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jaegerI was sad that dark matter got canned, too01:49
pedjasyfy is weird that way01:55
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frinnstexpanse is really dead, right? or did amazon save it?07:56
frinnstah s04 seems to be scheduled for 201907:57
joacimi wouldnt mind if they ended it there08:07
joacimseason 3 has a nice ending to it08:07
joacimone that doesnt really need to continue08:07
frinnstshut your dirty mouth!08:08
joacimbut there is a lot more content in the books, so they have material to work with08:08
joacimcould also just read the books =)08:08
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pedjawho reads books these days, anyway?12:27
joacimi saw a show about books on tv12:33
pedjaThe Librarians?12:37
joacimi did watch that actually12:37
pedjadid you watch the movies it was based on?12:38
pedjaI liked that show vrey much, it was fun. Warehouse 13, too12:38
joacimi forgot how far i got, so dont know where to start if i were to continue12:39
pedjaseries had a satisfying ending, so I am not *that* pissed off that it ended12:39
pedjasame for Person of Interest12:41
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pedjaah, so the compressor is on for deadbeef output. no wonder the music sounded a bit weird16:52
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pedjahm. the binary is 64bit, ldd shows it has all the libs it needs, exec bit is set on it, and yet I get 'no such file or directory'. wth18:26
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jaegercheck the requested interpreter?18:36
pedja'interpreter /lib64/'18:38
jaegerlsb subsystem thing, I'm guessing18:39
jaegerI wonder if you could symlink it to
pedjahm. '/lib64/ => /lib/' <--there is no such symlink19:03
pedjafinally. thanks, jaeger :)19:06
pedjaonce I figured out it should be in lib64 and not usr/lib64, it was easy :)19:07
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joacimi think the whole lib32 and lib64 thing is annoying :(19:31
joacimruins tab completion19:31
joacimwouldnt mind a 100% pure 64-bit system19:31
AnselmoACTION agrees19:33
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pedjaACTION removed all 32bit stuff19:51
pedjadon't need it/use it19:51
jaegerYou guys could maintain a 64-bit-only version19:52
pedjaI don't mind multilib stuff19:52
AnselmoI've usually run just 64 bit only things,19:55
Anselmooccasionally run into things that need it so not at this moment x-x19:55
joacimjaeger: too much effort for an annoyance tho. i rather just have glibc-32 installed, and be slightly annoyed when i press tab20:03
joacimI'm sure there are people that would be annoyed by a pure system too.20:04
jaegerbah :P20:08
joacimcant make everyone happy20:09
Anselmo''everything is terrible''20:09
AnselmoACTION throws computer out the window20:09
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pedjajaeger, they are on Netflix now?21:07
jaegerI don't know, just saw the email from netflix that says december 1421:13
pedjaoh, on my parents 60th anniversary. nice21:14
joacimyou're that old?21:14
pedjaI am the youngest child :)21:14
joacimmine will be 60 next year. had me in their late 20s21:15
pedja60 years of marriage, in case I wasn't clear (sorry about that)21:16
joacimoh i understood you. just surprised by the age of people online sometimes21:17
pedjaah, OK :)21:17
joacimlike when playing eve online, and everyone is in their 30s, when i'm used to seeing a lot of late teens or early 20s in my games21:17
pedjawe old farts like to hang out on 'legacy' tech like IRC :)21:19
pedjaI hear that Usenet is usable again, now when 'normies' moved on21:22
joacimseptember is finally over?21:24
pedjaso I've heard21:24
joacimi only really hear about them due to piracy21:34
joacimand that usenet sucks since a lot of providers now block the binary sections21:35
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druid_droidhello :}22:03
druid_droidI'm having a problem building firefox, I think is a python error; ... platform lacks a functioning sem_open implementation ... :'(22:08
jaegerI remember seeing someone talking about that a while back... maybe it was a /dev/shm issue? Or needed a reboot? or both?22:13
jaegerLooks like a python rebuild was needed in his case22:15
druid_droidthanks jaeger, I'm building again all python and python3 packages.22:24
druid_droidSolved / Fixed :)22:46
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jaegerdruid_droid: great :)23:45

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