IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2018-12-02

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ryuoand so it begins...02:48
Anselmois that a swipe at freebsd02:51
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stratactHey guys, can I use this to install CRUX via chroot?
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frinnststratact: dunno, should probably work just fine.13:27
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pedjathis way still works :)13:54
pedjawell, with a slight tweak, but can't remember what it was...13:55
stratactThat's pretty neat though, thanks pedja14:08
joacimthere is this article14:09
stratactNow I just need to wait for jaeger to wake up and share his ZFS ports, so I can attempt a ZFS on Root CRUX install14:11
stratactfor my NAS14:13
pedjahe is using zfs just for the pool, iirc14:22
pedjazfs-on-root requires either initrd or zfs built into kernel, right?14:22
stratactpedja: you're right, it does require an initrd. Fortunately however, I did create a dracut port a while ago14:24
pedjaoh, nice14:24
stratactI guess I'll try making a generic kernel again, just for fun14:30
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stratact-phoneThank you jaeger :)21:25
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joacimlooks like passthrough of old crappy graphic cards works22:21
joacimtime to look for a pcie to pci bridge22:21
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