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stratactlibnice is missing a dependency, it needs the python-six port00:46
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jaegerspent a long time today trying to figure out why I couldn't get a PXE install of CentOS 7 on a server with software RAID1 going... it works just fine in my home lab without cobbler01:57
jaegerSovietPony: sorry, I don't know the answer there, haven't messed with non-english input with wine at all02:00
joacimstrange that 32-bit would behave different02:01
joacimneed PXE going for my alix. havent bothered too much with it yet.02:06
joacimnot the most useful hardware either, just want one for fun02:07
jaegerI keep a PXE server for a few things... clonezilla, system rescue CD, centos/ubuntu installs, memtest86+02:14
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frinnstfun times, ext4 corruptions it seems:
ryuowhy do people insist on running latest mainline?07:43
ryuoACTION blinks.07:43
frinnstbecause greg insists on it? :-)07:44
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abenzjoacim: alix? those are very old, did you buy one recently?11:59
abenzI would've gone for an apu211:59
frinnsthe has a apu212:19
frinnstguess he bought an old one too :)12:21
joacimyeah have an apu2. got an alix too as a toy12:21
pedjawelcome to the club. ext 4 has been eating my data on occasion for months :)12:33
frinnstswitch to btrfs!12:33
pedjaso it too can eat my data when the moon is just right ;) ?12:34
frinnsttss, its lovely12:34
frinnstwe use a couple of btrfs volumes in semi-production12:35
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abenzgood 4.19 is still not tagged as LTS12:35
pedjatbh, if I upgraded tomorrow, I wouldn't know which filesystem to use12:36
joacimis reiserfs popular today?12:37
pedjait picked up development again, iirc12:37
pedjaso Intel will increase prices because its stock is too low, Nvidia because its stock is too high? yeah, makes sense12:46
joacimincrease prices because their new ceo will also need a decent sized safety net12:46
frinnstxfs or btrfs here12:47
frinnstext4 is boring, except for lately :-)12:47
joacimi usally use ext4 for single drives, and btrfs for arrays12:48
frinnstbut i really like btrfs12:48
frinnstI use btrfs on all my personal stuff except for arm devices with little storage12:48
abenzany particular feature you can't live with? snapshots?12:54
abenzor just got used to it admin-wise?12:54
frinnstsnapshots, compression (faster on spinning rust), volume management12:55
frinnstsend | receive of snapshots is quite awesome12:55
ryuofrinnst: felt brave enough to use raid5 yet? :)12:56
frinnstraid10. wouldn't run raid5 anywhere with large disks12:56
ryuobtw, btrfs raid1 isn't really raid1...12:57
ryuoit doesn't mirror data to all drives.12:57
ryuoonly 2 copies of each data block at most, regardless of how many.12:57
ryuoanyone notice the new dm-integrity target that was added awhile ago?12:59
ryuokinda interesting.12:59
frinnstraid1 shouldnt mirror to all disks13:00
frinnstonly one copy13:00
ryuoThat's what conventional raid1 does.13:00
frinnstnot sure how md does it13:00
ryuoIt mirrors the main drive to all the others.13:01
joacimi guess with most fancy "raid1" solutions, you can choose between having more than one mirror, or a larger pool with each drive only having one mirror13:02
ryuo"Once initialised, each device in a RAID1 array contains exactly the same data."13:10
ryuofrom man md13:10
pedjacool suse music parody video13:53
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jaegeryeah, md's raid1 is traditional14:35
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saptechhiya all22:53
saptechpedja, I tried building dreamchess on my own and it seems to have build & installed but would not run22:54
saptechAfter I saw you packaged it and added it to contrib, I went ahead and installed it but during the build process, I'm getting incomplete errors22:55
saptechany idea what's going on with it for me?22:56
pedjasaptech, try 'prt-get depinst dreamchess'22:56
pedjathis one is using sdl2 libs instead of sdl1, so you are probably missing those22:57
saptechwhen I type it, it show package dreamchess is installed22:58
saptechI think it's from the one I tried packaging22:58
pedjaremove it and try22:58
pedja'prt-get depends dreamchess' will show you if any dependency is missing23:00
saptechso far so good23:01
jaegerSo weird... that centos 7 mdraid box I was trying to set up is sorted out today... but I never did get the kickstart to create it automagically. I *did* get to a point where if I pre-create the md devices, the kickstart will use and format them for the new install23:03
jaegerso dumb23:03
jaegerNo idea why it doesn't work when done via cobbler with the same kickstart while it works fine in my home lab, just without cobbler23:03
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saptechpedja, success...thanks23:14
pedjanp. enjoy :)23:15
pedjajaeger, that would suggest that cobler somehow mangles the kickstart, no?23:21
jaegerNo, because I've checked it and it's the same as the successful one, minus some device names23:24
jaegercobbler puts together all the pieces (like dhcp server, pxe config, etc.) but I'm not sure it's causing the problem23:24
jaegerIt might be, just don't know for sure23:24
jaegerin both cases, using centos 7.5.180423:25
pedjaso it just serves the ks file, no parsing involved?23:26
jaegerIt can add things to the kickstart but none of them affect the partitioning and raid config (at least that I can see)23:26
jaegermostly about post installation tasks like setting networking, etc.23:27
pedjaif that's the case, it's indeed weird23:27
jaegeryeah, very weird. I'm not ruling cobbler out 100%, I just don't *think* it's the problem23:28
saptechpedja, when I run dreamchess from cli, I see this message, it may not make any difference23:35
pedjaweird, I don't get that when I run it from the console23:36
saptechwell the game does load23:37
pedjaah, yes. I already had it in .dreamchess. once you save the configuration, it will not show anymore23:40
pedjajaeger, could it be some weird anaconda installer bug? unlikely, I know23:44
pedjaaren't computers fun?23:45
pedjaapparently, rendering with my gpu in blender-2.8 using cuda10 is broken. yay23:47
saptechcomputers are Borg, resistance is futile23:48
pedjajust compute arches 30/35, which is exactly what my gt640 is23:48
pedjasaptech, if the Borg all looked like Seven of Nine, I don't think there would be *that* much resistance :)23:49
saptechyou got that right23:50
jaegerpedja: that seems more likely to me, but I'm not sure because *in theory* they both should be using the anaconda that comes in the centos 7 PXE images23:52
pedjaif you are bored, you could try an earlier snapshot/release of centos?23:56
pedjabut I don't think that there is a lot of change between releases, centos is, after all, 'stable' :)23:57
pedjathat's a virtue for server os, I guess23:59
pedjabeing boring23:59
jaegerI did, actually. Tried 7.5, 7.4, and 7.023:59
jaegereach version results in slightly different errors but they all fail :D23:59

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