issues you have right now is caused by not having run them12:57
joacimofc look at what the script does before you run them =)12:57
saptechhmmm, right12:57
saptechjoacim, I do not understand how to do it. Do you mean for Mate?13:00
saptech'go through the pkgs to run'13:01
joacimopt, xorg, and mate13:03
joacimcore is probably not needed13:03
joacimwhen i want to look what in current directory i have that is installed, i cd to that directory, and run something like "prt-get isinst * | grep -v not"13:04
joacimcould probably script it a bit different if you want to see what's installed, that also have post/pre-install scripts and list only those13:05
joacimbbl gotta run13:06
saptechI'm not quite understanding the "run their scripts" he mention13:24
saptechdoes he mean the 'post install' script?13:25
john_cephalopodasaptech: pre-install and post-install, yes.13:28
pedjapre and post-install, I guess13:29
john_cephalopodasaptech: Try this:13:29
john_cephalopodaprt-get update --pre-install --post-install `prt-get listinst`13:29
pedjabut, are you having issues with mate?13:29
saptechok, currently I have a build going on at the moment13:30
saptechpedja, yes I have mate installed but some of the programs will not run using Mate13:30
saptechthanks, john_cephalopoda. I'll run that command after this job finish13:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: openntpd: update to 6.2p3, closes FS#169214:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: ldb: update to 1.4.3, closes FS#169114:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: p5-parse-yapp: fix footprint, closes FS#169314:08
joacimpedja: whole system14:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: grub: removed, closes FS#169014:10
juewho needs legacy grub?14:20
joacimdidnt know it was legacy14:20
joacimthought all we had was grub 2.x14:21
jueno, opt/grub2 is current14:21
ryuoso when's lilo on the chopping block then? :D15:15
joacimlilo will live forever15:23
joacimso far it is the least annoying bootloader =)15:24
joacimthat keyboard looks neat =)15:26
joacimi should've bought an amiga 1200 back when you could find them new in box for 150 euro :(15:27
SiFuhI should never have thrown out my Donkey Kong DK-52 from 1982. It worked perfectly but for some unknown reason, I think I binned it. Can't find it anywhere.15:29
joacimjaeger: Maybe you should add dejavu as a dependency or something :D15:35
jaegerthat looks like post-install scripts weren't run15:35
joacimscripts were ran15:36
joacimenabled in prt-get.conf15:36
joaciminstalling dejavu solved this issue15:36
john_cephalopodaDoes anybody also have the issues that the symbols aren't displayed in gimp?15:46
john_cephalopodaIt's _slightly_ confusing.15:47
SiFuhwhere are your icons ?15:51
jaegerjoacim: I suspect it just needs *some* set of fonts available, so I guess adding dejavu is as good as any other15:51
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: maybe some icon theme?15:51
SiFuhjaeger: space invaders  haha love it   it is why I install dosbox everytime ;-)15:52
joacimyeah i had no other font installed at the time15:52
jaegerSiFuh: :D15:52
joacimdejavu is a nice set to have i think. doesnt matter which set it depends on, as long as it is reasonably complete15:53
jaegerjoacim: alright, I'll add dejavu into the mix somewhere, just in case15:53
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: hicolor is installed. Do I have to do any special setup to use it?15:54
SiFuhjaeger: during install big text writing "Install a font set, maybe dejavu or something? Because if you dod not you will just see boxes like you are trying to install CJK font without the correct codecs and UTF support"15:54
joacimstill thinking about making a bunch of fonts ports. noto seems nice to have, but there are so many of those15:54
jaegerI mostly assumed anyone with Xorg installed would have some fonts, too :D15:55
jaegerbesides, people don't always see text warnings15:55
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: Usually when I see this kind of thing I am using an older theme and I just kept the original configs for my home directory.15:56
SiFuhfor a fresh install, guarantee gimp is using an icon-theme that is not installed15:56
joacimhmm. maybe this belongs with xorg15:57
joacimthis was after a plain depinst of mate and xorg15:57
jaegerIt might make more sense to go into xorg but for the short term I can add it to MATE, no big deal15:58
SiFuhI don't think fonts a dependencies15:58
joacimjohn_cephalopoda: try to install adwaita-icon-theme too.15:59
