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beli3vergood morning07:05
beli3verI try to compile ii from suckless I always get this error07:05
beli3vermake: c99: Command not found07:05
beli3verI tried the same under debian and voidlinux is there something different in the gcc compiler under crus?07:06
beli3verfix it, with this little script07:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: llvm: add missing configuration option LLVM_LINK_LLVM_DYLIB09:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: ddgr: Fix .footprint, closes FS#170409:24
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: curl: update to 7.63.009:56
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john_cephalopodaI bet "CC=gcc" would work just as well for compiling ii.11:26
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frinnstwow rx590 support in linux is "unfinished"12:35
frinnstcant even use kms12:35
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: heh.. i think some projects expect c99 to exist because it appears in POSIX.
ryuoincidently posix defines some C development tools i don't see much use out of.12:39
ryuocxref, cflow...12:39
ryuo    cflow - generate a C-language flowgraph (DEVELOPMENT)12:39
ryuo    cxref - generate a C-language program cross-reference table (DEVELOPMENT)12:40
ryuoit never ceases to amaze me how many packages don't optimize the compression of their static files...13:00
ryuoit helps reduce their disk footprint.13:01
john_cephalopodaryuo: Yes, I believe most BSDs actually include a c99 binary.13:37
druid_droidImagine a Crux with a Minix kernel :P13:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: libunbound: update to 1.8.314:13
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saptechhello all16:07
saptechwhen I boot into crux, at the text boot screen, I see this: 'starting services - netudevd [95] group kvm unkown. I do not have udevd listed in my services array. What am I missing and what about the kvm?16:13
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ryuosaptech: it sounds like KVM group wasn't created. did you run package scripts?16:22
saptechryuo, I have ran package scripts at one time16:25
saptechand looking in /etc/group, I do not see a kvm group listed16:26
pedjagcc build 2h20min, gcc-fortran build 2h40min. oh, well, still way faster then rust16:27
saptechWhy do I need the kvm group?16:28
pedjasaptech, do you have qemu installed?16:28
saptechneither virtual box16:28
pedjapre-install script for it creates kvm group. if you don't have it, idk why are you getting that message16:29
ryuoperhaps from udev being unable to assign the group to /dev/kvm16:29
ryuoremember that node is created regardless if hardware and kernel support is present.16:30
saptech'cannot access '/dev/kvm': No such file or directory'16:30
ryuowell something is trying to use kvm group.16:31
frinnstudev rules uses the kvm  group16:31
ryuoperhaps grep around /etc for it16:31
frinnstrun rejmerge16:31
frinnstif i remember correctly16:32
frinnst;a=commit;h=fc0025ba4451f8a0df47bc3008aa0735f7baf4d8 the commit16:33
druid_droidups, sorry typo, gone...16:37
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pedjaif that's your root password, I suggest you change it :)16:37
saptechwhat is this? looks like games but I do not have games installed16:38
pedjajust merge it16:38
ryuosaptech: it's opengl settings for specific applications. nothing more.16:38
frinnsthope the rx590 stuff gets merged into 4.20 before we run out of rc:s16:40
frinnsthaving to run drm-next feels 'wrong' :>16:40
pedjaearly adopter pains16:40
saptechafter merging it, now I see this, '2 merge conflict(s).==> [I]nstall [E]dit [V]iew [S]kip? What do I answer?16:41
pedjaedit, fix, view, install16:41
frinnsttemp1:        +38.0�C  (crit = +91.0�C, hyst = -273.1�C)16:41
frinnstpower1:       31.15 W  (cap = 196.00 W)16:41
pedja-273C ?16:42
pedjadamn its cold in Sweden16:42
frinnstgarbage value or perhaps for nitrogen cooling or some such nonsense16:42
saptechthat was an adventure16:49
saptechI still do not see anything about kvm16:49
saptechthis is my Services...'SERVICES=(lo net dbus alsa ntpd crond)'16:50
saptechshould I have udev or udevd in it?16:50
saptechsomething weird is happening, let me reboot16:55
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pedjafrinnst, rx590 really caught them by surprise, everyone was expecting it'll just work on Linux :)17:11
pedjaAMD q&a had to get saphire and xfx retail cards to debug it, all worked with a reference design, iirc17:14
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jaegerIt sounds like a udev rule trying to use the kvm group when the kvm group doesn't exist... so removing the offending rule or adding the kvm group would probably solve it19:17
jaegerThe latter is probably the better solution since eudev is probably going to continue trying to use it after each update19:20
saptechjaeger, I'll create the kvm group. thanks for the info19:47
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saptechdo I just type, 'sudo groupadd kvm'?20:20
saptechand it will create /dev/kvm?20:20
ryuono idea.20:26
saptechit didn't create it\20:31
ryuodid you try rebooting?20:32
ryuoudev normally does its thing only once during boot.20:32
ryuoespecially for stuff that doesn't hotplug.20:33
saptechok, I will reboot20:37
saptechshould I add udevd in the Services array?20:38
ryuodo a pgrep for it after you reboot.20:39
saptechwhen I boot, I see this msg, 'starting services - netudevd [95] '20:39
saptechI need to wait for prt-get sysup before rebooting20:42
jaegerno, you don't need udev in your services array20:43
jaegerthe default gid for the kvm group in crux is 23, for what that's worth... so if you want to keep that consistency with core/filesystem, create it with id 2320:45
ryuosaptech: is /dev/kvm there now?20:56
saptechI need to wait for prt-get sysup to finishing before rebooting20:57
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frinnsthave you enabled kvm in the kernel?21:38
frinnstdo you even want kvm?21:39
frinnstif not, just rejmerge the group file to shut up udev or live with the "error"21:41
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frinnstnightflyers.. 4 episodes in and I still dont know why i'm watching it23:23
saptechfrinnst, I'm using the default kernel, no, i do not want kvm, I can live with the error.  I'll see if adding the kvm group will make a difference once I reboot23:35
frinnstit will23:39
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pedjafrinnst, because you want to see what was the fucking point of all of it?23:47
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pedjathat's my reason, anyway :)23:47
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pedjaand I have a crush on Gretchen Mol since I saw her in The Thirteenth Floor23:51
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