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ergo0frinnst: ahh thanks, i will look into that00:17
ergo0i remember that installing linux-pam could mess up my system if i dont know what im doing tho00:17
ergo0someone in here told me00:17
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ergo0i will look into that later00:40
ergo0im trying to look into steam now00:40
frinnstif you *REALLY* need it:
ergo0for some reason it crashes with this error message00:40
ergo0Failed to open digital audio driver Couldn't open OAL device00:40
frinnstjust make sure you have access to the crux install medium if you screw something up. that way you can boot it and reinstall the 3.4 packages of shadow, sudo etc00:41
frinnst"export STEAM_RUNTIME=0; steam worked for me on fedora 18"00:42
ergo0yee that should work for me as well00:43
ergo0guess i will just have to install the dependencies00:43
frinnstyeah steam seems like a dependency hell00:43
frinnstI just keep a windows disk. keeps me from polluting my crux install :-)00:43
ergo0i just use wine and proton00:45
ergo0keeps me from polluting my computer :)00:45
ergo0hmm apparently i need a libva32 package , which is not in the portdb00:55
jaegerPAM itself isn't evil or anything but you CAN break your ability to log in or authenticate if you set it up wrong00:55
ergo0never build a 32bit port myself00:55
jaegerNothing that's permanent as you can always rescue from the install media or a live cd00:56
ergo0i cant seem to get docker running, i ran the preinstall scripts02:08
ergo0 but if i try to start it nothing happens, nor do i get any output when trying to start it02:08
jaegerdid you check your kernel config? there's an included script that helps with that02:49
nullspoonHey all. Does anyone here happen to use the nullspoon/erlang port?03:03
nullspoonI haven't used it in a while and am thinking of removing it. I'll keep maintaining it though if someone is using it.03:04
jaegerNot I03:15
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nullspoonAlrighty. I'll build the latest so I've got it in my git history, then git rm -r!03:52
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ergo0jaeger: i havent checked my kernel10:32
ergo0wasnt aware that it was needed10:32
ergo0i cant start it through /etc/rc.d/docker start and dockerd in terminal gives me this out put10:35
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frinnstprt-get readme docker11:56
ergo0oh right, i already figured it out11:57
ergo0thanks anyways frinnst11:57
frinnstah, goodie :)11:57
ergo0i dont have the docker running yet tho11:57
ergo0i get stuck trying to create the plex docker, and the error is a bit odd
ergo0its fixed12:10
ergo0cause the people in the linuxserver discord dont seem to know how to fix it12:59
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joacimi don't think people on discord can fix anything =)13:24
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john_cephalopodaergo0: What if you remove the last \?14:06
john_cephalopodaOr just write it in one line, like docker create --name=plex --net=host -e VERSION=latest -e PUID=100 -e PGID=1014:06
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ergo0joacim: lol15:36
ergo0john_cephalopoda: installing the containers went fine15:36
ergo0but now i have perm errors everywhere lol15:36
ergo0with plex and sonarr that is15:37
ergo0like what does this error mean lol15:42
ergo0Folder is not writable by user systemd-timesync15:42
ergo0thats in sonarr, i never added that user or can find the user anywhere15:42
john_cephalopodaYou are using systemd?16:01
ergo0nope im not16:01
ergo0im on crux16:01
jaegerThe container may, though, or your UID matches that of systemd-timesync in the container, or something like that16:04
pedjahm. current docker version I have installed is 17.11.0-ce. damn, that's old16:15
pedjacan't upgrade,too, something about jfs missing some thing that overlayfs depends on. fun16:16
jaegerIs JFS still actively developed?16:19
pedjanot really :)16:20
jaegerMaybe time to switch16:21
pedjaI've been thinking about it for a while now, but can't afford the hw atm, so it'll have to wait for a bit longer16:24
jaegernot even a temporary external usb HDD?16:27
pedjawell, apart from /, all partitions are jfs16:29
pedja2x1tb hdds16:29
pedjaif I get 2+Tb hdd, I am not sure it can even boot with my ancient BIOS without some dark magic16:30
pedjagrub2 can probably do it :)16:31