joacimim always missing stuff with just hicolor installed15:59
ryuothere we go. updated my local windows 10 ISO cache.15:59
joacimSiFuh: i'm really bad at reading messages that fly past when i install stuff15:59
jaegerthey're certainly not dependencies in the sense of "it won't build without this" but in the sense of "it will look like ass if you don't have one of these"16:00
SiFuhjoacim: that is why is said 'big text writing'16:00
joacimyeah i dont notice those either =)16:01
SiFuhbeeps and alarms and music maybe what you need?16:01
joacimi sometimes notice when a package have a readme tho16:01
SiFuhhaha imagine installing something and suddenly blasting in flashing asccii red writing and speakers "I killed you Mr Anderson, I watched you die...."16:01
john_cephalopodaCan't load file: Unrecognized image file format16:02
john_cephalopodaBuilding adwaita fails for me.16:02
joacimeither libpng or librsvg has install scripts that must be run16:03
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: gdk pixbuf ?16:03
john_cephalopodaI'll -fr it.16:03
joacimyeah librsvg has a post-install16:04
john_cephalopodaHah, thanks, that one was it.16:05
SiFuhlibrsvg    yes?16:06
joacimshould make a bot. every question gets a "did you run the pre/post-install scripts?"16:08
jaegerjoacim: I added to both the portdbs, should update on the next sync run16:13
pedjaACTION finally updated all qgis3 dependencies16:17
john_cephalopodajoacim: Why not make running pre-/post-install default?16:17
joacimsecurity i guess. making you choose to make your system insecure =)16:18
joacimi think fedora and debian run such scripts too, and you dont have to explicitly enable those16:18
joacimyou just get a warning when you enable copr repositories and such16:19
john_cephalopodajoacim: I am installing packages from a source. If I wouldn't trust that source, I would not install a package from there.16:19
*** groovy2shoes has joined #crux16:19
joacimyeah. i usually read through every single user port.16:19
joacimi do trust some bigger collections like contrib and mate tho16:20
john_cephalopodaSame here.16:22
john_cephalopodaUnfortunately 6c37 is down now :/16:23
john_cephalopodaIt had some nice stuff.16:23
john_cephalopodaBut fortunately contrib is growing, so that's fine.16:23
pedja'Ryzen 5 2600/8GB/HDD 1TB/AMD Vega 64' ~1000€ .how's that for a Black Friday deal16:23
joacimi think what 6c37 became shouldve just gone to contrib16:24
pedjathey paired 2700x with gtx2080, of course16:24
joacimi dont see myself spending that much for a graphics card any time soon :(16:25
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: librsvg    yes?16:26
joacima substantial upgradein the 300 euro range would be nice16:26
pedjajoacim, it's a bargain. that and 16gbRAM, ~2000 € :)16:26
joacimi think thats about the price i paid for my entire threadripper system16:27
pedjaprebuilt desktops are a joke here16:27
jaegerpedja: seems like just an OK deal but it would depend on which parts were used, I guess16:28
pedjajaeger, which one? vega64 or gtx?16:28
jaegerthe vega64 bundle... but maybe I'm wrong, might be that pcpartpicker includes black friday deals too16:29
jaegerwas just looking at this:
joacimprebuilt are nice in norway. several stores have their own lines of prebuilts that use off the shelf parts16:29
joacimwhat i find wrong with them is usually just nitpicks16:29
pedjait's not pcpartpicker, it's local major shop Black Friday 'deals', jaeger :)16:29
jaegerI just chose those parts more or less at random16:30
jaegerAh, fair enough16:30
jaegerThe pcpartpicker comment was based on my build on pcpartpicker :)16:30
john_cephalopodaDo contrib packages also go into the bug tracker?16:30
john_cephalopodaIs there a way to set up the system, so one can report bugs in contrib packages and the responsible person is notified directly by the tracker?16:31
joacimyeah contrib goes in bug tracker i think16:31
jaegerThere's not an automated link between your system and the bug tracker but the tracker does have a contrib section16:31
pedjaissue is with m/b and psu, iirc16:32
pedjawith asrock taichi ultimate, all is well :)16:34
joacimpedja: that psu comes with two eps16:34
jaegeraccording to it only has 116:34
joacimoh no only one. why?16:35
jaegerbut man, that MSI motherboard is nuts. I'd go with the asrock taichi anyway, personally16:35
joacimyeah i didnt notice i had to pick the "lesser" model in the dropdown16:35
pedjajaeger, agreed. buildzoid had a wtf moment with it :)16:35
jaegerI think you'd want to do a high power nvlink or crossfire build with multiple GPUs to actually make use of that16:35
