IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2019-01-06

joacimit is wccftech. they do that00:00
pedjathey are in the 'throw shit at the wall, something is bound to stick to it' category of the 'news' sites :)00:01
frinnstsounds very dumb. osborne effect00:02
Anselmothe web is a weird place -_-00:03
pedjar/amd is full of 'should I buy $current_cpu/gpu or wait for 3000 series/navi' posts00:04
Anselmois that like, gamer people ?00:05
pedjaall people00:06
pedjamost gamers want high-end amd gpu because they think nvidia will lower their prices so they can get rtx :)00:07
Anselmoand nvidias stock I guess, probably stopped dropping so much by now, but still has probably overproduction . .00:07
pedjapending lawsuit, too. maybe00:08
Anselmolawsuit ?00:08
pedjatheir stockholders, because, apparently, they lied that they have a plan to deal with post-crypto currency bubble aftermath00:09
Anselmodidnt hear about that00:10
pedjastocks dropped when they reported 1billion less in earnings, so people lost some money :)00:11
pedjagamers nexus news mentioned it few days ago00:11
pedjahigh-end is bragging rights, the real money is in servers and low/middle end. you know, peasants :)00:12
Anselmoits obviously not something I really follow :P00:12
pedjaadoredtv has a theory, based on tdp of the ryzen9 chips, that for them people will need a new m/b. all else should, in theory, work fine on an existing ones, iirc00:16
pedja16c/32t 5ghz for 500$, if true, is insane00:18
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pedjawe'll see. CES starts soon-ish (January 9th?)00:19
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