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Digitduring install, preping to chroot in, i issued the "mount -t devpts -o noexec,nosuid,gid=tty,mode=0620 devpts /mnt/dev/pts" line without the /mnt/dev/pts at first, then again with it, realising my mistake.  that'll be fine right?  no harm caused, n safe to proceed, right?01:23
jaegerI don't think that would cause any issues01:28
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vsteveany crux devs around?01:47
vsteveor rather...anyone....I'm looking for alternatives to IceWM...something barebones but...just not IceWM, i'm trying to expose a bug01:49
Digit*shrug*... tinywm ?  dwm?  flvwm?01:51
vsteveI'm making a list and not really checking it01:51
joacimopenbox is in opt i think01:51
joacimwhat i usually install as a backup vm01:51
vsteveahhh I like that01:51
Digitn_n  that was the first i thought of, but decided against mentioning, in case it wasnt bare enough01:52
vsteveahhh  really, all I'm doing is trying to dedicate a machine to Quake 201:53
vsteveicewm does weird things to my xinputs for reasons unknown01:53
vstevedoing "startx ./quake2" to launch without icewm works ...sort of, but not in all versions01:53
vsteveideally, it'd be nice know...have a working window manager that didn't screw with my game01:54
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vsteveso I may look into tinywm, dwm, flvwm, and openbox01:56
Digiti forget the names, but there exists at least 1 wm that only does fullscreen.01:56
vsteveonly does fullscreen...01:57
vsteveif that means what I think it means, doesn't that defeat the point of a window manager?01:57
Digitwell, yes and no, if you condiser what the alternative conditions of no wm at all are like.01:58
vsteveoh I didn't even catch the typo01:59
vstevebut an interesting idea none the less01:59
vsteveI didn't have a drop to drink for NYE so for some reason I've decided to make up for lost time and have nearly killed a bottle of freixenet on my own...while trying to swap out window managers02:00
vstevebut I suppose I'll start at openbox, and work my way back to other WMs to see if icewm is just fundamentally busted02:01
vsteveif this '1wm' exists, hopefully I can track it down02:02
vstevethanks for the suggestions, hopefully I can get some good result out of one of those02:07
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rmullFYI I found the solution to my "save filled PDF forms" question using mupdf - If you press "a" to open the annotation panel, there is a "Save PDF" button at the bottom of it. Works perfectly.02:39
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frinnstoooh a quake2 fan?10:09
frinnstold games usually dont play very nice with window managers and stuff like xinerama. there are more modern builds out there that you'll have more luck wiht10:10
frinnstinterestin "issue" with wget, chromium that stores potential http auth metadata in the downloaded files extended attributes10:15
frinnstYou can see these attributes on Linux systems by running10:15
frinnstgetfattr -d [filename]10:15
frinnst(The download URL is stored in a variable "user.xdg.origin.url")10:15
frinnstand aria210:16
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joacimi havent had much issues with yamagi quake2 and i312:42
joacimseems to work well with marco too12:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: libgphoto2: update to 2.5.2215:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: gnuplot: update to 5.2.615:14
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: diffutils: update to 3.715:16
john_cephalopodaIf you eat too much, you'll getfattr.15:45
rmulljohn_cephalopoda: :D15:49
rmullI can't seem to build opt/json-glib - during build it fails configure due to 'mesontest' not found, and prt-get fsearch mesontest has no results. meson itself is already installed.15:51
rmullmesontest is deprecated, replaced by 'meson test'15:59
john_cephalopodaYay, yet another build system \o/16:05
rmullthe Pkgfile can be easily patched as a workaround at least16:06
rmullPatch still required if it's updated to the latest json-glib 1.4.416:07
rmullsed -i -e "s/'mesontest'/'meson' 'test'/g" configure16:07
jueyes, known issue, has been reported to the mailing list16:09
jueI wrote to the maintainer, but no response yet16:09
juewell, wait a moment I'll commit the fix16:10
rmulljue: Thanks :)16:16
juewelcome :)16:18
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rmullHmm, opt/cups build breaks if I install jaeger/avahi17:12
rmullI installed jaeger/avahi because libreoffice can't open PDFs without avahi, but I no longer need that feature. Heads up though.17:13
john_cephalopoda"You want to open a text document with embedded media? Install an implementation for networking devices in LAN, please."17:17
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joacimanyone want a copy of SOMA on GOG?19:46
joacimgot a copy last week during their free event19:46
joacimstill got the code. I already have the game, so I don't need the gift code that I got19:46
joacimGOG version runs on GNU/Linux ofc. Without the need for fancy download managers or third party clients =)19:47
frinnstjaeger: if you want to spend money on something:
jaegerhappy with my ebay dell servers but that's a neat idea19:58
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jaegerjoacim: I've already got it but thanks22:17
frinnstdamn those dell-switch LEDS are bright22:43
frinnstits like its the 70s in here22:44
frinnstcli seems to be very lacking. however that does not correspond with the documentation.23:02
frinnstinterface gigabitethernet1/0/223:03
frinnst switchport mode trunk23:03
frinnstcant set it in the cli D;23:03
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