jaegera single RX 580 isn't going to :D16:36
joacimmotherboards use the eps connectors to power pci-e slots too?16:36
pedjafor some reason you can't pick different gpu's. nvidia and amd16:36
jaegerNor is that list of hardware going to require anywhere near the wattage the higher rated PSUs with 2 EPC connectors need16:37
jaegerjoacim: yeah, some do16:37
pedjabut those are server-grade?16:37
jaegerWhat does that mean in this context? :D16:38
pedjam/b, I mean, that require that much power16:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: tree: 1.7.0 -> 1.8.016:38
joacimthe x399 taichi is really well laid out16:38
jaegerMore likely enthusiast heavy overclocking grade16:38
joacimnothing about it have been inconvenient so far16:38
joacimextra power for the pci-e slots are in a nice convenient location. seen some that have that connector right above slot 116:39
jaegeryeah, the x399 taichi is one of the best motherboards I've ever used16:40
pedjaafaict, people have mostly positive experience with asrock m/b?16:41
joacimsometimes i see negative ones16:41
jaegerI've switched over to asrock motherboards almost exclusively in the past few years16:41
joacimi just buy whatever looks nice to me. usually have good experiences with them16:41
joacimexcept for that last asus board16:41
jaegerI have 3 currently in running machines :) x399 taichi, z170 extreme4+, and ab350 itx/ac16:42
joacimmy only other asrock is an asrock rack board16:42
pedjaasrock and saphire, the underdogs :)16:42
joacimdont know why the splash screen on my computer says asrock sapphire16:42
jaeger3 or the 4 last computers I built for sale also had asrock boards16:42
joacimfor some reason, the boot after my bootloader says that too16:42
joacimwhen fedora boots16:43
pedjaare you enjoying the 'seamless boot experience' in fedora?16:43
joacimpedja: no i think it is confusing =)16:44
jaegerI think if you pair the asrock board with a sapphire card that's supposed to happen... if your GPU isn't sapphire, then I have no idea :)16:44
joacimyeah the rx 550 in my system is from sapphire =)16:45
jaegerneat. I assume it automagically applies some clock tweaks or something for slightly improved performance over stock16:45
joacimfrom the factory, this is the higher clocked version16:46
joacimnot that it matters much for the rx 550 =)16:46
joacimi guess quake runs a bit faster16:46
pedjadon't you play something from this decade ;) ?16:47
pedjaapparently, qgis3 is using opencl for something. I'll just have to wait for it to build to see what for16:49
pedjawell, provided it builds16:49
pedjajaeger, I wanted to add rx580 and some nvidia gpu for cuda to that pcpartpicker list, but it's not possible :)16:50
jaegereven if you edit it as a new list?17:07
pedjaiirc, when I try to add another gpu, it removes the previous one17:08
pedjaso, only sli/crossfire17:09
pedjamixing gpu's is apparently weird :)17:09
pedjamaybe it works now, it's been a while since I tried17:10
pedjanope. as soon as I add another gpu, it removes it. hm17:13
joacimpedja: started quake episode 5 last night. thats from this decade =)17:13
pedjait's still quake :)17:14
joacimbeen playing shadow of the tomb raider on the other computer17:16
joacimbut havent cared enough to boot that in a while17:16
jaegersaptech: <-- just a quick video of MATE startup time after login17:16
pedjashe has quite a shadow17:16
pedjaLara's modeler, when asked why she has such an epic rack said 'mouse slip :)'17:17
joacimyoutube recommends vegan and makeup videos after watching your clip17:17
pedjayt ai is trolling you17:18
joacimi think the best tomb raider games are the ones released during the 360 era. legends, anniversary, and underworld17:18
jaegerI enjoyed those too17:19
joacimthe new ones somehow feels like metal gear solid games17:19
joacimnot that i mind. it is a good feeling17:20
pedjaAlicia Vikander wears the hell out of that t-shirt/top/whatever17:21
pedjacool chick17:21
joacimstrange seeing lara doing deliveries on bikes17:22
pedjai am a simple man, I see 'Alicia Vikander' in film credits, I watch :)17:23
pedjanot that transgender or whatever one, thou.17:24
jaegerI haven't played any of the recent ones17:28
pedjacan't pick on which machine to play?17:29
pedjaas first world problems go, that one is a pretty nice one to have :)17:30
pedjajoacim, is your hand hovering over the 'BUY NOW!' button atm? think you mentioned you want to buy a case?17:32
pedjahm. until qgis finishes building, I can either annoy the cat or take a nap17:34
