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saptechwell, I really can't figure it out00:00
ryuowell, i guess writing packages can be intimidating.00:00
ryuohm. uses obscure packages.00:01
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pedjathose are hardly 'obscure' packages :)13:28
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frinnstsaptech: something like this?
frinnstsry, missed the $version - should say 0.2.014:28
frinnst(disclaimer: untested)14:29
pedjaI'll push sdl2_image/mixer and pugixml to contrib later14:30
john_cephalopodapedja: Nice, that's great! Thanks!14:30
saptechfrinnst, thanks. I'll play with it later today14:30
joacimlooking at the arch pkgbuild, it does seem very simple14:35
pedjaand later tonight, vulkan update. hopefully, it won't be PITA with the 'builds with just this glslang commit and nothing else' BS14:35
joacimjust some very basic cmake commands without any strange behaviours to account for14:35
frinnstyeah I assume they switched to cmake in git somwehere14:55
frinnstthe version i downloaded still used auto-tools14:55
john_cephalopodaUhrg, who thought that nodejs was a good idea? -_-14:56
john_cephalopodaBuilding it on my raspi right now, takes ages and a lot of memory.14:57
john_cephalopodaAnd I bet there will be another CVE for it soon, so rebuilding...14:57
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pedjaheh. left-click select is now the default in Blender 2.815:02
pedjaACTION makes some popcorn15:02
pedjainteresting situation. attract new users and make the switch for users of other sw easier, or piss off old, h/c users.15:09
john_cephalopodaImo it is really bad to change controls suddenly.15:12
john_cephalopodaIn 3D programs, controls are already muscle memory for most people.15:12
joacimlike games that uses esdf instead of wasd =)15:22
pedjasomething like that :)15:26
joacimi think the suggested config that ships with quakespasm uses esdf. that just seems very strange to me. think it would be a lot more "strange" to people than the default mid 90s config15:27
john_cephalopodajoacim: It isn't so far from the WASD configuration.15:28
john_cephalopodaHJKL is really horrible though.15:28
joacimit isn't. but it is not something that is common15:28
john_cephalopodaNethack uses it by default.15:29
pedjaafaik, WASD is *the* standard, used in other sw other than games15:30
pedjaor hjkl :)15:31
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john_cephalopodaOMG! nodejs built!16:11
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rmull \o/18:37
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pedjaaiting to see if the build will break anywhere else since it passed the previous breakage point is nail-biting experience21:32
pedjawaiting*, even21:32
pedjaand it did...21:33
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xveeany kde5 users in here?22:12
xveei'd like to know about your experience before i compile that bugger22:12
frinnstsorry, never used kde myself22:46
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jaegerI have just enough stuff installed to use kdenlive on my laptop, otherwise not a KDE user22:51
xveefair enough. thank you fellas22:54
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