IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2018-12-15

ryuoDifference #4302 between #crux and #ubuntu: #crux users ask less mundane questions.00:30
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pedjaI cringe a bit when I see the answer at ubuntu forums starting with 'first, add this random ppa' :)00:40
pedjaguess I am spoiled with CRUX DIY approach wrt application/kernel/driver updates00:45
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pedja'freebsd 12 runs great on dual epyc/20 ssd server' well, no shit, Sherlock00:53
ryuoSo does Windows 10, fully loaded.00:54
pedjathat's too many cores for Windows, I suspect :)00:56
pedja32c tr2 basically broke it, iirc00:57
jaegeroh, sure, release go 1.11.4 right after I update it to 1.11.3... I see how it is01:05
frinnst* Changed to not remove / if 'make install' is run as root01:20
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druid_droidjaeger: there is non gpl on core collections ?03:33
druid_droidI mean, apart from downloaded kernel sources,03:34
druid_droidwhen doing a fresh install of only core03:34
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jaegeranything specific?03:41
ryuodruid_droid: technically some parts are non-gpl, but that doesn't mean they're proprietary.03:41
ryuodruid_droid: see: zlib03:41
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druid_droidryuo: well if accepted hyperbola and hyperbola accept zlib as a libre package...04:09
druid_droidAt this moment I'm tryng kit, :P will try first just to see if I can boot, then a mate crux things and stuff :P04:11
ryuoThat was weird. Some user in #ubuntu became obsessed with their HDDs not using SATA III.04:38
ryuoIt was using SATA II.04:39
ryuo... when it makes no practical difference which one it uses.04:39
druid_droidjaeger: I'm thinking to move non-gpl to a non-free collection, in the future, maybe...05:13
druid_droidso then a system can be said to be libre, just that...05:13
jaegerI don'05:14
jaegert think any of us cares about that05:14
jaegerI may be wrong, though05:14
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beli3verthe skype depends on qt, could you please add it?09:54
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joacimit already has qt4-32 listed...10:50
joacimand who is you10:50
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jaegermk repo guy, I think15:43
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ryuojoacim: apparently our drive by commentor.18:03
onoderajue: could you please update transmission to 2.9.4?19:08
joacimwas going to protest, but i see 2.94 is over 6 months old19:09
joacimsometimes sites takes a while to whitelist new client versions19:10
onoderaah, I didn't know that19:10
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jueonodera: thx, will do19:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: transmission-gtk: update to 2.9420:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: transmission: update to 2.9420:10
onoderathanks !20:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: firefox-bin: cleanups21:18
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pedjahm. if the whole Travelers S3 is out, as it seems, how the hell am I supposed to not binge watch it all :)?23:41
jaegernobody said you're NOT supposed to binge watch it :P23:46
john_cephalopodaWait, Travelers is out already?23:57
pedjawell, I *could*, but I'll try to pace myself :)23:57
pedjaand no spoilers, please :)23:58
pedjasaying that was a mistake, wasn't it?23:59

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