pedjafull upgrade would solve that nicely, but the same issue, lack of funds :)16:35
pedjatechnology came a long way since 2008, when I bought this potatoputer16:37
joacimi think it can boot if you use less than 2TB partititons16:38
pedjayou might be right, it's been a while since I researched that16:40
jaegerYou could also get a smaller SSD for your main OS install and keep the HDDs for storage16:41
pedjajaeger, that's a good idea, 250gb ssd's are not that expensive atm16:42
jaegerAnd SSDs are the single best quality-of-life improvement on computers in a long time :)16:42
joacimsometimes see someone insist ssds are nothing but a waste of time and offers zero improvements16:43
pedja250gb 860evo is ~70€ here16:44
pedjathat's more than enough for crux :)16:45
joacimjust dont make a 30GB partition for crux like I did =)16:46
jaegerjoacim: in my opinion anyone who says that doesn't use a computer, or never used one with spinning rust16:46
joacimyeah. the difference is like night and day16:46
jaegeror is trolling, I guess :P16:47
joacimprobably the latter =)16:47
pedjaor used ssd bought from shady vendor on aliexpress :)16:47
joacimwant to go all SSD in my threadripper too now. one of the cheaper slower SSDs for /home and virtual machines16:47
jaegerperhaps, heh16:47
joacim660p maybe16:47
jaegerI only have spinners in my NAS and my VMware hosts now16:48
jaegereverything else is SSD16:48
pedjahow big is your NAS these days?16:48
pedjaI think you mentioned thinking about upgrade. could be someone else, thou16:49
jaeger$ zpool list16:49
jaegerpool0  29.1T  9.35T  19.7T         -     7%    32%  1.00x  ONLINE  -16:49
joacimmines just got 4x 6TB drives16:49
jaegerI upgraded to 4x 8TB somewhat recently16:50
jaegerwas a mix of 2TB and 4TB drives before16:50
pedjawhich brand are the new ones?16:50
joacimwould like a couple of 2u cases for my nas16:50
joacim+ backups16:50
jaegerWD reds, specifically WD80EFZX16:50
joacimneed more space first =)16:51
pedjajaeger, they are marketed as NAS disks, right? as in tailored for that use?16:52
jaegerthey are, yeah16:52
jaegerFor my workloads/use cases pretty much any reliable drive would do, but I've never had problems with reds so I keep buying them16:53
joacimred are also somewhat quiet16:53
joacimi have ironwolf drives. they're nice, but loud. can definitely hear them from across the room16:54
pedjawell, it's either wd or seagate, no more major players in that field, afaik16:54
joacimloud by my definition of loud16:54
joacimi think the 600 RPM fans in my computer is loud =)16:54
pedjayou have a freak elvish hearing16:54
joacimrelated to northern sami, which is kinda related to finns16:55
joacimis that elvish?16:55
pedjaall Scandinavians are elvish, afaik :)16:56
joacimnorwegians are more obsessed with trolls16:56
joacimpretty much every tourist shop has a bunch of trolls for sale =)16:57
pedjayeah, I've watched Trollhunter16:58
joacimyeh =)16:59
pedjaluckily, American remake was canceled17:00
pedjabecause it would suuuuck big time, imho17:00
joacimnot sure where they'd get their trolls from17:00
pedjaWhite House?17:01
joacimsamsquanch maybe17:01
joacimyeah. or donald trump =)17:01
pedjaspeaking of creatures with interesting hair, new Predator is fun17:05
pedjastupid, predictable, but fun17:06
joacimyeah was a nicemovie =)17:08
joacimi got confused by the number of them tho17:08
pedjait would be much less fun if it wasn't r-rated17:10
pedjathe latest Mission Impossible is a bit meh, i still prefer Rogue Nation to it17:15
pedjastunts are still insane, thou17:16
pedjaJames Bond would last maybe 30sec against Hunt. 5s against Bourne :)17:16
pedjaI'd watch that17:17
joacimjames bond knows how to enjoy life tho17:20
john_cephalopodajoacim: Not in Skyfall tho17:55
john_cephalopodaOr the other new James Bond movies.17:55
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ergo0man these permission issues are driving me crazy17:58
john_cephalopodaergo0: I'm sorry Dave, but I can't let you do that.17:58
jaegerhow do you have the folders setup?17:59
jaegerboth sonarr and nzbget/sabnzbd would need access to the downloads and sonarr would need access to the destination for processed files18:00
ergo0dave? am confusion18:00
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ergo0well my id is as follows - $ id18:00
ergo0uid=100(ronin) gid=10(wheel) groups=10(wheel),16(audio),17(video),22(input),80(docker),100(users)18:00
