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pedjajaeger, this might be interesting to you, you play with ml/ai stuff, iirc
john_cephalopodapedja: "We will be millionaires" - you want to move to Chile?02:44
john_cephalopoda(1 million Chilean Pesos are about 1500$)02:44
TimB_happy new year everybody03:13
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joacimhappy new years04:07
joacimhope nobody told you to fuck off and go home to sleep04:07
joacimfor me ti was just a matter of who made the chips04:07
joacimwas dropped off by a smelly guy at a place that made no good kebab04:09
joacimsmelt like someone that had not showered for a while04:10
joacimbut i hope he too gets to drive car to places04:10
joacimprevferably an open ascona04:10
joacimopel ascona ofc04:11
joacimwhy would anyone drink moonshine in any other car04:11
joacimworst part is people gave me brown sugar in coffee. saying it was irish coffee04:13
joacimwtf is that04:13
joacimgive me a proper fight and some underage people04:14
joacimhappy new years :304:14
joacimhope you guys got good booze, and not methanol, happy new years.04:17
joacimalso hotdogs. i'm hungry04:18
joacimpro-tip. never share your moonshine with underage people. it might get complicated04:33
joacimjust drink and have a good time04:33
joacimdrink until your coins disappear04:34
joacimmå tenke på samene. hva med de som bor i karasjok04:39
joacimhvem tenker på de?04:39
joacimfy faen04:39
joacimmaybe nobody idk04:51
joacimhappy new years :304:51
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frinnstlol joacim12:10
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beli3verhi guys, is there a way to put a special software to opt?13:42
beli3verIt is the lz4 package13:42
beli3verExtremely fast compression algorithm13:42
beli3verwhen I look into it from Arch it looks really easy:
TimB_joacim: sounds like a party :D13:49
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jaegerpedja: will check it out14:18
jaegerjoacim: there's an XFX RX 580 8GB for 190 USD today, going to buy that one :)14:18
jaegerfrinnst, joacim: the durgod taurus keyboard has the best usb port I've seen on any keyboard. It's type c and the plastic housing slides into slots on the case for it. really slick14:20
frinnstare the LEDs blinding? :)14:27
frinnstmy new ducky uses type-c which is nice14:28
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frinnstdurgod seems to be better embedded14:31
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pedjajoacim, that was quite a party, I see :)14:50
jaegerthis one has no LEDs14:58
jaegerwell, it has 4... for status like caps14:58
jaegerbut they're not too bright14:58
frinnstyeah like my ducky. iirc i showed a picture how it lights up the ceiling in a dark room15:00
jaegerthere's the connector15:04
jaegerok, need to stop spending money for a little bit :D Bought that RX 580 and a 3d printer15:05
frinnstlol yes15:07
frinnstalso if you DO spend money. stop telling me about it15:07
frinnstbecause i have very poor self-control :D15:07
frinnstyeha, looks slick15:07
jaegerThe 3d printer was actually slightly cheaper than the RX 58015:08
frinnstI bought another switch the other day. dell has a cheap layer2+ switch with a proper console15:08
frinnstbut I fucked up the shipping address so have to wait a bit longer :(15:09
frinnstdell x101815:09
pedjajaeger, which 3d printer?15:19
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pedjacr-10 seems to be pretty popular15:24
pedja3d printing Crux Tux would be cool :)15:26
pedjadifferent from regular Tux because it has a lazy eye15:27
frinnstawesome. customer website fetches data from a remote site. if that doesnt work nothing loads15:32
jaegerpedja: ender 315:43
pedjanice :)15:43
jaegeryeah, should be fun15:44
frinnstany projects lined up?15:59
jaegerat first, mainly things that will upgrade the printer16:03
jaegerbut we'll see16:03
frinnstlike a true CRUXer. using your computer/printer to improve your computer/printer :D16:04
jaegerwant to also print some rpi cases, retro gaming stuff16:05
jaegerboard game figures16:05
frinnstman mst3k is hard to watch16:22
frinnstthe movies sooooooo suck16:22
jaegerthat's the idea :D16:24
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joacimi was that drunk16:47
jaegeryeah, heh16:47
joacimtime to make my desktop password more complicated16:47
john_cephalopodajoacim: Just set up cron to lock you out or something :þ16:51
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pedjayay, The Orville is back, silly as ever18:25
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rmullWhat are people doing to edit PDF forms on linux?22:18
rmullnormally I use mupdf as a viewer, and it has form editing, but it doesn't seem to be able to save the edits back to the pdf...?22:19
rmullAlso I found out that you can open PDFs with libreoffice, but you need to install avahi first, which can only be found in jaeger's repo22:22
jaegerI've never edited PDFs in linux, sorry22:25
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jaegeravahi seems an odd requirement though22:27
joacimi use atril, but i dont know if it supports forms22:29
rmulljaeger: Yeah, I didn't have it installed, but LO ships with a library that is broken (as reported by ldd) until avahi is installed22:30
joacimi figured avahi was for some kind of document sharing22:31
jaegerCould be, yeah22:31
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