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joacimkde5 was pretty unstable for me00:32
joacimkwin crashed often, several applications were missing their menu bar00:32
joacimdifferent qt applications seemed to have different behavior when i tried to scroll too00:33
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saptechI've noticed this message when booting, EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p1): couldn't mount as ext3 due to feature incompatibilities. I assume it is harmless since the system boots with no issue, as ext401:05
ryuoHow unusual. x86 rarely has MTDs.01:15
saptechryuo, if you're replying to what I pasted, disregard this, " (mmcblk0p1):", part01:18
ryuoit's just an observation.01:18
ryuoi've seen mmcblk0 before, but it's usually on cheap ass x86 devices.01:19
saptechI copied the message and pasted, instead of typing it01:19
saptechforgot to remove that part, heh01:19
saptechworking on building dreamchess, it seems I'm missing a header file01:48
saptechlooked in the port browser but not finding it01:49
saptechI searched for mxml01:51
saptechany thoughts on solving this?01:51
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jaegersaptech: use 'rootfstype=ext4' on your boot command line01:58
jaegerthis happens when you use the ext4 driver in-kernel for ext4, 3, and 2, but don't specify which it is at boot time01:58
jaegersaptech: also, maybe
saptechok, i'll try it01:59
jaegeras you already noted, it's harmless... but that will silence the warning02:01
saptecherror, cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:18
saptechis libxml2, the same or I need libmxml?02:19
jaegerseems pretty clear from the file name it wants that you need mini-xml02:25
saptechI installed mxml from the link you gave me02:28
saptechlet me figure this out02:30
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saptechI've fixed the mxml issue but now a different issue02:47
saptechdreamchess.c:568: error: failed to find a user interface driver02:48
saptechI get this message as normal user & with sudo02:48
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saptechI'm stuck at this point, "dreamchess.c:568: error: failed to find a user interface driver". I believe I've installed all dependencies03:55
saptechthis is not including the Audio portion03:56
saptechsearching around, I found this as a solution but I think I have them installed.
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tilmansaptech: that error message comes from the compiler, yes? probably a chain of #ifdef's that eventually result in #error "blabla"07:45
tilmansaptech: which means it doesn't matter if you build as a user or a privileged account. it's good practice to never build stuff as root...07:46
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stratact-phoneIs there a java icedtea port I can use?11:39
stratact-phoneAh nevermind, I didn't realized it switched over to openjdk11:51
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saptechtilman, thanks for reply. I'm getting the message when I run dreamchess.  When time to install the pkg, do I type this command, sudo pkgmk -i?12:57
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frinnstif you are in the portdir, yes13:08
frinnstor the "proper" way: pkgadd <path/to/tar-package>13:09
joacimalmost tempted13:11
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pedjac'mon, you know you want to do it :)13:17
joacimi dont have much need for it tho :(13:18
stratactI downgraded from a Vega 64 to an RX 580, because I had enough of the Vega's problems on Linux.13:20
stratactPolaris is more stable13:20
joacimfor me it would go in the windows system, then move the r9 fury to the linux system13:20
stratactThat would be ideal13:21
stratactOr wait for Navi to come out13:24
joacimbetter to wait until there is a need =)13:24
stratactthat too13:24
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frinnststratact: when was the last time you ran it in linux? if it was more than a month ago the problems are already fixed :)13:30
pedjadon't buy rx590 just yet, thou ;)13:31
pedjafor Linux, I guess it works fine on Windows, that is13:32
frinnstall amd gpus are terrible in linux before mesa and the kernel are updated13:50
frinnstusually takes a month or two iirc13:50
joacimkinda tempting tho. this rx 550, while being more than good enough for quake and doom, is kinda struggling sometimes with legend of grimrock13:51
frinnsti think i have a rx470 or something like that13:51
joacimtorch puzzles and enemies that produce a lot of particle effects kills performance13:51
joacimhardly any rx 570s left in norway. komplett sold all of theirs this summer13:52
joacimthe ones other stores have are kinda overpriced13:52
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frinnstwhat are the performance delta between vega56 and rx5xx? arent they 2 completely different generations?13:53
joacimmassive =)13:53
joacimoh. idk. better than 580 ofc13:54
joacimsometimes better, and sometimes worse than a gtx 107013:54
