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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: e2fsprogs: updated to 1.44.502:18
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beli3verGood morning, What was the command to autogenerate the REPO file in a crux port I lost it. Thanks06:19
beli3verlol thanks :D06:20
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ergo0Hiii , im having some issues connecting to freenode and rizon from my new crux install wwith weechat17:24
ergo0i cant seem to locate the ca-certificates file17:25
Anselmowait, what sort of issues are you getting / do you have the ca-certificates port intsalled ?17:28
joacimergo0: whose port? mine specifies -DCA_FILE=/etc/ssl/cert.pem, which is provided by core/ca-certificates17:35
joacimjust tested my port on a fresh system and that works fine against freenode with ssl and ssl_verify enabled17:43
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ergo0joacim: i was using nullspoons port i think18:16
ergo0i can try yours i guess. it might also be because i copied my .weechat folder from my arch install18:16
joacimi dont know if weechat knows about cert.pem unless you specifically tell it about it. mine should just work tho18:18
joacimalso newer =)18:18
joacimcould also check if your arch config specifies a different location (/server listfull)18:19
john_cephalopodaergo0: Try /set "/etc/ssl/cert.pem"18:21
ergo0that didnt work on the other port18:26
ergo0it worked on joacims port john_cephalopoda18:26
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ergo0yee, that works18:26
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ergo0oh right, are freetype fonts on crux stored in a different location then on arch?18:30
ergo0im trying to make a port for but most installers need freetype fotns which it cant find while i definitly have them installed18:31
joacimshould be /usr/share/fonts/X11/TTF18:32
joacimmost fonts come with a post-install script. did you run those?18:32
joacimxorg-font-dejavu-ttf does at least18:32
ergo0i thought that wasnt needed for opt packages18:33
ergo0i will try the freetype ubuntu package18:34
joacimshould be needed for most packages i think18:35
joacimsince they might setup users and other things18:35
ergo0yee im checking the freetype folder but no post install script18:35
joacimthey tend to come with the font packages themselves18:35
ergo0this is the log of it18:36
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pedjaergo0, that means it can't find freetype-32 library, if I am reading it correctly19:11
ergo0pedja: yee it does, i have that installed tho19:11
pedjacheck prt-get depends wine19:12
ergo0ohh its to do with lutris19:12
ergo0it works fine with normal wine19:12
ergo0oh right anyone here using battlenet? i seem to be missing some dep19:12
pedjaisn't lutris just a GUI around wine?19:13
ergo0it does some other nice things tho19:13
ergo0also has installers19:13
ergo0which are super convenient19:13
pedjaI purged all the 32-bit stuff from my potatoputer a while back19:13
pedjawell, I left glibc-32 alone19:14
ergo0yee i need it for games :(19:14
pedjagpu-passthrough seems like a much cleaner solution for that. more complicated to set up, thou, afaik19:16
ergo0ive used gpu passthrough before19:17
joacimseems more stable on intel that stuff19:17
ergo0and it doesnt really perform thaaat much better19:17
ergo0because wine has come a realllly long way19:17
ergo0like in alot of games , they just run perfectly19:17
pedjawith dxvk?19:17
ergo0only thing you notice is that it builds shaders for like 5 seconds if you enter a new area19:17
joacimalso i think some anticheat can kick you out of they detect something funny like passthrough19:17
ergo0yee with dxvk19:17
ergo0thats true joacim but alot of those anticheats dont work on wine because the yrequire kernel access lol19:18
joacimyeah =)19:18
joacimwhy im keeping my custom steam+windows console for now19:18
ergo0im in luck that i dont wanna play any game that messes with that stuff tho19:19
ergo0so all my games work perfectly on wine and proton (steamplay)19:19
joacimsome games like gta5 is known to ban you for running overlays19:20
joaciminnocent ones too which a lot of people use for chat clients or recording19:20
joacimare there any properly native AAA multiplayer games on linux anymore?19:21
ergo0im not suree19:21
ergo0i know Overwatch works perfectly fine on wine19:21
joacimtried that, but only really had fun with some characters19:22
