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pedjaopen source communities have an interesting dynamic00:02
frinnstcrux is a strange beast also00:04
joacimyeah it has a lot of swedish in it00:04
pedjausing 'legacy' init :) ?00:04
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pedjaas frinnst said the other day, Crux is conservative in some aspects, bleeding edge in others00:08
pedjacombo I personally find appealing :)00:08
pedjamantissa's streams are about an hour, hour and a half. but it takes me 3-4h to watch them, because I keep rewinding to figure out how the hell did he do some stuff00:14
joacimwhat happened to mounting things to /media? I remember that was the norm 10+ years ago00:15
joacimnow the mount point is something lame like "/run/media/joacim/USB STORAGE"00:15
joacimwhen I mount through the file manager (caja)00:15
pedjawhat is it using? udisks2?00:20
joacimno idea00:22
joacimit is worse for remote shares i think00:23
joacimif i had the time, i'd fork everything00:24
joacimexcept firefox00:25
john_cephalopodaIt's kinda strange that we still haven't got a good, reliable way to mount stuff in userspace.00:32
john_cephalopodaAfter years and years of "only root can mount"...00:32
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pedjaffs. meson is a POS.01:05
pedjasome options use whitespace as delimiter, some =. boolean ones switch from true/false to yes/no randomly.01:08
pedjaone day when I become the emperor of the universe, everyone will be using cmake.01:09
pedjagvfs switched to meson, and all build options are on by default. what BS is that01:12
frinnstdont you know meson is the new hip thing?01:12
frinnstnew = the best01:12
pedjait can burn in hell, next to all other snowflake build systems01:12
pedjait requires python3, but ninja that does the actual build is python2 still, afaik? that's just insane01:14
john_cephalopodapedja: cmake isn't that great either.01:15
john_cephalopodaHave you ever tried building cmake on a raspi? Fun hours.01:15
pedjaboost's waf is so broken it can't build both python2 and python3 libs at the same time01:15
john_cephalopodaIt's a giant blob written in C++.01:15
frinnstare you sure its not because crux still defaults to python2?01:15
frinnst#!/usr/bin/env python asdf01:15
pedjafrinnst, boost?01:16
pedjaidk about that, haven't checked01:17
frinnsti'm old and slow, you should always assume my answer is to a question asked a minute or so ago01:17
john_cephalopodanyet inother nsystem jfor abuilding.01:17
john_cephalopodaACTION . o O ( We should just switch to Forth and abandon that "C" and "Pascal" that kids today like so much )01:18
pedjaif you are old, isn't Alzheimer's kicking in, so you already forgot the question from a minute ago :) ?01:18
john_cephalopodapedja: Too young for Alzheimer's but old enough that Pepperidge Farm remembers.01:20
joacimjohn_cephalopoda: i feel like it was solved 10+ years ago01:28
joacimwhen stuff mounted to /media. but the trend now is to make everything worse than it was01:29
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dbrookenice "grumpy old man" attitude in here overnight 8-) (I'm probably older than most of you and getting grumpy about systemd was how I discovered CRUX)11:18
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dbrookeand I remember when /media was the new thing11:19
tilmanback in my day we mounted drives in /mnt and we liked it11:22
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john_cephalopodaBack when I used xfce and Thunar it would automagically mount stuff to /media.11:25
joacimit probably still does, unless they use the same backend as caja and others11:26
john_cephalopodaYeah, but I don't use xfce any more.11:28
pedjaprobably udisks2/gvfs. mount point can, apparently, be changed using udev rule11:32
pedjaI never bothered with that, thou11:34
pedjadbrooke, join in next time, then :)11:35
dbrookehaha, it was after my bedtime (just kidding, but had shut down the computer for the evening and only saw the conversation now)11:38
dbrookeas an actual contribution, I just made fstab entries which allow me to e.g. "mount /media/usb1" as a user11:40
joacimthis fixed it12:10
joacimnow i can feel young again12:10
joacimdidn't fiddle with the tmpfs stuff. since something seems to clean up stale mount points in /media well enough on its own12:11
joacimjaeger: did you find a way to change from UMA to NUMA mode with the x399 taichi?14:14
joacimi havent seen an option for that yet in their firmware14:14
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frinnstit has 2 cpus?14:22
pedjaRyzen Master does the switch on Windows, right?14:24
pedjathat's on-the-fly in TR2, iirc14:25
joacimfrinnst: maybe, kinda. idk. With threadripper you can choose between UMA and NUMA14:25
joacimsupposedly the latencies in NUMA mode is better, if you juggle your processes right14:26
frinnstyeah but if you get it wrong it will suuuuuuuck14:27
frinnstdoubt it matters with just one OS, but in virtualization it really can suck14:27
joacimdon't worry, I am expert14:27
frinnstif one core is on one node, and the other on the next14:27
pedjagamers vs creators mode on windows. heh14:31
pedjaI wonder how that works on Linux (not much room to experiment with just 2 cores :) )14:32
joacimusing the wrong node might be less horrible with threadripper too, compared to proper dual socket systems14:32
pedjaisn't that what cpu pinning is about?14:33
joacimi'm surprised you get to choose between gamer and creator mode with am4 ryzen. it should do nothing, but it ends up disabling half the cores14:33
pedjatr is 'just' a few ryzens glued together, so :)14:34
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pedjanot many nodes here
frinnstmost/all games just run on one core these days? and with the other cores disabled it can boost higher with the remaining one15:12
pedja4c is the most common, som break with 8+ :)15:13
pedjasome prefer a few high speed cores, some use whatever15:15
pedjathe same applies to 'pro' software, apparently15:16
pedjafrinnst, are prices for Windows server licences per core?15:18
pedjaas in, if you want to run it on a machine with more then foo cores, you have to pay up?15:20
pedjaand is there any difference if cores are physical or virtual?15:21
pedjasorry, that's 'work talk', and it's Sunday, so never mind :)15:22
jaegerjoacim: I haven't looked for anything like that, didn't know it was even a thing :)15:26
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frinnstpedja: depends on the license19:40
frinnstIt used to be per socket, think they changed to core for datacenter19:41
frinnstbut im not sure. licenses are boring19:41
ryuofrinnst: sometimes i get the feeling the biggest innovation that these software giants have is the creativity of their licensing fees. ;p20:54
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pedjawell, afaict, power outage didn't make ext4 shit itself and/or eat some files. yay, I guess21:26
joacimsounds like you need a tesla power wall21:28
pedjaor some APC UPS. got a spare one :) ?21:29
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frinnsta 700VA ups is not very expensive23:44

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