IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2018-12-30

pedjalike what?00:00
joacimtext editing, chatting, browsing00:01
joacimofc cpus are more powerful so you can watch 4k content00:01
pedjawell, you can :)00:02
joacimbut thats a hardware development. software just got worse for most things, i think00:02
pedjahw tries to keep up with sw demands00:03
pedjait's a feedback loop. hw gets faster/powerful, sw evolves to use that, then hw has to evolve to keep up with that. rinse, repeat00:04
joacimfirefox can choke just displaying a very basic html page. like a very long text file or file listing00:04
joacimventrilo can run on a pentium, irc clients can run on an apple II00:05
joacimbut discord might be a bit slow to react on an i5 laptop00:05
joacimworks fine on my newer systems ofc, but i see no reason for a chat client to be that slow on anything made after 199900:06
pedjadiscord is electron-based?00:07
joacimyeah, or something like that00:07
pedjawell, that's a whole fscking browser engine, iirc :)00:07
jaegerwelcome to the future (tm)00:07
pedjathere was a somewhat heated discussion on HN recently about how software engineering is still in its infancy00:10
pedjaas in methodology used in it would never fly in other engineering disciplines00:11
pedjaweb devs building a bridge. that would be fun00:12
pedjagranted, sw development is a lot younger then others00:13
pedjawelcome back, jaeger, btw :)00:13
jaegerthanks :)00:14
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john_cephalopoda"Let's use a JS-based bridge framework with 30000 dependencies."00:25
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onoderaI'm writing a x panel completly in go :313:44
joacimgoing well? =)13:47
onoderaquite :)13:53
onodera here is the source if anyone is interested13:53
onoderait's supposed to be kind of like a suckless program, you configure it by altering the source13:53
ryuoexcept it's not C.13:58
ryuotherefore it's not suckless. =p13:58
john_cephalopodaonodera: Pretty.14:05
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joacimpedja: sometimes i want to get violent with virtual machine manager. to add a card for passthrough, one should remove the virtual ones first15:05
joacimevery time i remove a card, virtual machine manager immediately add in another cirrus card15:06
joacimsame crap when i want to switch between usb and ps2 keyboards15:06
joacimwould be better if it instead complained about dependencies15:06
joacimpassthrough works at least =)15:24
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frinnst"As a reminder, even19:21
frinnst  regular files will use null timestamps after the year 2106, due to a19:21
frinnst  limitation in the gzip format."19:21
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: gzip: updated to 1.1019:24
frinnstmay not be available at your local gnu mirror yet*19:24
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: tzdata: updated to 2018h19:25
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