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pedjaryuo, ffs :) no SPOILERS tag? cccc11:36
pedjajoacim, 'some Linux port' has 10x more developers and has more active development than Illumos, so it makes sense for FBSD to switch to it12:03
pedjathey might loose some things for a while (nfs ACL, iirc) until it gets merged in openzfs/zol12:07
pedjaand, apparently, with 0.8, SPL is now part of the zfs, so one port less to maintain :)12:09
pedjait's nice to see communities cooperating, for once12:12
joacimi did not dismiss it12:12
joacimi think that some linux port is not where the majority of it all should go with a filesystem that is native to illumos and have been ported to other systems12:13
joacimthink development should focus on something else too tbh. something that aims to replace it, without the licensing issues12:14
pedjacommon code goes to openzfs, zol/zof carry just the OS_specific bits12:15
joacimsomething that does not need some funky solaris layer between the filesystem and the actual kernel you use it with12:15
pedjayou need the shim of sorts if you want to make it multi-OS12:16
joacimillumos doesn't need that shim :312:16
pedjawell, duh :)12:17
joacimthink it would be better for linux if more effort was spent on btrfs or a replacement12:17
joacimbut im not going to do the work12:18
joacimill have opinions tho =)12:18
pedjathe fact there is so much activity/developers on ZoL should tell you how people feel about btrfs :)12:26
joacimwhy would they develop on something already good? =)12:26
pedjain any case, it's good to have choices :)12:27
joacimbut i feel this is the start of somethign where there will be less choice12:27
pedjahow so?12:28
joacimmore focus on a linux port, more linuxism, and fewer developers going into illumos12:28
joacimi dont want a car with different wheel choices. i want to choose between different cars from different brands12:29
pedjait all comes to mindshare. Linux has it, Illumos not so much12:30
pedjaas for linuxisms, I think that fbsd folks are not big fans of it, same as you :)12:35
joacimlinux is good, but not everything have to be linux =)12:35
pedjawell, since zfs will never be in the kernel, that's a moot point :)12:36
joacimmight still be for linux tho12:37
pedjaboth openzfs devs and Linus prefer it that way, apparently12:37
joacimas long as it all works out, and improvements to zof/zol ends up in illumos, i'm happy12:37
pedjait's not just the licence, ther eare some technical reasons, too12:37
pedjathat depends on illumos devs, and there are not many of them, unfortunately12:38
joacimeven fewer now that businesses are moving their efforts away from illumos too12:41
joacima lot of work to support new platforms and keep it all secure on your own12:41
pedjaJoyent, with their SmartOS, is the biggest user of Illumos that I know13:30
pedjaone of the Illumos devs chimed in HN thread about freebsd switching zfs upstreams 'the news about our death have been greatly exaggerated' :)13:33
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frinnstlike when rhel stopped having btrfs as a "tech preview" option14:36
frinnstzomg btrfs is deadz!!14:36
pedjaIBM RH is pushing their fs these days14:39
joacimisnt it missing things on linux?14:40
joacimcomnpared to aix?14:40
pedjaand there was no customer demand for btrfs, so it makes sense they removed it14:40
pedjajoacim, no, they bought some company which develops some 'next-gen' fs14:40
pedjasuse is main contributor to btrfs, afaik14:41
pedjaxfs is being actively developed again, judging by kernel changelogs. it's a working horse fs until new shiny is stable enough :)14:43
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joacimhow is it possible that something i ordered last week from china is already here...15:58
frinnstanything fun?16:41
tilmanjoacim: xfs is from irix/sgi, not aix/ibm iirc16:47
jaegeryeah, it's sgi... jfs was aix/ibm16:47
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: grep: updated to 3.316:52
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: sed: updated to 4.716:55
pedjaare sed and grep sources 404 for anyone else?17:02
pedjaI guess mirror I hit isn't up to date yet17:03
frinnstthought of mentioning that in the commit but thought. "nah, no losers will try to update this quickly"17:12
pedjait's friday night, what else am I supposed to do? go out and talk to actual people? nah17:15
pedjayay, my blender render sucks a bit less this time around.17:17
pedja3min to render 1/2 1920x1080 image with CUDA.17:18
frinnstfun times17:19
pedjamy gt640 is a trooper, it does what it can :)17:19
frinnst21st century version of watching paint dry17:19
jaegerIf you have a big enough card and put it in the right place, you might even be able to use your GPU to speed up paint drying17:20
frinnstman fuck reddit17:20
frinnstPeople who were alive then, what were you doing December 31st 1999 ? (self.AskReddit)17:20
