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ryuoIt's weird how times change.05:57
ryuoI remember in the Windows XP era when people were heavily opposed to spyware. Now it seems to be accepted as normal for software to phone home about you.05:58
ryuoNot to mention being rebranded as telemetry.05:58
joacimtelemetry as a service soon06:05
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jaegerless accepted, more gave up complaining about it06:29
ryuojaeger: you ever have something like this happen? i went to rent a new server to replace an older one that's more expensive and the new one was in the same /24 subnet as the old one. lol06:33
jaegerI don't know that I've run into it but seems likely to happen if they're from the same provider06:34
ryuosame type of server specs, just cheaper to rent.06:35
joacimi think everything that spawns an outrage, will slip by without much noise just a few years later06:35
ryuoKimSufi's support is non-existent, but seems a good value for non-commercial uses.06:38
joacimfor black friday they had a discount on their ks-7 line06:39
joacim7-8 pounds or something06:39
ryuoI noticed. I already rent something better.06:39
ryuothe single AMD they offer.06:39
joacimwas tempted by that offer. would be a nice server to have for heavier tasks like random game servers06:39
ryuoIt was $27.99 a month in January this year.06:39
ryuoNow it's $16.99.06:40
ryuoGo figur.06:40
joacimsame kind of "support" tho06:40
ryuoAh. I tried a SYS arm server for awhile.06:40
joacimi'd get that if I had enough stuff to put on it06:41
joacimfor now I just rent a 3 dollar ramnode VPS06:41
ryuoIt lacks IPv6 and for whatever reason seems to have its network throttled to any destinations outside of their network.06:41
ryuoSo, it's not really a bargin.06:41
ryuokimsufi is a better value.06:41
ryuowhat good is a storage server that's clamped to around 5-10 megabits outside of OVH's network?06:41
ryuoThat's what I was getting when I did iperf benchmarks.06:42
ryuoOnly servers inside OVH's existing networks were getting close to its rated speeds.06:42
ryuoYet my KimSufi routinely gets near 100 megabits in both directions.06:42
ryuoWhat's up with that?06:42
joacimsome of these might be more reasonable than sys06:42
joacimi dont know how they compare to discount ovh06:43
ryuoon paper the ARM server would have been acceptable if their network speeds weren't so terrible.06:44
ryuoit seems they crippled it on purpose.06:44
ryuoI can't think of why else I got those results.06:44
joacimkills interest from seedboxes i guess06:44
ryuoIt also kills my interest in using them at all.06:44
ryuoThe server was basically useless.06:45
ryuoHow can I use a server where I can't even upload anything to it in a timely manner?06:45
ryuoLet alone download anything from it.06:45
ryuoI did an experiment where I did a reverse proxy through the OVH server and it worked faster than direct.06:46
ryuoSo I figured they're doing shenanigans.06:46
ryuoIt said 250 megabits guaranteed. What a lie.06:46
joacimmakes it useless for offsite backups06:47
ryuoOh well. it woulda made a great low cost web server at least.06:48
ryuobut with crappy network speeds outside the network, it's useless.06:48
ryuoKimSufi dedicated are better even, ironically.06:48
ryuofor about the same price.06:48
ryuomy guess is they were intended for use by OVH servers only.06:49
ryuothat's the only thing that makes sense.06:49
ryuowhich makes them useless for main servers.06:49
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stratactwho knew using dracut with zfs would be so hard?09:25
frinnstmeanwhile btrfs is simple :-)09:48
stratactis that what you use frinnst?09:49
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stratactI'll think about it, but I would prefer ZFS if possible, because it works across multiple Unixes09:51
stratactfrinnst: btw, what's your opinion on stratis?09:52
frinnstdon't have one. what is it?09:53
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stratactAlthough with IBM acquiring RH a month ago, stratis might not be maintained anymore, but so would a lot of other projects.10:13
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ryuostratact: i use ZFS with initramfs. it's pretty painless, but then the distribution largely handles the issues.10:15
stratactryuo: what distro are using?10:16
ryuoUbuntu and derivatives. Since 16.04 or so, Ubuntu has shipped ZFS standard with their kernels.10:16
ryuoZFS on root works, but only through expert install options.10:17
ryuoit wasn't much different from bootstrapping Debian, really.10:18
stratactGotcha, yeah, Debian/Ubuntu have their own mkinitramfs tool which ZoL has support for but I don't know if I can adapt their tool for CRUX.10:19
ryuodoes dracut even support ZFS natively?10:20
stratactZoL has a "zfs-dracut" module, which would allow you to load zfs modules into the initramfs and other handy features like for booting off a zpool directly.10:21
ryuoconceivably you could shared a single pool for multibooting purposes, but I never bothered to try.10:22
ryuothe closest I get is used ZFS for containers.10:23
stratactIndeed, it seems fun to try to make subfilesystems for other OSes depending how you organize them.10:24
stratactand then change the bootfs parameter10:24
stratactthe problem I'm having with dracut is even though I made a port for the zfs-dracut module, dracut refusing to find it for generating the initramfs10:25
stratactI would assume the modules go into /usr/lib/dracut/modules.d10:26
ryuohow was dracut configured?10:26
ryuoit probably plays a factor.10:26
ryuosometimes names also matter.10:26
ryuoi've seen software that would ignore files that didn't start with numbers.10:27
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stratactryuo: this is how I built it, dunno if I need to do the configure part properly or not:
ryuostratact: so it packages it as /usr/lib/dracut/modules.d/...zfs ?10:32
stratactryuo: another port does that which takes it from zfsonlinux's repo. That port would install it to /usr/lib/dracut/modules.d/90zfs10:34
ryuothat seems to be necessary. look at how the official modules are packaged.10:34
ryuothey're all under a module directory named with 2 numbers and then a regular name.10:34
ryuoit's probably related to when they are run in the boot process.10:35
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