ergo0i mean, same19:22
ergo0but thats good enough for me19:22
ergo0i play like 5/6 characters19:22
joacimi just end up with pharah or because rockets and boosters are fun19:22
ergo0i mean there are plenty of ppl who onetrick19:29
ergo0and pharah and dva are not the worst heroes to onetrick, especially dva19:29
joacimfeels like im not playing the game as it should19:32
joacimdoing that19:32
joacimratherj ust have an entire game where a single gimmick is the focus19:32
ergo0nahh thats not a problem at all19:32
joacimlike tribes or quake19:32
ergo0like i play tracer, zarya, dva mainly19:32
joacimunreal tournaments dodge gimmick is a bit strange tho19:32
ergo0but too each their own19:32
ergo0also wasnt their a lib32 ldap port before19:33
ergo0it seems to have vanished19:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: redis: 5.0.1 -> 5.0.319:34
ergo0i fixed my bnet issue on a different crux install before, but i forgot how lol19:34
ergo0i do remember installing 32-ldap tho19:35
joacimi dont see an ldap in contrib logs19:36
joacimnot since february at least19:36
ergo0wouldnt it be in compat-32?19:36
ergo0yee im definitly sure it used to be there19:40
ergo0or it might have been openal19:41
pedjaACTION binge-watched half of Travelers S319:41
pedjawill power? I have none19:41
joacimyou could have power919:50
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ergo0is there a way to search through the irc logs but not by date?19:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: gimp: 2.10.6 -> 2.10.819:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: gegl: 0.4.8 -> 0.4.1219:56
frinnstgoogle site:?19:58
tilmani stopped cleaning up ~ a decade ago20:28
ergo0anyone know how to solve this?
ergo0meson is installed20:28
tilmanso for some reason i still have a patch against opt/xulrunner lying in ~/.tmp/downloads ._.20:28
ergo0the internet tells me that mesontest is deprecated20:29
tilmanpedja: s2 has been available on netflix here since maybe 2 weeks... ._.20:31
pedjatilman, have you watched it yet?20:35
pedjaidk how is netflix deciding when will show be available in a certain country20:37
pedjatilman, s3 is available on netflix serbia20:41
pedja(yeah, we have it too)20:41
tilmanpedja: i'm sorry, i got it wrong. it's s3 that's been available since a couple of weeks21:04
pedjatilman, :)21:05
tilmani have watched up to s2, but didn't start s3 yet ;D21:05
jaegerergo0: ask prologic to add a search feature next time he's in here21:11
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frinnsttilman: :D21:21
pedjaI am up to s3e6, and I think they are setting it up for yet another cliffhanger ending (no spoilers)21:26
pedjaor massive series finale :)21:27
ergo0jaeger: i went through it manually, didnt find what i needed21:42
ergo0but then i just installed possible wine devs and steam and eventually it was fixed lol21:42
ergo0anyone here using sabnzbd plex and sonarr here21:47
ergo0with a private ports repo of it, or will i have to write those myself?21:48
john_cephalopodaNever heard of those programs.21:50
jaegerI use docker containers for nzbget/sonarr21:51
jaegerNot worth maintaining your own ports for them, in my opinion21:51
jaeger for example21:52
ergo0jaeger: does that work well?21:53
ergo0on arch i was fighting with user permissions for sonarr, sabnzbd and plex all the time, specially when sonarr and sabnzbd both needed a folder21:54
jaegerworks perfectly. I run them as the same user id (my user) and have the media from my NAS mounted to a location they can reach21:56
jaegerVery rarely need to mess with anything21:57
ergo0hmmm that does seem very convinving21:57
ergo0also are there chances that i need to rebuild wine if i installed vulkan-loaders after installing wine?21:58
jaegerdon't know the answer to that, I guess test it and see22:03
ergo0yeee i didnt have wine with vulkan drivers so im rebuilding now22:06
ergo0so i wanna enable esync which requires me to follow this
ergo0but i cant find the /etc/security/limits.conf file23:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: rtorrent: 0.9.6 -> 0.9.723:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: libtorrent: 0.13.6 -> 0.13.723:27
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ergo0does this come in?23:45
frinnstits part of linux-pam23:51
frinnstcrux 3.4 does not use pam23:51
frinnst3.5 might do (currently being tested)23:51
frinnstyou can probably ignore that part of the how-to23:52

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