ergo0then i went to the folders for downloads and library respectively and did chown -R ronin:docker on them18:01
ergo0but it seems docker is running as a different user18:01
jaegerthe dave thing is a reference to hal900018:01
ergo0damn, never heard of that before18:02
jaegerare you using the upstream docker containers?18:02
jaegerok, did you follow their instructions for creating your local containers including the env vars for user and group IDs?18:03
ergo0yess i did18:03
ergo0i used 100 and 1018:03
ergo0also tried 100 and 10018:03
ergo0for UID and GUID respectively18:03
jaegerok, what is the full command line you used to create the container?18:03
ergo0this is what happens when i try to select a folder in sonarr
ergo0also the command i used to create the docker -
ergo0im using a btrfs formatted hard drive mounted in fstab as so : UUID=079f64fa-cdfc-4f64-b097-f69d65c5e418 /media btrfs defaults,noatime,rw,exec        0 218:04
jaegerok, so does your 'ronin' user have full access to /media?18:04
ergo0if I did the mounting right, yes18:05
ergo0i also tried chowning the folder and chmodding the drive18:05
jaegerWell, there's nothing in that fstab line that specifies permissions, so I'd double check the permissions on disk18:06
jaegerMake sure ronin can create, delete, move, etc.18:06
ergo0yee i can18:07
jaegeralso, your folder mounts in the docker create don't match up with their docs18:07
jaegeryou need to end up with /tv, /downloads, and /config mounted in the container18:07
ergo0hmmmmm i thought i could jsut adjust it18:07
ergo0but i willl try that then18:07
jaegeryour ~/appdata/sonarr:/config one looks ok but the /tv and /downloads are missing18:07
ergo0the ronin user can cp , mv, and create files btw18:08
ergo0ayee lemme try that then18:08
jaegermaybe you can change them in sonarr but those options don't seem immediately obvious to me and anyway, no real benefit to doing so, since you can just map in different folders via docker create18:09
ergo0i can?18:10
ergo0i was wondering if i could add folders after a docker is created but couldnt find it18:10
jaegerGenerally no18:11
ergo0jaeger: this should do it right?
jaegerthat looks better18:11
ergo0hmm now it doesnt see any folder18:12
jaegerI think you need to add series to it and scan them for it to see files you already have18:12
ergo0yee im trying that18:12
ergo0but i cant access the media drive now18:12
ergo0let me try chowning it or something18:13
jaegerall of my folders (tv, downloads, config) are owned by my user18:14
joacimjohn_cephalopoda: he gets smashed, and gets to smash18:14
ergo0could you show me a ls -la of your folder?18:14
joacimsounds like a good time to me18:14
pedja'never heard of hal9000' cccc18:15
joacimthe cpma player?18:15
pedjawth is cpma :) ?18:15
ergo0sonarr cant find the path now hmmm18:15
ergo0i just did chown -R ronin: /media18:16
joacimsome kind of fun video game18:16
jaegernot sure what to tell you, it works great for me. I have all folders just owned by me, didn't mess with group permissions18:17
jaegerGot to go run errands, AFK18:17
pedjafun video game? like rocks and diamonds?18:17
joacimshoot rockets and kill eachother with air control =)18:18
pedjaah, quake mod. I should've guessed :)18:20
ergo0i solved it18:22
ergo0apparently i had to change -v /media/anime:/tv to media/anime:/tv lol18:22
ergo0if you happen to come back, maybe you could point me to how to solve sonarr not being able to find sabnzbd19:04
ergo0the internet aint telling me much jaeger19:04
ergo0i solved it by using the hostname instead of localhost19:19
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jaegerback now, glad you got it figured out20:06
ergo0is anyone else having some issues with steam and proton?20:06
ergo0i keep getting this error when trying to launch something Failed to open digital audio driver Couldn't open OAL device.20:06
ergo0and after that it crashes20:07
ergo0jaeger: ye no problem, glad it worked out20:07
jaegerhaven't had that problem myself20:08
ergo0it happens specifically when trying to launch protongames20:08
ergo0like dark souls20:08
ergo0this is a log of it -
ergo0seems like its audio related20:09
ergo0i heard running STEAM_RUNTIME=0 solves it, but you need libva32 for that, which i tried making a port for but no luck yet
frinnstdo you have a .32bit file in the portdir ?20:17
frinnstcheck out glibc-3220:17
ergo0yee i do20:18
