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Worksterstratact, librsvg/post-install is there and has "gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders --update-cache" my bet is you didn't use --install-scripts or set it in /etc/prt-get.conf when you installed/updated librsvg00:28
Workstereven prt-get readme librsvg00:29
stratactWorkster: yeah frinnst told me about the runscripts last night00:31
stratact(last night from where I am)00:32
stratactACTION is having fun version-bumping pedja's xfce ports00:34
Workstersubmit patches to pedja so he can bump those.00:43
Workstersepen left ages ago and never returned, so pedja forked xfce00:44
Worksterwould be nice if could host xfce updated with pedja and who ever else is interested in looking after xfce.00:44
saptechwhy isn't --install-scripts set to Yes by default?01:52
stratactWorkster: yep, I'm gonna set up a PR to pedja's 3.4 branch01:57
stratactand yeah having host it would make it easier to find01:58
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jaegerjoacim: I think it was brian|lfs with the sli rig03:55
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abenzhey guys if any of you are doing gpu (or any pcie) passthru, check this:
abenzpretty cool08:36
stratactpedja if you are reading this, please consider using gitlab instead of bitbucket. Bitbucket is just so un-userfriendly08:54
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: keyutils: fix location of libkeyutils.pc15:20
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: bison: update to 3.2.216:23
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joacimpedja: virt-manager is a frontend for network manager or something? that too tries to fuck with my network setup sometimes.17:28
pedjajoacim, it's GUI frontend to virsh, afaik17:29
joacimalso the gui is back to not showing my host devices for networking. so for now ill just bind it to whatever physical card i have, and edit the xml later to use bond017:30
joacimi know the obvious virsh, asking about the less obvious network manager =)17:30
pedjanot that I know off, don't use nm :)17:30
joacimsince it does have settings for managing network interfaces17:30
joacimid turn it off, but fedora complains if i do. with a warning about the old system going away soon17:33
joacimthink i've spent more time trying to beat network manager in place than I would've dealing with potential breakage after a sysup17:35
pedjayou are better off asking in fedora channel, I have no idea how the networking works there17:37
pedjabut my guess, after looking at the libvirt wiki, is that yes, it is using nm somehow17:37
pedjaotoh, fedora/centos/rh *are* what upstream develops libvirt on, so it should justWork[tm] there :)17:42
pedjalibvirt-user ml is where they hang out, maybe try your luck there17:43
joacimidk. i expect a lot of non-help in those larger irc channels17:58
joacim+ you seem to know the answer to all of my lifes problems =)17:58
joacimwas hoping i could use lxc through libvirt for building ports, since simple binds would solve some problems with getting the footprint. would be nice with snapshots too, like with qemu/kvm18:13
pedjahaven't played with lxc libvirt backend yet. on my (parsec long) TODO18:20
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joacimshould probably waste my time on kubernetes and ansible instead, so i have something "relevant" to put on my cv18:28
pedjaor docker :)18:29
pedjayou can use ansible to install k8s which use docker containers18:30
joacimyeh =)18:31
pedjaor something like Rancher/RancherOS18:34
pedjalots of toys available :)18:35
pedjaopen source pretty much rules that segment, afaik18:36
pedjaone of the reasons docker has such widespread use is because it's relatively easy to start with it18:39
pedjaqgis3 new 3d map is awesome feature, but requires a non-shitty GPU, apparently, to work properly. what a surprise18:42
pedjaso no browsing Zurich city model in 3d for me :)18:43
tilmanjoacim: let me know if you're interested in a very well-paying job in southwestern germany18:48
joacimi dont know any kind of german tho :(18:50
joacimwhat kind of job?18:50
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AnselmoACTION has a german job and hardly speaks any german :P19:42
john_cephalopoda"Guten Tag, Arbeit, Arbeit, mehr Arbeit."19:48
pedjaI bother with building applications with support for CUDA like I have 1080ti and not gt640 to play with :)20:05
pedjaoh well. since gpu has a basic compute capability, I might as well use it20:07
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stratactpedja: I sent you a patch with the xfce updates22:21
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