IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2018-12-27

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turbocmdrhello everyone11:18
turbocmdrhow are you11:18
joacimdoing ok. picking stuff out from ikea11:46
turbocmdrand you're on IRC? :)11:46
ryuoturbo, eh?11:55
ryuoI wonder what happens if someone does this.11:55
ryuoACTION pushes turbocmdr's turbo button.11:55
joacimyes. picking stuff out from their website, so i dont have to wander around their warehouse too much11:55
joacimryuo: it is a compatibility mode that makes him slower, isnt it?11:56
ryuoalways seemed stupid to call it turbo. it was really more of a throttle.11:56
turbocmdroh, hey, also11:57
turbocmdrsince i'm already here11:57
ryuoACTION runs.11:57
turbocmdrdoes anyone mind sharing their wifi config?11:57
turbocmdrif any of you have a laptop with crux11:57
ryuocan hardly wait for the new Xeon CPU to arrive. yawn.11:58
joacimi dont have much of a config. i just use network manager11:59
joacimalso gentoo wiki i think lists the more important kernel config options for wifi11:59
turbocmdryeah, i'm not kernel guru so i just went with the default config12:00
turbocmdri'm no kernel guru*12:00
ryuofrankly i think it's wasteful to expect people to maintain their own kernel... but what do I know. lol12:00
joacimabsolutely nothing12:01
turbocmdri mean, i'm too scared to maintain it12:01
turbocmdrso i just said fug it and went with the default12:01
turbocmdrit looked goood12:01
ryuonot what I meant.12:01
turbocmdri know12:02
ryuokeeping your kernel current can be a royal pain.12:02
joacimi dont mind maintaining my own kernel, but having to rebuild because i missed or forgot to enable options related to filtering is annoying12:02
turbocmdryeah, that12:02
turbocmdrmy net is down12:02
joacimbut building a big bloated kernel  meant to be compatible with most computers is also a bit of a waste12:02
turbocmdri feel like there should be both options12:02
turbocmdrwhatever flows your boat12:03
ryuowhy do people still act like their PCs are stuck with 90s era limitations?12:03
ryuoACTION boggles.12:03
ryuoSome distros actually have to be that trim, but not CRUX...12:05
ryuoopenwrt in particular. :D12:05
ryuoIt has to fit in 4MB of flash.12:05
ryuoon a lot of targets.12:05
turbocmdraa, chocolate doom wont install12:07
ryuosounds more edible than ominous.12:07
turbocmdrjesus my ethernet is so unstable on this machine12:09
turbocmdri really need to get wifi to work12:09
turbocmdrok it's up again12:09
ryuoit sounds like you're doing something wrong then. it should be the opposite.12:11
ryuoethernet is generally more reliable.12:11
turbocmdryeah, i know12:12
turbocmdrit's really weird12:12
turbocmdri just got some things to work on crux though12:12
turbocmdri'm this ---> -  close to being comfy12:13
ryuohm. the new themes in LM 19.1 are a nice addition.12:15
turbocmdrwhere should i extract java upon downloading it from oracle?12:19
pedja'prt-get readme jre/jdk'12:28
pedjatl;dr nowhere :)12:29
pedjajust leave it in port directory, pkgmk will take care of it12:30
pedjajoacim, iirc you recently built kernel for your fedora box?12:35
frinnst"the days between xmas and new years will be calm, yeah you all go on vacation and I'll handle everything"12:48
frinnstfucking power outageg on xmas day destroyed a shitload of equipment12:49
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frinnst"Trump Accidentally Exposes the Location, Identities of U.S. Navy Seal Team Five on Twitter"12:56
frinnstIs this real life?12:56
turbocmdrcd shauh12:58
frinnstleast it wasnt your root password12:59
turbocmdryep, lmao12:59
turbocmdranyways, pkgmk source dir says $pwd12:59
turbocmdrwhat does that mean12:59
turbocmdrsorry for the dumb question12:59
frinnstnot sure I follow13:01
frinnstah, java stuff?13:01
frinnstif its just pwd its the same dir as the Pkgfile13:01