frinnstnow I feel old17:20
pedjathe cat is asleep, so I can't bother her17:20
pedjawhere were you when the Berlin Wall fell :) ?17:22
frinnstremember watching it on the morning news. i was 9 :>17:24
joacimgot my filesystems mixed up17:24
frinnstremember the issues in estonia, latvia and lituania a bit better, tanks and shit17:25
frinnstfdisk? D;17:25
pedjaI was 15. the early 90's suuuuucked here17:25
joacimwas in my bunker, preparing for y2k17:25
pedjawhen is the next one?2036?17:27
joacimis that when computers roll around to 1936?17:27
pedjaUnix epoch thingie, I think17:28
joacimsomeone will patch that in 203517:29
pedjait's 2038. my bad17:29
pedjabtrfs will stabilize, and wayland will be usable by then17:32
joacimPA will have seen 3 replacements already17:33
joacimall of them unstable, but still made as the primary sound system in ubuntu and fedora17:33
pedjapipewire, one audio/video/vr/holographic daemon/framework to rule them all17:34
joacimthe screws noctua ship with their fans have no business being as good as they are. self tapping screws. so easy to get in straight17:35
pedjaso the actual engineers thought it thru? I am shocked17:36
joacimunsure about engineers, but their normie friends are not that bright. everything their engineer says is law17:45
joacimonce a customer refused to let me install a bios upgrade for her. one that fixed a well known issues with her laptop17:46
joacimbecause her engineer friend thinks bios upgrades are dangerous17:46
pedjahe is not wrong :) didn't you brick the m/b with bios update? or was it someone else?17:58
joacimit was already very crashy and unstable, so =)17:59
joacimand the recovery feature should've let me reflash17:59
pedjaBIOS updates are inherently dangerous, that's the nature of the beast18:00
joacimyeah, but often required to patch for security issues, bugs, or just add support for newer CPUs18:00
pedjano argument there18:01
joacimi think the board just had one of its many failures during the upgrade process.18:01
joacimshould definitely get a board with a robust recovery feature =)18:02
pedjais there such a unicorn?18:02
joacimthe taichi i have now seems good for such things. tho i dont want to try it out18:02
joacimdoes gigabyte still make boards with dual bios?18:03
jaegersome have a fallback dual bios18:03
joacimthat too is convenient. lets you switch to a different one if you screw up the first one18:03
joacimso you can screw up the second one too18:03
pedjawith a hardware switch or?18:03
joacimno idea how it works. i have a gigabyte board somewhere, but dont know if it has the dual bios feature18:04
pedjamine does, iirc18:04
pedjano bios update in a decade, thou :)18:04
joacimthey must've perfected it, and decided not to touch it more18:05
pedjaI think that buildzoid ranted about recovery features when he reviewed some new m/b18:06
joacimthe chip in a socket would be very nice too18:07
pedjaabout the fact that the proper solution would add a couple of $ to overall price, and yet they add MOAR RGB instead18:07
joacimRGB socket for the BIOS chip18:09
pedjadon't give them ideas, dammit :)18:11
joacimi dont like it when my dumb ideas become reality either :(18:18
john_cephalopodaRGB? Like color LEDs?18:19
john_cephalopodaReminds me of some nvidia driver update that introduced controllable LEDs for Linux.18:21
joacimthe most important feature18:40
joacimmust be able to turn it off =)18:40
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jaegerI have the LEDs on my GPU set to reflect GPU load from green to red18:59
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onoderathe grep and sed urls 404 for me, wrong url, or is the site just down?19:30
onoderahmmm, it works with ff, but not with pkgmk19:31
joacimdoesnt work in firefox for me19:36
joacimmaybe some mirrors just dont have that file yet19:36
joacimthis does not19:36
onoderaah that's possible20:13
jaegerI love it when someone repeatedly says they've done a thing and you find it it hasn't been done21:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: thunderbird-bin: updated to 60.4.021:56
onoderaAnyone using a password manager here? I'm looking into 1password, which looks nice. any suggestions22:28
joacimi use password-store22:29
joacimfairly simple, and offline22:29
jaegerpassword-store here, too22:29
joacimeasy to backup, easy to recover22:29
frinnstpassword-store, bitwarden22:30
frinnstif you need to share it with someone non-unixy then keepass22:31
onoderaI want something with an android app if possible22:32
pedjapassword-store has android app on fstore, iirc22:37
pedjafrinnst, bitwarden? I heard about that. any good :) ?22:38
pedjathey have self-hosted version?22:40
frinnstyeah think so, yes23:04
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TimB_onodera: I use keepassxc, which has keepass2android. works fine here23:52

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