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saptechpedja, I thought you had a crush on 7 of 9...00:17
pedjaI can have more than one :)00:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nvidia-sl: updated to version 415.2306:30
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: nvidia-sl-32: updated to version 415.2306:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: rsyslog: updated to version 8.40.006:44
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deep42thoughtHi, I want to install crux on an hp proliant server, but it refuses to boot from my crux installation usb thumb drive with "isolinux.bin missing or corrupt". I read, that this is/might be due to the usb disk not being recognized as hdd, but as removable disk. I checked the bios, and that is indeed the case. OTOH it boots fine an arch linux installation usb thumb drive. Is there any way to tell the crux boot loader to use a differend 07:30
deep42thoughtr something?07:30
frinnstone quick option would be to boot in bios mode08:17
frinnstwhat gen is it?08:17
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deep42thoughtah, so this is a uefi-only problem?08:29
deep42thoughtbut once bootet in bios mode, I won't be able to install a uefi-booting crux, right?08:30
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joacimmy guess is you could mount the ESP and run the typical grub2-install08:43
joacimmight have to specify that you want efi08:43
joacimnot sure if gpt is important08:44
deep42thoughtI'll give that a try this evening (when I'm back at this server) - thanks for your help!08:48
joacimi had no idea it took so long to build a kernel for everyone. building the fedora kernel takes a long time, even on a threadripper08:50
joacimused to 10 minutes on slow dual cores from years ago08:51
joacimor just a couple of minutes on newer systems08:51
frinnstno, you cant do the efi-install from a bios boof afaik08:54
frinnsteven when mounting08:54
frinnstare you sure the usb stick is ok?08:54
deep42thoughtTBH, I didn't (yet) try to boot it on another box08:55
frinnstthe "official" 3.4 iso or one of jaegers updates?08:55
deep42thoughtthe official one08:55
deep42thoughtI had this issue in the past already (on other boxes): there I was unable to boot the usb stick if it was selected as "usb media", but I was able to boot from it if it was selected as a system drive08:56
frinnsti might be able to test it on a gen1 blade. not sure if they even support efi tbh. bl460c gen1 = hp gen6 i think08:56
deep42thoughtI would be interested in the outcome of that experiment08:57
deep42thoughtplus: I'd like to know, as what your blade recognizes the usb stick08:58
deep42thoughte.g. as a usb storage whatever or as a system drive08:58
deep42thoughtbecause what I read seems to imply, that only booting from "system drives" works08:58
frinnstjust need to do battle with hp ilo208:59
frinnstwin xp + java6 goodness required08:59
deep42thoughthuh? ilo requires java?08:59
frinnstyep, all old ilo or equivalents run java08:59
frinnstbut ilo2 also has a activex alternernative :D09:00
frinnstACTION cries on the inside09:00
joacimilo2 sounds like the new danes09:01
frinnstI cant really test with a physical usb stick - just the iso image as a "cdrom"09:37
frinnstanyways, should give me the opportunity to test uefi - if it exists09:37
deep42thoughtthat will work according to my expectations09:37
deep42thoughtI meant cdrom, not uefi09:38
frinnstno uefi :(09:40
deep42thoughtyou mean, it doesn't boot uefi or it doesn't provide uefi at all?09:43
frinnstno uefi at all09:43
deep42thoughtnp :-)09:43
frinnsthmm im tempted to install ovirt on these old blades09:46
joacimi should stop getting so worked up over tech people talking about thermal throttling on nvme ssds.09:57
joacimexhausting the write cache is not thermal throttling :(09:57
frinnsthuh the centos 9 minimal iso is 918mb09:58
frinnstmakes me feel better about our bloated 3.4 iso09:58
joacimstill bloat tho09:59
joacimthey ship with 32-bit binaries too?09:59
joacimor a complete live environment with gnome3?09:59
nwefrinnst: where did you find centos 9 minimal? :P10:04
joacimit is on their download page10:05
joacimminimal iso10:05
nweI cant find it.. I can just find centos 7 (7.6)10:06
joacimit is right there on my screen10:07
joacimnetinstall is even smaller10:08
nweyeah but that just centos7 not centos910:09
joacimoh you said 9. there is a 9?10:09
frinnstno, not even a 810:10
frinnstoh *I* said 910:10
frinnsti meant 710:10
frinnstsilly fingers10:10
deep42thoughtbut surely, the 9 isos _will_ be bigger than the 7 one ;-)10:10
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joacimmaybe plan 9 userland10:10
frinnstjust a systemd userland10:10
frinnsteverything is symlinked to the systemd binary10:11
joacimsounds almost so horrible, that i want to see it happen10:11
joacimsingle systemd binary, everything you do is just a parameter to that one command10:12
frinnstyeah like busybox10:12
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joacimso just use alpine to see how horrible the future will be =)10:14
joacimi think they use busybox10:14
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jaegerdeep42thought: based on that isolinux error message, sounds like the server tried to boot in BIOS mode rather than UEFI14:49
jaegersyslinux isn't used for UEFI booting of the install media, it's grub2 there14:50
jaegerfrinnst: I wonder if a scripted solution with an old jre would work for the ilo2 like I use with older DRACs14:50
deep42thoughtso the uefi of the server tried to boot the usb stick's bios grub?14:51
deep42thoughtor vice versa?14:51
jaegerI'm guessing the server tried to boot in BIOS mode14:52
jaegercould be wrong but isolinux/syslinux isn't used at all in UEFI mode14:52
jaegerre: centos 9 - rhel 8 is in beta, so centos 8 should be coming up in the somewhat near future14:56
deep42thoughtsince the arch stick booted successfully, I'll probably go the way of least resistance and chroot into the crux stick from the arch stick and _then_ install crux14:59
jaegerwhen you boot the arch media, can you see UEFI boot options with efibootmgr?15:01
deep42thoughtlast time I couldn't see anything, because the graphics was, I'll try this evening again with some additional kernel parameters15:02
deep42thoughtI meant "grafic was broken"15:02
jaegerok. Just curious because that's an easy way to see if you're in UEFI mode or not15:02
deep42thoughtyeah, I know15:02
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SiFuhTravelers S03 TV Series starts 14 December15:31
frinnstjaeger: good catch regarding grub, didnt think of that :)16:19
jaegerI've spent a lot of time booting crux, hehe16:35
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TimB__Romster: source on openjdk8 for is not valid anymore, changing the line to pkgsrc-2018Q3 worked18:10
deep42thoughtok, so my "graphics problem" solved itself with an up-to-date monitor (my black/white crt was too slow, it seems)18:28
deep42thoughtand arch boots into non-efi18:30
AnselmoI thought the latency on CRT was supposed to be better, hrm18:31
deep42thoughtyeah, I thought so too18:32
deep42thoughtbut it was only flickering18:32
deep42thoughtand my tft displays nicely18:32
deep42thought... and in color, obviously ;-)18:32
deep42thoughtwhich device is usually mounted as /media/crux?19:52
deep42thoughtduring install^19:52
deep42thoughtthe one containing rootfs.tar.xz?19:53
deep42thoughtfound the answer myself: the crux/ subdir of that device19:55
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frinnst lol21:50
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jaegerwow. that's kinda amazingly silly23:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: gnupg: 2.2.10 -> 2.2.1123:33
john_cephalopodaThat happens when people use a web browser to configure keyboards.23:48

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