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elderKLo all10:04
john_cephalopodaHey elderK10:17
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onoderahave these old firefox build dependencies been removed, such as autoconf-2.13?14:36
frinnstif you find something still lingering around, let me know14:37
frinnst"git rm -r rust" felt good, let me tell you14:37
frinnstmaybe someone that actually cares about the language can maintain it in the future14:38
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onoderaI also have a hatred for rust ;)14:38
onoderaI want a browswer compiled from source if possible14:39
onoderathere is just not nice thought :(14:39
onoderafrinnst: the firefox bin, does it support alsa?14:39
frinnstno, its the upstream version14:40
frinnsti toyed with the idea of building the binary myself and distribute that as firefox-bin14:40
frinnstyou could have alsa support that way14:41
onoderaI know about apulse, but ehh14:42
frinnstpulseaudio isnt that bad these days. 5-10 years ago? fuck no14:43
frinnstbut today its pretty nice14:43
onoderathe things is, I don't really need it14:45
onoderaso it's basically an extra layer of something that could only annoy me14:45
frinnstfair enough14:46
frinnstone thing i like is that you don't need to use software volume mixers (yeah I know pa is software) in different apps. because those usually suck14:50
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pedjaonodera, what extra layer? pa is using alsa kernel drivers, same as alsa userspace tools, afaik14:57
onoderapedja: well, I know alsa works for me14:58
onoderaI dont really wanna learn pulse14:58
pedjafair enough. never worked properly for me, so I am quite happy with pa :)14:58
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pedjaOOTB configuration works most of the time, I even added a compressor as a filter, to equalize loudness.15:01
pedjafor those annoying 'intro loud af, then goes to whisper' yt videos15:02
pedjatl;dr is ItWorksForMe[tm] :)15:04
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onoderaawesome, apulse works pretty well16:20
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frinnstmight be a good candidate for contrib18:17
frinnst*hint* *hint*18:18
joacimcould help by filling out the contrib application =)18:32
joacimpedja: first episode of origin was decent. has its token punchable character tho20:22
pedjaalmost always there is one :) makes its inevitable death more satisfying, I guess20:28
pedjathe trouble starts when its the 'hero' :(20:29
joacimyeah except the guy will also be responsible for so much suffering and death before he finally dies in season 820:30
joacimI mostly like stuff like MacGyver, where the most evil character is something as comical as Murdoc.20:31
pedjalikeable protagonists are rare these days. apparently it's all about the 'anti-hero journey' these days20:31
pedjayeah, I like MacGyver, token hax0r chick is hot :)20:32
pedjaI don't think it'll survive <SPOILERS>           Jack leaving        </SPOILERS>, thou20:33
pedjaholy fuck, why is nvidia-settings gui resetting monitor brightness? my eyes!20:35
joacimit can do thatr?20:35
pedjaresets the monitor ICC loaded, apparently20:36
joacimdont think my monitors can have its settings changed externally20:36
joacimunsure tho =)20:37
pedjaI use displaycal to load monitor profile on login.20:37
pedjacolor-management and all that jazz :)20:38
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onoderathe apulse port21:54
onoderaI'm a bit too lazy and not dedicated enough for a contrib port, however someone could copy the port if they want to do ti21:55
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pedjaACTION is looking for subtitles for a Australian tv show23:26
pedjaI must be getting deaf as years go by23:27
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