frinnstthe mining & ai crap really screwed up the market13:54
frinnstwas vega even intended to replace rx500? the pricing seems way off13:55
pedjavega was intended to go head to head with 1080/1080ti, afaik13:56
pedjaa.k.a high end13:56
pedjavega on a new node would be interesting. maybe that's what navi is all about13:57
pedjawe'll see. eventually13:57
frinnstwikipedia lists vega entry models vega3, vega6, vega8, rx vega10 and 1113:58
frinnstnever seen any of em13:58
frinnst    Vega 10 (also codenamed Greenland[44]) found on "Radeon RX Vega 64"- and "Radeon RX Vega 56"-branded graphics cards13:59
frinnstsuper confusing13:59
pedjathat's what I meant. they were shipped as part of the APU, that's why you never seen them14:00
joacimi've seen mentions of vega3 in some very basic single board computers14:01
pedjaone should be in a new Playstation, iirc14:01
pedjaSony bankrolled the r&d on that one14:01
pedjaand Instinct cards are Vega-something, too. so not confusing at all :)14:05
joacimalso imac pro :314:06
pedjaheh. "$500 is the new $300"
joacimit is sad :(14:09
joacimI don't really want to spend that much on a graphics card, something that is a toy that will never hold its value14:09
pedjajaeger, 2950x is 'the best overall CPU of 2018' on anandtech. so, you've chosen wisely :)14:09
joacimtho i guess vega will, due to current interest and demand, and future availability14:10
pedjahold its value in what sense? resale?14:11
joacimnot saying you'll get 500 euro for it in 5 years, but the drop willn't be as sharp as most other GTX or Rx cards14:12
joacimthere are some nvidia cards too that are pretty expensive. like the fx 5900 ultra14:14
stratactfrinnst: despite the fixes, I'm gonna stick with my RX 580. I'm pretty happy with it. I realized at the time I didn't need the raw power of the Vega and the extra watts it sucks in, so I want something more power efficient :)14:15
joacimthat depends on interest too. not sure if there will be a "2017 retro wave" in 203014:15
joacimstratact: got my rx 550 since it was a strictly bus powered card. no need for pcie cables =)14:16
stratactjoacim: may I see a picture of your setup? :)14:18
joacimnot sure if i have one.14:19
joacimcan post one if i remember to take pictures while moving my stuff to a new case14:19
stratactAh gotcha14:20
pedjasaphire 590 has two power connectors. how hungry *are* those GPU's, anyway14:20
joacimi think those connectors are there for overclocking14:20
joacimthose are somewhat 200W cards arent they?14:21
joacimto be safe, that card would need a 6-pin + 8-pin i think. that's a max of 300W (including the 75W from the slot)14:21
TimB_pedja: isn't that just in case you do crazy overclocks that one (plus bus) doesn't provide enough?14:22
joacimstratact: found this one14:22
stratactjoacim: ah I see what you meant by bus powered now. That's fantastic!14:23
pedja'1 x 8-pin + 1 x 6-pin (optional) AUX Power Connector'14:23
pedjaTimB_, idk, tbh14:23
stratactMy card needs an 8-pin pcie power connecter :(14:24
TimB_well I think it is :) my asus rog 580 has just one connector and is able to pull around 200W without a hassle14:24
pedjaspecs say '< 250W' power consumption :)14:24
joacimthe card is pretty quiet too, and with my PSU, I get lots of headroom even if I add another card for passthrough14:25
pedjamy gpu is passively cooled, so no noise from the fan at all14:26
joacimif i used my r9 fury in this computer, you might as well call it a passively cooled card =)14:28
jaegerpedja: good deal :) I'm happy with it so far14:35
tilmansaptech: i guessed very wrong then ;D14:40
pedjaif I played chess, I'd package and push that dreamchess to contrib14:46
pedjastill might, thou, while I wait for blender-2.8-beta to drop :)14:50
joacimthere are some chess mods for quake14:50
pedjaof course there are14:51
frinnstbattlechess for amiga rules14:53
frinnst Battle Chess - All Death Animations14:59
pedjawell, it runs, at least15:03
jaegerbattle chess was fun15:10
john_cephalopodaThe one scene with the two big knights looks like that scene from Monty Python's Holy Grail.15:14
john_cephalopoda"Oh, just a flesh wound"15:14
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pedjasaptech, update from contrib and try to install dreamchess15:22
pedjathis is 0.3.0, from git master. they switched to sdl215:24
SiFuh21 Million people in Australia and I had to go to Police station to point at a photo out of 12 who is the man that owe me money. So I pointed at him Number 3. I said to the police man, I know Number 8 also. He owed me money 5 months ago, but the local drug dealers hunted him down and got my money back. What are the odds of that? Two guys owe me money at some point in my life on the same photo line up?15:40
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joacimany way to force a fullscreen application to open on a specific monitor?17:43
joacimsome applications only ever open on my primary monitor, but I want them on the secondary17:43
pedjafiddle with DE settings?17:43
