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elderKLo all03:50
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elderKMan, IRC seems like, a wasteland today!05:44
elderKEverything is so quiet.05:44
elderKThe netsplits and join/part messages acting like tumbleweeds.05:44
elderK:| Chat-rooms as western wilderness.05:44
elderKI can almost hear the tsh...tshhhh...tshhh of the bouncing tumbleweeds :P And the wind of the wilderness :P05:45
joacimstatistically, freenode is doing pretty ok =)06:04
joacimdoesn't have the growth it used to have tho06:05
joacimother networks are doign worse, with far too many channels compared to number of users06:07
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Romsterglad i am on 4.14.8612:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: unbound: update to 1.8.313:38
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pedjahm. how do I make git ignore whitespace changes?13:43
z3brawhich subcomment?13:56
pedjaah. it's windows/unix thing. *grumble*14:16
john_cephalopodaThere is a unix2dos and a dos2unix command, pedja15:15
john_cephalopodaIt changes linebreaks to be consistent with one chosen style.15:15
tilmanjohn_cephalopoda: the disadvantage is that you might commit a diff with -gazillion +gazillion lines. telling the vcs to ignore line endings avoids that (can avoid that?)15:41
tilmani once had a bunch of source code that used CRLFLF as line endings. even vim got confused by that15:42
john_cephalopodatilman: Ah, I thought in that concrete case, line endings were universal over the whole file (like e.g. all team using Windows, one person using Linux).15:42
john_cephalopodaThe Linux person could just convert it with unix2dos before uploading and the diffs would always work out.15:42
jaeger10 years ago called and wants me to build some mdadm arrays15:52
pedjatilman, what's the proper git setting for crlf when dealing with mixed Windows/unix developers?15:54
pedjalocal git repo config, I mean15:55
jaegerIf you're on windows, probably 'true', otherwise 'input'15:57
pedjathere is core.autocrlf and core.safecrlf15:57
jaegerIf you don't work with windows folks in your repos, then it probably doesn't matter15:57
pedja'input' and 'true' here15:58
pedjasome upstream repos hae a mixture, so generating a patch is a PITA :)15:58
pedjahave*, even15:58
pedjaatm, I just create patch and edit it in vim, removing the extra parts15:59
pedjatried 'git add -i', to apply just some hunks, but I probably fscked that up, so it didn't work16:00
jaegerI believe if you use 'true' on windows and 'input' on linux/macos, you get LF in the repo and only CRLF on the windows system(s)16:00
pedja'input' for autocrlf, 'true' for safecrlf is how I have set it up atm16:01
pedjacan't remember why, tbh16:01
jaegerI'm not sure about safecrlf, I was just thinking about autocrlf16:01
jaegerneat... it's really simple to get my GPU temp for i3blocks with nvidia-smi16:04
jaegernvidia-smi -q -d TEMPERATURE | awk '/GPU Current Temp/ { print $5 "°C" }'16:04
tilmanpedja: no idea :]16:08
tilmani recently asked a coworker to document his commits in english16:12
tilman"really? i mean, we're in germany..."16:12
Anselmoalthough I work for a german company, I dont speak german, and am grateful that my collaegues tend to do comits and comments in english16:14
Anselmobut I should study more german, as well x-x16:16
tilmandunno, i guess it's easier for them to speak english to you than try do deal with semi-broken german :>16:17
Anselmowhile that is true, it would also be nicer for me to be slightly more able to understand things in german, even if I dont want to use the language myself :P16:18
tilmanoh, right16:18
joacimprogrammers that i know just struggle with coworkers not writing anything in their commits17:52
joacimgiant commits with no descriptions17:53
john_cephalopoda+12323 -70332 "Bugfix and some other things"17:54
joacimtyping code might not be the only thing his hands are doing17:55
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druid_droidHello, I'm having problems with firefox inside qemu, it plays videos to fast.20:11
druid_droidI'm not running latest, I had branched just before firefox was removed.20:11
Anselmoinside like, a qemu vm of crux ?20:12
druid_droid:} yes,20:13
druid_droida crux runing a qemu vm with crux :]20:13
druid_droidit runs ok on host machine but not on guest machine,20:16
AnselmoI have absolutely no idea what would be wrong with that,20:16
Anselmobut it does sound interesting20:16
druid_droidand about the removal of firefox I think Iceweasel-UXP from hyperbola interesting to port.20:17
druid_droidAnselmo: yes, a bug like this can be a feature to skip youtube ads.20:17
Anselmodoes it not depend on rust and all those things ?20:17
druid_droidInteresting I don't see rust as a dependency of Iceweasel-UXP, is forked from version 52 with things from basilik.
druid_droidThere is more information about it here;
druid_droidBut my problem is not browser related, because it works fine on the host machine.20:21
druid_droidsorry wrong link, only notice now, Wiki about firefox fork
druid_droidhyperbola is a libre arch debian without systemd :D :} <320:26
Anselmowait this is quite interesting, hadnt heard anything about it though x-x20:26
Anselmobut, hrm20:29
Anselmolately I've been using qutebrowser, which as sort of comfy as well featured webbrowsers go20:29
druid_droidwow, seems nice, there is nice tools for web development for it ?20:34
AnselmoI wouldnt know, but I'd assume so, its close enough related to firefox that they probably have all the builtin stuff20:41
jaegerI hate it so much when people ask to chat and then immediately drop whatever they're doing and sprint away from their computer20:47
pedjamaybe their cat needs attention?20:48
druid_droid:'( jaeger I'm that kind of person some times,20:49
druid_droidfamily, much much dogs and things and stuff :(20:49
jaegerIt's totally fine if something comes up, just say so20:49
druid_droidI will be careful to let a notice.20:52
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druid_droidAbout qemu and video I will try with previous version I had, also since my last update mate have problems with glib if I'm not wrong.20:59
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druid_droidMy problem is related with sound, I'm almost sure. I had to change qemu port to add alsa. Before when switching from host to guest, host wold become mute so guest could play, now don't.21:35
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Worksterdruid_droid, hardware does support multiple processes or use software dmix for alsa else one process will block the rest.22:40
druid_droidWorkster: thanks, well...22:44
druid_droidI don't yet tryed with previous version of qemu to be sure that's something related with it.22:44
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