pedjaI know what she prefers17:35
jaegerpedja: nah, just haven't really been interested in the new games17:38
joacimpedja: im keeping an eye out, in case it ends up on sale =)17:43
joacimwill wait until monday at least17:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nvidia-sl: updated to version 415.1818:49
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: nvidia-sl-32: updated to version 415.1818:49
pedjaargh. typo in the Pkgfile, and qgis build fails at install. so close. grr, 3h wasted19:15
jaegerbuy that 2700x bundle :)19:17
pedjaI am about 4/5 of the money short atm :)19:18
pedjaoh, well, I'll start the build again, after I check for any other fscking typos19:21
joacimstill on that c2d?19:27
jaegerwant me to build it on the TR box?19:29
joacimyou have too many computers when you have to specify which one =)19:41
*** kujira has joined #crux19:46
*** onodera has joined #crux19:51
saptechhey all20:17
saptechjaeger I saw the video, something is wrong with mine for sure20:17
saptechI did create a new user and the panels opened like normal, where as my user, the panels open after desktop/icons20:18
saptechbut the new user had same issues20:19
saptechI was compiling midori browser and it took awhile to finish, I left and since I'm back, I got a certificate error20:20
saptechdoes anyone know how to solve this?20:21
pedjajoacim, yup :)20:23
jaegersaptech: their cert expired 2 days ago20:23
joacim <- I too want to taunt :320:23
jaegerif you want to download the source anyway you can fetch it using wget or curl (or browser) and ignore the cert20:23
jaegerjoacim: heh20:24
saptechI should be running the pre-install & post-install pkgs20:24
pedjajaeger, once I clean up the gis repo and you are bored enough at the time, you could try to build it in a docker container :)20:25
joacimis your /home imported from somewhere else? I had some horribleness when I imported my /home to fedora from crux. it would hang or be very slow to load, until i removed my .fonts directory20:25
saptechjaeger, I think I didn't have the run pre-install scripts enabled20:25
saptechthanks to joacim, pedja & john_cephalopoda20:26
saptechand of course you're always a great help  :)20:27
joacimi try =)20:28
saptechhow old is Crux now?20:29
saptechis it 10 yrs yet?20:30
saptechcrux a teenager ready to graduate20:33
saptech18 yrs...interesting20:34
joacimgoing through that phase where he gets drunk a lot20:34
pedjamy ex co-worker never got out of that phase. and he was 5020:36
saptechI remember when I was 18, senior year of high school, dredding to graduate20:36
joacimit is not a bad phase to be in20:36
saptechluckily for me, they gov't stop drafting by time June came around20:37
saptechthe vietnam war was coming to a close20:37
*** Slack4LS has joined #crux20:38
*** Slack4LS has quit IRC20:40
pedjayeah, Rambo single-handedly stopped that one20:40
joacimwe had mandatory service here up until a decade ago maybe20:40
pedjathere is a push here to reinstate it. 'to make the men out of boys'. like it works that way20:41
joacimi'm sure i'd have a great time running around in the woods all day, but i was a student at the time, so i wasn't required to serve20:42
*** Slack4LS has joined #crux20:42
joacimby the time i was available, nobody was required to serve anymore20:42
pedjadidn't miss anything20:42
saptechnow days they Rambo, Chuck Norris and all kinds of single guys do what the military couldn't do  :~20:43
joacimthey have these big exercises here, but the news is always full of stories about flattened cars and other accidents20:43
saptechthey call those, "oops"20:44
joacimpeople die from those tho, which makes me wonder, is it really such a good idea to let people with no experience and a huge need to look cool operate big heavy machinery20:45
*** Slack4LS has quit IRC20:45
pedjasaptech, you mean The Expandables :) ?20:45
pedjathey wouldn't last 5 min in something like The Raid, I think20:47
pedjait is awesomely brutal, that one20:48
pedjaAsian action movies are much more fun to watch then most of the ones made in the West20:52
saptechyep, the blind swordsman20:54
pedjaAzumi is awesome21:08
pedjathe absolute bloodbath, but with a story :)21:08
stratactjohn_cephalopoda: as explained in #crux-arm, the BPI folks suck, they can't make a proper prebuilt kernel to save themselves.21:13
stratactThey even don't know their own hardware21:14
john_cephalopodaAsian action movies... Reminds me of this video about Action Comedy:
pedjaare there several revisions of it?21:19
pedjaeach with the some parts randomly replaced :) ?21:19
