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ryuoTIL, shell for loops have a default behavior if the in clause is omitted.05:44
ryuonever seen anyone do that though.05:50
ryuofoobar() { for i; do echo $i; done; }05:51
ryuofoobar a b c05:51
ryuoanother strange oddity... case patterns can have an optional leading (.06:02
ryuocase "foo" in (foo) echo "a";; esac06:03
TimB_good morning everyone. 4.20-rc5 fixes the borked framebuffer on amdgpu (here) :)06:06
jaegernice :)06:06
TimB_indeed :) considering that the bug report on didn't get any reply, I haven't suspected it to be fixed06:11
ryuoi suspect that alternate form of for is meant for very simple scripts or functions that only iterate over their arguments.06:29
ryuootherwise it doesn't really serve a purpose as it is too limiting.06:29
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