ergo0 libva-32#1.7.3-1.pkg.tar.gz if thats what you mean20:18
frinnstglibc-32$ ls -a20:18
frinnst./  ../  .32bit  .footprint  glibc-2.27-3.patch  lib32.conf  .nostrip  Pkgfile  .signature20:18
ergo0ohh, i dont have that nope20:19
frinnstfrom pkgmk:
frinnsti guess its not documented that well20:20
ergo0so i have to make that file?20:20
frinnstyeah just "touch .32bit"20:20
frinnstno content20:20
ergo0does the pkgfile look allright outside of that?20:21
frinnstthink so, yeah[3~20:21
ergo0ayee that removed the error log from steam, only problem is that i can log in but steam wotn launch further then that20:23
SovietPonyi have same problem with steam. even in void linux.20:25
pedjacool nick, SovietPony :)20:26
ergo0SovietPony: hmm its odd, now i get this - appdatacache.cpp (2124) : Assertion Failed: !bSharedKVSymbols20:26
ergo0with runtime disabled, where steam doesnt launch after logging in20:26
ergo0and normal steam with the runtime cant boot because aol audio device or somethuing, i remember steam working on a different crux install20:27
SovietPonyon my machines steam dont work about all year. few month ago it starts only once. but now it doesnt work at all. i dont known how to fix it.20:32
pedjaOAL audio device is openal related, I guess20:32
pedjaI just looked at dependency list for steam-runtime in arch. holy shit it needs a lot of crap to run20:33
pedjaqgis and blender have way less :)20:34
ergo0pedja: thats what i thought but both openal and openal32 are installed20:37
ergo0i guess i could try rebuilding both20:38
ergo0this is the log with the runtime disabled btw
frinnstfuck i love btrfs20:38
ergo0> having btrfs installed but using none of its functions20:38
frinnst"my nvme has been running stable without dissapearing for +1 year now, lets switch to use that as the rootfs"20:39
frinnstbtrfs send | btrfs receive - tweak fstab, efibootmgr magic and reboot20:39
ergo0damn that does sound reallly nice20:40
ergo0all this trouble, reinstalling openal-32 fixed the issue20:40
ergo0actually spend like 3 hours on this20:41
pedjawhen in doubt, rebuild :)20:41
pedja'openal-info' for sanity check, iirc20:42
pedjafrinnst, what's next? patching grub so you can use boot from snapshots :) ?20:44
ergo0oh well, i learned something about creating 32bit ports i guess20:44
frinnstbtrbk is really awesome but yeah, haven't really streamlined restores at all :)20:44
ergo0audio is still scuffed, but i know there is a fix for that20:45
ergo0but nouw that all of that is done, time ot go the gym20:45
pedjaergo0, about that. you might want to modify libva-32 not to overwrite stuff shipped with libva port20:45
ergo0i think that already happened, but i will look into that when i get back20:46
pedjafrinnst, I would suggest snapper, but I know you don't like apps that have .io domain20:47
pedjawrt Nightflyers, I want my 450 min of life back20:59
pedjashould've known better, tbh21:00
tilmanfun, remote code execution in sqlite21:29
joacimpedja: was it not good?21:32
pedjajoacim, parts of it were good, but as a whole? fscking waste of time, imho :)21:33
joacimone of those shows where everyone is angry and mean to eachother?21:37
pedjano, one of those shows where the 'hero' is the least interesting of all :)21:38
pedjahero and half of the main cast I couldn't care less for21:39
joacim"We get a crew of ding-dongs"21:41
joacimi like this imdb review21:41
pedjawhat's the review for? Star Trek: Discovery :) ?21:42
joacimnightflyers =)21:42
joacimthink i'll investigate Origin tomorrow when i wake up21:47
joacimseems like an interesting show21:47
pedjaindeed it does. thanks, joacim :)21:50
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frinnsttilman: what version(s)?22:06
ergo0pedja seems like you need some anine in yout life hehe22:21
pedja'Paprika' was trippy, 'Appleseed:Ex Machina' was fscking awesome :)22:33
ergo0Paprika is amazing22:37
ergo0if you tell me what kinda stuff you like i could prolly give you some solid recs22:38
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pedjaergo0, thank you, but I don't watch it much anymore.22:41
pedjamy nephew has a huge collection of it, his generation re-discovered it :)22:42
pedjahe is a cool kid22:43
frinnstdamn vacation. i'll bankrupt myself by paying for my own coffee22:50
ergo0pedja unlucky , there is a lot of good stuff which doesnt feel too webby22:50
ergo0like cowboy bebop kinda stuff22:51

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