pedjaI am way behind with the episodes of Forged in Fire21:39
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*** kujira has quit IRC21:51
*** onodera has quit IRC21:58
stratactWoot! /s Updating firefox brought my system to a crawl, I really need to get more ram...22:04
pedjait will become much faster with the next firefox update :)22:05
pedja64, I think22:05
stratacteither way, I only have 1 stick of 8GB of DDR4 memory as a temporary. I was planning to get 2 16GB of memory anyway, I just need to sell my old incompatible ram.22:07
stratact8GB is not good enough for -j16 these days22:07
pedjaff needs at least 8gb at linking22:08
stratactmakes sense22:08
pedjayeah, their buildbots don't care22:09
stratactOkay, I brought myself to a crawl again, ignorantly. I thought setting to -j4 would help shrink the memory use from linkage22:09
pedjapkgmk will automagically set jobs to $(nproc)22:10
stratactI adjusted the pkgmk.conf settings though22:11
stratactbut that's cool it's automatic, if it's not set.22:12
stratactpedja: btw is there a way I can tell prt-get to ignore updating/build firefox? I'm planning to rebuild the system with rnver1 cflags22:13
pedja'prt-get lock firefox'22:13
pedjaricing CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS is asking for trouble in my experience :)22:14
pedjaand hardly worth it 90% of the time22:15
pedjamakes sense for some stuff, like atlas/openblas22:15
pedjabut even that is better to leave to upstream, they know their code a whole lot better22:16
stratactI see...22:17
pedjawouldn't recommend it, but it's your system to break, so :)22:18
stratactit wouldn't hurt to experiment, but I probably should wait though.22:18
pedjawait for what?22:19
stratactfor upgrading my system's memory22:19
pedjaah, that. more RAM is always good22:20
pedjaI have a whopping 6Gb22:20
joacimit is interesting to see distro benchmarks sometimes22:53
joacimhow much slower or faster some are at some tasks22:54
joacimnot sure if thats from CFLAGS ricing or different scheduler in the kernel22:54
pedjaIntel ClearLinux is heavily optimized22:55
pedjaand, despite being made by Intel, works just fine on AMD too, apparently :)22:55
stratactWell, Linux uses the CFQ scheduler, I wonder if I can use a different one?22:55
joacimseen clearlinux suffer in some tests, but i dont remember what it was about22:56
stratactI also need to play with sysctl settings22:57
pedjastratact, there are a few out-of-tree scheduler patches, iirc22:57
stratactI'll try the Deadline scheduler :)23:02
pedjafor i/o?23:02
pedja'cat /sys/block/foo/queue/scheduler'23:03
stratactYeah, according to phroronix, it seems to do slightly better than CFQ in some areas, although CFQ bested it in others.23:04
pedjaBFQ is still WIP, iirc23:05
pedjathat would be the next default, if it isn't already23:06
pedjayou can play with available ones, of course23:08
stratactACTION nods23:08
joacimfedora doesnt have the /sys/block/loop0 that my crux does :(23:08
pedjamodprobe loop?23:08
pedjaI kept forgetting that, so I just compiled it in :)23:09
stratactOne thing I should do is upgrade the default kernel in CRUX to 4.19.3, so I get the latest and greatest improvements23:10
joacimthats all i do. get the kernel version i like, and build a config for that23:11
joacimno fancy patches or "modifications"23:11
joacimi just want something that works23:11
john_cephalopodastratact: All those great new features like the 30-50% slowdown for Intel CPUs?23:17
joacimthat's the best part =)23:17
stratactI'm using AMD Ryzen for the server though?23:17
joacimwas it you that bought the expensive x299 system + sli?23:18
joacimi mean john23:18
joacimi have intel on the file server, but for the tasks i make it do, i don't really need the performance23:18
joacimalready have a low power xeon in it23:19
joacimtoo slow for minecraft23:19
*** elderK has quit IRC23:19
john_cephalopodajoacim: I am running CRUX on my Raspberry Pi server and got Intels elsewhere.23:25
joacimthink i got a little bit of everything here23:25
john_cephalopodaSo at least the important infrastructure doesn't get slowed down.23:25
joacimtwo machines with crux, one alpine, one fedora, one windows23:25
joacimwant a backup server with freebsd or omnios too23:26
joacimprobably better to go with freebsd due to the packages23:26
joacimnot sure how jails compares to zones23:26
john_cephalopodaAfk for now.23:26
stratactI have one machine with Qubes OS and one with CRUX (and trying to get another CRUX system with the ARM64 device that I have)23:30

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