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turbocmdrokay i fixed i314:59
turbocmdrinstalled st and set it as my terminal in its config14:59
turbocmdri have two problems though15:01
turbocmdri cant up my last command as my other (non root) user15:01
joacimwhat does echo $SHELL say?15:02
turbocmdraaand i cant install java15:02
turbocmdrdoesnt work despite being in the opt repo15:02
joacimprt-get readme jdk15:02
turbocmdroh, rip15:02
joacimanything sun/oracle is a special case of having to download the sources yourself15:03
turbocmdrany idea on the last command thing though?15:03
joacim16:02     joacim | what does echo $SHELL say?15:03
turbocmdri completely missed that message wow15:03
turbocmdrso sorry15:03
joacimi dont know why then :(15:04
turbocmdrwell okay15:04
joacimdo you have a ~/.bash_history?15:04
turbocmdri guess i can live without that15:04
turbocmdrlet me see15:04
turbocmdri dont15:05
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pedjaturbocmdr, there is a configure in fvwm release tarball. which one did you d/l?15:16
turbocmdrthe one joacim sent over15:17
joacimturbocmdr: try ". /etc/bashrc"15:18
pedjaah. so not the one from OK15:18
joacimthats the one i linked to15:18
joacim because thats the release the port seems to be at15:19
turbocmdri dont hace bashrc15:20
joacimyou should in /etc15:20
turbocmdrwelp, i dont15:21
joacimmaybe you dont idk =)15:21
joacimtry profile then15:21
turbocmdrwhere is that15:21
turbocmdrah yes15:21
turbocmdri have /etc/profile15:21
turbocmdrsystemwide defaults for bash login shells15:22
turbocmdrlooks like it15:22
turbocmdrand i see one problem15:23
turbocmdrexport ps1 is a bunch of random ////s and numbers and square brackets15:23
turbocmdrthat really bothered me so phew15:23
turbocmdrone issue less15:23
joacimdid you run "echo $SHELL" as root or a regular user15:25
turbocmdrah, root15:26
turbocmdrrunning it as user gives15:26
joacimthats why15:26
joacimuse chsh =)15:26
turbocmdruser 'bash' does not exist15:27
joacimchsh as the user you want to change the shell as15:27
turbocmdroh, i need a -s15:27
joacimand it should be the full path to the binary15:27
turbocmdrchsh -s /bin/bash15:28
turbocmdraaand even after running that i still get /bin/sh15:28
joacimdid you run chsh as the correct user?15:29
turbocmdri wouldnt know, as the only way i can tell between them is # is root and ////blabalaala is my user15:30
turbocmdri was the correct user15:31
turbocmdrsudo chsh -s /bin/bash15:31
joacimif you used sudo, you ran it as root15:32
joacimi assume you didnt edit sudoers to run chsh as other users15:32
turbocmdrbut i have to use sudo15:32
turbocmdri didnt15:32
joacimwhy do you have to use sudo?15:32
turbocmdrdidnt know i had to, give me a second then15:32
turbocmdrit doesnt let me change the shell15:32
turbocmdrwithout sudo15:32
turbocmdrsorry for being so dumb, lol15:32
joacimif you must run the command as root, specify the user you want to change the shell of15:32
turbocmdrstill doesnt work15:35
joacimdoesnt work is not very verbose15:35
joacimwhats the command you ran15:35
joacimwhat was the output15:35
joacimwhich user did you run the command as15:36
turbocmdri edited sudoers and temporarily allowed all members of group wheel do to everything without a pass15:36
turbocmdri switched to my user15:36
turbocmdrran chsh -s /bin/bash15:36
joacimit is easier to understand what you do if i get to see, rather than get it paraphrased15:36
turbocmdrand got no output15:36
joacimsudo will run it as root by defaulot15:36
turbocmdrthen i did echo $SHELL and /bin/sh came out again15:36
joacimdid you login again?15:37
turbocmdri changed to root and then back to my user, if that counts15:37
joacimnew terminal should be enough15:37
joacimcan cat /etc/passwd too, to see which shell your user is suppose to use15:38
turbocmdrstill /bin/sh after switching terminal15:38
turbocmdrsays my user is supposed to use bin bash15:39
joacimbin bash or /bin/bash?15:39
joacimjust need to login again then15:39
turbocmdras in completely log out15:40
joacimshould be enough to open new terminals, but might have to log completely out, yes15:42
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turbocmdralright, great15:44
turbocmdrhey, thanks a bunch for being so patient with me15:44
turbocmdrand helpful15:44
turbocmdrreally means a lot15:44
joacimno worries =)15:45
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turbocmdralright, well, thanks for helping once again16:31
turbocmdrgoing off now16:31
turbocmdrsee ya16:31
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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: nasm: update to 2.14.0216:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: xterm: update to 34116:52
ROKO__what desktop environments are available there ?17:03
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