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joacimis it not possible to use two amdgpu-compatible graphics cards at once when they're different generations?22:15
joacimno idea why xorg loads the radeon driver for my r9 29022:15
pedjajoacim, you always have some interesting problems :)22:32
joaciminteresting means you want to solve them for me? =)22:32
pedjayou want one for the system, one for gou passthrough?22:33
joacimyeah. but for now, i want both to work. one display each22:33
pedjacan't you explicitly set display/card combination in xorg.conf?22:34
joacimwill have to make linux load amdgpu for my r9 290 too22:35
joacimi do have the firmware for both of my cards22:35
pedjait should be as simple as adding per-device and per-display conf to xorg.conf.d. emphasis on 'should' :)22:38
pedjapaste your xorg.log, I am curious how it looks22:39
joacimgive me a moment22:40
joacimlooks like forcing the driver through xorg.conf.d should work. but i guess the primary card is always chosen as the beast of burden for 3d rendering22:51
joacimwith the game running on the second monitor connected to the second gpu, i only see loado n the first gpu22:51
pedjathe cleanest solution would be explicitly setting which gpu should drive which monitor, imho22:54
pedjanice monitor, btw :)22:54
pedjaI have u2312hm22:54
joacimi like dell monitors. theyre nice and clean22:55
joacimin a world full of shiny plastic and flimsy stands22:55
joacimeizo is nice too, but i think their monitors are aging a bit22:56
pedjadell's ultrasharp series is very nice22:56
pedjamine still has some bright spots from panel cleaning gone bad, but it's not *that* annoying23:00
joacimi avoid touching mine at all23:01
joacimonly use one of those fluffy dusters to clean it23:02
pedjaI talked about it here before, but tl;dr is fscking cleaning fluid gone bad23:02
pedjaa few bright-ish spots in low right corner still stubbornly remain after several months. live and learn, I guess23:05
joacimended up with a few spots on my crt back when i used those23:06
joacimfrom playing around with magnets23:06
pedjaspeaking of gpu-passthrough, I saw few people dumping gpu bios and passing it to kvm/libvirt. I am not sure what issue is that supposed to solve, tbh23:06
pedjabut it's relatively straightforward23:07
joacimyeah. seen that myself23:07
joacimi dont remember why23:07
pedjafor nvidia 1060 series, iirc23:11
joacimblacklisted radeon, still loading amdgpu for my r9 29023:18
joacimaccording to lspci, it can use either radeon or amdgpu23:18
joacimbut amdgpu is not listed under in use23:18
joacimok fixed23:35
joacimradeon.cik_support=0 amdgpu.cik_support=123:36
joacimpassed that to the kernel23:36
joacimthat works for GCN2 cards, for GCN1 cards one would use si_support instead23:37
john_cephalopodaWow, how can it be that we haven't figured out yet how to print stuff to multiple screens?23:39
john_cephalopodaWith multiple cards23:40
joacimyou mean console output?23:40
john_cephalopodaThings in general.23:40
joacimi had some issues getting console output both on serial console and vga at the same time23:40
john_cephalopodaIn the 70s they could hook up their computers to a few dozen printers and show how powerful they are.23:41
joacimagetty can, but bootloader and boot messages couldnt23:41
joacimillumos can without any issues23:41
john_cephalopodaI find things every day, that should be really simple with the technology we got but are just horribly complicated for no reason.23:41
john_cephalopodaWith nowadays' CPUs I could probably bitbang VGA to several screens at the same time.23:42
john_cephalopodaUhrg, it's just bugging me that stuff like "copying a file from a phone to a computer", "sending a file to one friend", "make calls over the internet", "connecting your computer to a projector" and things like that are still so complex.23:46
joacimi dont feel we get to do more stuff with these powerful computers, compared to many years ago with simpler software23:51
joacimtasks that was fast on old systems, got slower to keep up with faster hardware =)23:51

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