frinnsta pro tip is to define PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR="/usr/ports/src" or something similar13:02
frinnstin pkgmk.conf13:02
turbocmdrthank you for the protip13:04
turbocmdrand for the regular tip13:04
pedja35c3 livestreams are up? well, there goes my afternoon13:04
turbocmdrlooks like it should work when i download the newest jre13:04
turbocmdrthe one i downloaded seems to be one release behind13:04
frinnstthey usually release two at the same time for some uninteresting reason13:05
turbocmdrwelp, i cant seem to find the 192 release the pkgfile is looking for13:07
turbocmdrit aint on the site13:07
turbocmdri'll change the pkgfile then13:07
pedjaopt/jre is at 192, afaik13:07
turbocmdrwell yeah13:08
turbocmdrofficial java site is 191 though13:08
turbocmdrand the opt/jre download wont work, it cant find the file13:08
turbocmdrso i'll just switch it to 10113:08
pedjascroll down a little :)13:09
turbocmdrlink doesnt work for me13:10
pedjajre port can't d/l the tarball, oracle is peculiar about that :)13:10
turbocmdri dont understand what you're saying13:11
pedja'doesn't work' as in won't open?13:11
frinnstyou need to manually download it with a browser. oracle are evil with their licenses13:13
pedjafrinnst, anything salvageable of that gear, or is it basically e-waste now?13:13
pedja[ot] I am curious how much secret stuff putin pumped out from trump when they have their talks in private :)13:17
turbocmdri dont understand13:17
turbocmdrbut on a different note13:17
turbocmdri changed the pkgfile13:17
turbocmdrdownloaded the 191 targz13:17
turbocmdrput it in the port folder13:18
frinnstif you open pedjas site and scroll down a bit you'll see 8u19213:18
turbocmdrpkgmk and prt-get just to be sure13:18
turbocmdraaaand it wont work13:18
turbocmdrthat page doesnt work for me13:19
turbocmdrit says it doesnt exist or it was removed13:19
frinnstlet me download it for you13:22
frinnstjre or jdk?13:22
turbocmdroh, wow, thank you a lot13:23
turbocmdrpermission denied13:27
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turbocmdrcant download it with wget, permission denied13:27
turbocmdroh, sorry, i am a rartard13:31
turbocmdri wasnt sudo13:31
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turbocmdri fucked something up13:41
turbocmdri went to add java to my .bashrc13:41
turbocmdrand now13:41
turbocmdrno command works13:41
turbocmdrnot even nano13:41
turbocmdri cant change the bashrc now13:41
frinnstjust give the whole path13:41
frinnst/usr/bin/nano or whatever13:41
pedjainteresting hack
frinnstwhat did you change? messed up the path?13:41
turbocmdrof java, yes13:42
turbocmdrnothing else13:42
turbocmdri dont know how to add it though13:42
turbocmdri'm just typing random stuff13:42
turbocmdri dont know how the whole path thing works13:42
frinnstexport PATH=$PATH:/my/awesome/path13:43
frinnstdont forget to include the old $PATH or you'll lose /bin, /usr/bin etc13:43
frinnstor if you cant change it, login as root and do the change13:44
turbocmdroh i didnt have a path13:45
pedjaturbocmdr, why are you messing with java path in the first place? jre port sets the synlinks to usr/bin, which is in your user path by default, afaik13:45
turbocmdrit didnt work13:45
turbocmdrjava didnt produce output13:45
pedjawhat's the output of 'env | grep PATH'?13:46
turbocmdrgrep command not found env command not found13:46
turbocmdrthere was no path in the old bashrc and now that i defined the new one for java i lost everything, lmao13:47
turbocmdrslowly going mad13:47
frinnstundo the change13:47
frinnstif you cant open an editor or rm bashrc, login as root and do it there13:47
turbocmdrwhat do you mean by undo the change13:49
turbocmdrif you mean remove the path i set i already did that13:49
turbocmdrand saved13:49
frinnstremove the broken path that you added13:49
