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stratactI managed to get a working zfs-on-root crux install! :P02:18
stratactNow I have the best of both worlds, CRUX and ZFS :D02:19
joacimjust remember to rebuild the modules and the ramdisk before you reboot after a kernel upgrade =)02:24
stratactindeed, thank you :)02:24
stratactjoacim: hey I have a question, what is /etc/rc.local used for?02:25
stratactcan I use that to run commands during boot?02:26
joacimyour own scripts i guesws02:27
joacimthink it is documented somewhere. i don't remember02:27
joacimit is generally empty, so it would be an ok place for your own scripts.02:28
joacimi usually do this with cron02:28
joacimand have a @reboot rule02:28
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frinnstwow, dick move: By submitting this query, you agree to abide by this policy.08:00
frinnstdoubt its very enforcable :-)08:00
ryuofrinnst: "You agree to become the copyrighted property of this company. As such, unauthorized derivatives of copyrighted property is henceforce prohibited."08:19
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pedja(AMD 3000 series leak)
pedjathis is too good to be true, right?12:04
pedjaGPU's too
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frinnstdon't trust the GPU prices for one bit :)13:49
pedjaboth are too good to be true, tbh13:50
frinnstwho will need a threadripper with ryzen9?13:50
frinnstguess the threadripper may be crazy scary13:50
frinnstwonder how my mb would handle gen313:51
pedjait's insane that ryzen9 is still a 'desktop-class' CPU :)13:51
pedjaoh, right, 'high-end'13:52
pedjabut 6c/12t as 'entry-level' is just13:52
pedjaidk, I'd love for AMD to pull this off, but I am sceptical13:53
pedjanice naming scheme, too :)13:54
pedjaryzen desktop, tr workstation, epyc server. they have pretty much covered all uses13:58
pedjaLisa Su is not stupid. cpu's will be just different enough to not step on each other toes14:00
frinnststill no epyc blades announced from hpe14:01
pedjahow long does it take to validate a platform, anyway?14:02
pedjamaybe they are waiting for Rome to drop, who knows14:02
pedjathey, and a buch of others, are testing it, afaik14:03
frinnstthey have rack servers available, just no blades14:03
frinnstnot sure what the future for hpes blades look like14:03
pedjadidn't suse buy hpe?14:07
pedjaor something like that14:08
frinnstheh no14:08
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pedjaah. suse's former parent company14:10
pedjafrinnst, what are traffic generators used for? testing routing performance?14:11
pedjacisco and juniper have some open source ones14:13
frinnstI suppose, never used one really14:13
pedjaif you are bored, check this
pedjapfsense devs use t-rex to test it, apparently14:18
joacimi wouldnt mind some changes to the mid range15:05
joacimthat area have been very stagnant for a long time i think15:05
joacimnot much of an upgrade path from an r9 290 if you bought that for 300 euro, and want something else for about the same price15:05
frinnstalas, 150€ gpu's are no longer the best balance15:27
joacimin my head, 300 is still high end15:38
Anselmowhat even is a high end gpu at these days15:50
Anselmolike, 800 euro ?15:50
pedja'high-end' performance wise or price-wise :) ?15:52
joacimi think the gtx 2080 ti is closer to 120015:52
pedjaas techgage has shown, some gaming gpu's suuuuuck for 'real' work15:53
Anselmoah, ha15:53
pedjaand vice versa15:53
Anselmothe only actual gpu I ever owned, I found after it fell off a truck :P15:54
pedjanow, the best 'all around' gpu is still 1080ti, afaik15:54
AnselmoI have a friend who works with like, very intense fluid simulations,15:55
Anselmoand his office had tons of some sort of gpu, but I forget which x-x15:55
pedjasome nvidia's, I presume, because CUDA15:59
Anselmothat makse sense16:00
pedjaagisoft photoscan can use either cuda, opencl, or (very beefy) cpu16:01
pedjaand looots of ram :)16:01
pedjaapparently making 3d model of the city using photos is an intense process16:02
Anselmowell, handling any crazy large amount of images or 3d models is expensive x-x16:03
pedjamantissa (motion graphics artist) runs blender on tr+3x1080ti+titan v16:05
pedjacool dude, as kids would say16:05
pedjahm. I don't know what to expect when I see r.r.martin listed as an executive producer of the show16:38
pedjabloodbath, most likely16:38
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Anselmowell, does anyone really want a tv show that isnt abloodbath ?17:20
AnselmoI mean, seriously ;P17:20
john_cephalopodaCreating a 3D model from images automatically (structure-from-motion) is really hard.17:21
john_cephalopodaI had my laptop running for days to create a relatively nice model of a church from ~100 images.17:21
pedjawell. violence? check. sex? check. vague story? check. yup, it's r.r.m all right :)17:33
pedjanot bad, actually. has some creepy moments17:33
pedja(Nightflyers, if anyone is interested)17:34
pedjabut. syfy dumped The Expanse for *this*? wtf17:36
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ryuoLLMNR is interesting... but seemingly pointless if you manage your DNS right.17:49
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ryuovirtually everything uses DNS, but LLMNR isn't supported OOB by much i've noticed.17:55
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jaegerthe nightflyers trailer reminds me a bit of event horizon18:29
pedjajaeger, that's the vibe I am getting watching it18:38
pedja2,5 episodes in18:38
jaegerI enjoyed that movie way back when but I wonder if it can turn into a whole show18:41
joacimmaybe as a prequel19:06
joacimbut i guess you already know everyone dies19:07
pedjasome weird shit is going on in it. I am intrigued, tbh :)19:15
pedjathat reminds me. I need to rewatch Sunshine soon. Danny Boyle is a genius19:18
pedjawell, after 3 episodes, the verdict, imho, is "it'll do"19:37
jaegerwell, that's better than terrible20:45
joacimspeaking of terrible. I'm still pissed about dark matter20:57
joacimended on a cliffhanger, and the writers never got to finish their planned out vision20:57
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pedjathat's why I postponed watching the last season after binge watching all before that :)21:15
pedjamaybe New Year's marathon with all the series I still have a couple of episodes to watch21:16
pedjaand s2 of strange things :)21:17
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