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saptechhi all16:44
saptechI'm trying to add my user to a group but usermod is not found16:45
saptechis there another command to add user to groups?16:46
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frinnsthuh? it's part of shadow16:48
frinnstpersonally I usually just use an editor16:48
frinnstFound in /usr/ports/core/shadow:16:49
frinnst  /usr/sbin/usermod16:49
saptechok, interesting16:50
frinnstnot sure how it could be missing from your system16:50
saptechsome reason, /usr/sbin is not in my path.16:50
frinnstah. no it's not16:50
frinnstonly in root's path16:50
saptechI'll add it. thanks16:51
frinnstits one of those crux things that's technically correct but usually somwhat annoying16:55
frinnstif you properly su - then you will use the root $PATH16:56
saptechhmmm, ok16:58
saptechbut I normally use sudo16:58
saptechI'll use su - if I need to do a lot of things16:59
frinnstyeah then i'd suggest adding something similar to your .bash_profile: export PATH=~/.bin:$PATH:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin16:59
frinnstor configure sudo17:00
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joacimcould probably just modify the profile and remoev the uid check17:36
saptechI did modify the profile and now sbin is in the path. thanks17:39
saptechnew issue. I have an usb ext. hdd with two partitions, one ext4 and the other is ntfs17:40
saptechrunning openbox standalone & Mate DE, the filemanagers see the partitions but I can not access them as normal user17:41
saptechI get this message, "Not authorized to perform operation"17:41
saptechwith openbox I use pcmanfm & with Mate I use Caja17:42
joacimwhat partitions17:43
joacimor are you just seeing the whole drives17:43
saptechI see both partitions on the ext. hdd17:43
joacimare they mounted somewhere?17:43
saptechthe mount command does not show them listed17:44
joacimif you want automounting, caja probably depends on dbus or similar to perform the operation17:44
saptechI have dbus installed17:44
joacimrun the service17:45
joacimand make sure you've ran the post/pre-install scripts17:45
saptechI did run the post/pre-install scripts and set it to Yes in 'prt-get.conf'17:46
saptechdbus is in the rc.conf array17:46
saptechI think that's the right one17:47
joacimdid you add it just now?17:47
saptechI added it after installation days ago17:47
joacimcheck your logs in /var/log17:48
saptechnot sure what all to look at in /var/log. I went through messages log and didn't see anything odd17:55
saptechI see, dbus, gvfs, udisk2 all working as should17:55
saptechI added this to openbox autostart file, "dbus-launch pcmanfm &". I'm currently running openbox17:57
saptechI just plugged in a usb thumb drive and it is listed18:02
saptechbut again, then Not authorized to perform operation message18:02
saptechsudo dbus-launch pcmanfm, I can read/write to the partitions18:07
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saptechI thought if I added myself to the 'disk' group but no change18:24
saptechif as normal user, and I click the ext. hdd, seems like it should at least ask for sudo/root password to open it18:31
john_cephalopodaMounting usually requires root privs.18:39
john_cephalopodaThere is a special system that allows you to mount fs as non-root user.18:40
john_cephalopodaMight have been "udevil" but I'm not entirely sure.18:42
saptechI have mageia linux but I don't think it uses udevil and I can acess the partitions18:44
saptechI'm running crux with startx but mageia I use a DM, not sure if that would make a difference18:46
saptechthere is no port for lxdm display manager...grrr18:51
saptechsearching, I just ran across this command, "udisksctl mount -b /dev/sdb1"19:01
saptechAuthentication is required to mount ST350041 8AS (/dev/sdb1) Authenticating as: root19:02
saptechwell, I can mount & access the partitions with this command as root19:04
joacimsaptech: I never go through the logs. I just tail the last 200 or so messages. Usually the stuff relevant to me is near the end anyways. except for xorg logs, those are so small I don't mind looking through the entire thing, and EEs might end up in the middle somewhere too19:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: libnet: adjust mandir19:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: libdnet: adjust mandir19:11
saptechjoacim, yes that's how I do it also19:13
pedjathis as a 20-local.rules in etc/polkit-1/rules.d seems to work for mount/umoount as non-root.YMMV :)19:34
saptechpedja, I need to copy it and add it to the rules.d directory as 20-local.rules?19:54
saptechit's /usr/etc/polkit-1/rules.d on my system19:55
pedjasaptech, yup, that one. you can modify the group from 'plugdev' to whatever you prefer19:56
saptechok, sounds good19:56
pedjait *should* work fine, but no promises :)19:57
saptechI do not have plugdev group20:00
saptechbut disk group will do20:00
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saptechpedja, no luck. I rebooted to be certain changes take effect20:10
pedjastill asks for root?20:18
saptechNot authorized to perform operation20:19
saptechwhich works as root20:19
pedjaof course, root is god :)20:22
saptechsomething to do with authetication, also. It should ask for root/sudo password20:22
saptechwell the ntfs partition shouldn't matter if started by root?20:23
saptechpermissions doesn't matter as much?20:23
saptechor does it20:24
pedjaafaik, ntfs-3g is recommended for ntfs read/write20:25
frinnstsaptech: dont use "disk", you'll have full permissions to your regular disks20:28
frinnstrecepie for fuckups20:28
saptechshould I create plugdev group?20:30
frinnstbetter to use a user-group, plugdev is owned by a port i think20:30
saptechpedja, yes, I forgot about ntfs-3g20:30
frinnstor just "mylocalgroup" or whatnot20:31
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saptechI need to run some errands, bbl. Thanks all20:39
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saptechI made changes to ext. hdd and no luck23:30
saptechI'll have to live with it for now, the way it is23:30
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