joacimnot seen anything like that in my DE settings17:43
pedjawhich one?17:44
joacimthis is mate (prononced in english)17:44
jaegerI think that would be a window manager thing to handle, probably... maybe a good feature request for marco in MATE17:46
joacimi could try a different window manager to see if that can change the behavior17:48
TimB_i3 can do that17:48
TimB_you could replace marco with it if you like it17:49
joacimgod no17:49
joacimi rather replace marco with some other floater17:49
joacimthat isnt i3 in float moad17:49
john_cephalopodadwm can decide which app to send to which desktop somehow.17:50
joacimnot fond of xml, but could always see if openbox has settings for fullscreen application17:50
joacimjohn_cephalopoda: i guess thats what i3 does too. each new monitor just get their own desktop17:50
john_cephalopodaI never found out how to connect an external monitor as extension17:52
john_cephalopodaI.e. not mirroring the main screen17:52
alandipertvery excited, after lurking for awhile i finally got a machine i can install crux on. can't wait to try it17:52
alandipert(lenovo x220)17:52
joacimi think thats something xrandr can define17:53
joacimi did both mirroring and extended desktop with my laptop17:53
joacimalandipert: works great on that machine (tho wifi is slow)17:53
alandipertjoacim is the wifi card changeable if you open topcase? i recall doing that on a t430s17:54
john_cephalopodaalandipert: Nice!17:55
pedjadoes lenovo has that blacklist/whitelist wifi thingie?17:55
joacimsame kind of blacklist a t430 would have tho17:56
joacimthere are firmware without the blacklist, but they can be older than lenovos current firmware17:56
alandipertmy first distro was slackware in ~2000, i'm excited about crux because of the apparent bsd-ness combined with ports (they look legit)17:58
joacimopenbox can open fullscreen applications on the active monitor17:59
joacimthats nice and good enough for my use17:59
alandipertre: dual-booting with windows, is the best approach still to install windows first?18:00
joacimI would think so18:01
jaegeralandipert: I used an x220 for a few years, great machine18:06
alandipertjaeger cool! did you have the tablet version?18:07
jaegerNah, just the regular in my case... though it was an IPS display18:07
alandipertcool, yeah, IPS was a must-have for me. i went with the tablet for kicks, curious to see what that's all about18:08
alandipertalthough touching the screen still seems heretical to me18:08
joacimi see there are feature requests for marco somehwat related to my complaints already18:46
joacimmy problem with marco is that it is either too smart, or too stupid about window placement. openbox seems to do a better job due to its active monitor option, but missing a decent compositor18:47
joacimcompton dont seem to make simple stuff like moving windows as smooth as marco18:48
pedjadumped compton when xfwm got a compositor18:51
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joacimthe compositor didn't work well for me back then18:58
joacimin recent years, the bigger window managers have had some really nice compositors of their own =)18:59
pedjaI have a tweak for nvidia drivers in xorg.conf, and no more tearing :)18:59
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joacimthis is what I do for mine19:06
joacimworks for me with marco, and also works well with i3 on my laptop (without compton)19:06
joacimbut openbox was not a fun experience, even tho it has the features i like19:07
jaegerThe annoyance I see with both compton and marco's compositor is that xscreensaver freezes after a while19:23
jaegerNot sure why but disabling the compositor fixes it19:23
joacimkwin will crash for me, if i alt tab when the compositor is enabled19:33
pedjaxscreensaver is still alive?19:38
joacimi think so. it better be. it has a due date built into the application i think19:39
joacimso if you dont update regularly enough, you get a nag screen i think19:39
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pedjadebian got heat from developer for patching that out, iirc :)19:46
ryuothink KDE will ever be good again?19:50
ryuoi used to like it before it became so unstable.19:50
joacimi think there is a fork of kde3 too, but i dont know if trinity is still active19:52
ryuoheh. QT3 is too obsolete for my tastes.19:52
ryuoit's like with KDE5 they decided KDE4 was too stable and decided to chuk it.19:53
stratactpedja: you should know, the xfce devs are forking xscreensaver into their own xfce4-screensaver util, so xscreensaver is still pretty much alive.19:54
joacimits like that with everything in free software. once it becomes good and stable, it is time to start all over with something different =)19:54
pedjajoacim, something for your CV :)?
SovietPonyI have a problem with wine. Non-english input not work with 32-bit applications(`wine notepad`), but 64-bit applications works well(`wine64 notepad`). Who knows which dependency are broken?20:53
SovietPonySorry for bad english :)20:54
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