turbocmdrand sourced the bashrc13:49
turbocmdrstill doesnt work13:50
turbocmdryeah, i removed it13:50
turbocmdrit was the only path13:50
frinnstlogout and login again13:50
turbocmdrin .bashrc13:50
frinnstor type "bash"13:50
turbocmdrbash bash command not found13:50
frinnst <@frinnst> logout and login again13:50
frinnstor add the complete path for each command13:50
turbocmdrah, right, missed that message13:50
turbocmdralright, works now13:51
turbocmdrthanks a bunch13:51
turbocmdrfor being so patient :)13:51
turbocmdri still dont know how to get java to work13:51
turbocmdrand i'm still waiting for my browser to compile13:51
frinnsti dont understand what you mean by "getting java to work"13:51
turbocmdrbut other than that, i'm relieved13:51
turbocmdradding it to my path13:52
turbocmdrmaking "java" actually output something13:52
frinnst$ whereis java13:52
frinnstjava: /usr/bin/java /usr/lib/java /usr/share/man/man1/java.1.gz13:52
frinnst~$ java13:52
frinnstUsage: java [-options] class [args...]13:52
frinnstits already there13:52
turbocmdrso i did whereis java13:53
turbocmdrad it says it's in /usr/lib/java13:53
frinnstthe package installs a "java" symlink to /usr/bin13:56
frinnstif it didnt you should have gotten an error message13:56
frinnstwhat happens if you type "java"? a "command not found" error or something else?13:56
turbocmdr/usr/bin/java doesnt exist and i didnt  get any error message when using pkgmk13:56
frinnstwhat happens if you type /usr/bin/java= "command not found"?13:57
turbocmdrcommand not foun13:57
turbocmdri did get an error with prtget but that's cause "java was already installed"13:57
turbocmdrethernet is down again fuck me13:57
frinnstwhat does "ls -l /usr/bin/java" say?13:58
turbocmdr"cannot access /usr/bin/java : no such file or directory"13:58
frinnsttype "prt-get -fr update jre"13:58
frinnstthen try again13:59
turbocmdrpackage jre is not installed13:59
turbocmdrah, wait14:00
turbocmdrnot sudo14:00
turbocmdrit's not installed14:00
turbocmdrbut prt-get depinst says it's installed14:00
turbocmdrtoo tired for this14:07
frinnstfuck you DHL, deliver the fucking package already so I can go home14:12
frinnst13 With delivery courier14:12
turbocmdrbased courier man14:22
turbocmdrok browser is still compiling jesus christ14:22
turbocmdrand ethernet is down again14:22
turbocmdrfug me14:22
frinnstbrowser complaining?14:22
frinnstif you are using firefox you wont get java applets working since they removed that a year or two ago14:23
turbocmdrcompiling, lol14:23
frinnstah good14:23
turbocmdrand no, i dont need java for java applets14:23
turbocmdri wanted to download minecraft and try it out again, lmao14:23
turbocmdri think i already have it installed from ports but i need to get java to work14:24
joacimpedja: an attempt at least. to avoid the issue with recent kernels and threadrippers limited secure coprocessor thing14:26
turbocmdroh, it isnt my browser14:28
turbocmdrit's qt that's compiling14:28
joacimtook a very long time, with 32 threads. no idea what it built tho.14:28
pedjajoacim, I asked because I am curious just how long does the build of the distribution kernel takes on something like TR :)14:36
pedjaiirc, it takes ~60sec on 2950x to build a custom, non-kitchen-sink kernel14:38
joacim45 minuts maybe14:47
joacimmight have been an hour or two14:47
joacimidk. i didnt time it14:47
joacimif i make another attempt, i'll time it =)14:47
joacimno idea if they made sevaral passes or what. mustve been some initrd stuff too i think, since it made a decent number of packages14:48
turbocmdrqt is done with compiling \o/15:01
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turbocmdrtime for void ;(15:45
turbocmdrbai #crux15:45
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pedja90min of 4k video = 16Gb. well, damn23:34

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