IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2019-01-07

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frinnstupsteam sshd doesnt seem to be handle much more than 1gbit on my puny microservers11:56
pedjafrinnst, there is a fork and patches against 7.8p1, afaict12:45
pedja and
ryuofrinnst: isn't that due to encryption overhead?12:55
ryuofrinnst: i wonder if https would be any faster.12:56
pedjafrinnst, just a heads up with patches applied to 7.9p1
pedjafreebsd has updated hpn patches for 7.9p1, fwiv13:08
pedjayay, white(and cold) Christmas13:09
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tilmanpedja: merry weirdly timed christmas! ;)18:33
pedjatilman, thanks :)18:33
pedjayeah, it's the old vs new calendar thing. the ortodox church is a bit slow, as you might imagine :)18:35
Anselmowell, its the baptism and stuff too c_c18:35
pedja2 Christmases, 2 set of gifts throughout my childhood18:37
Anselmothis is serbia isnt it18:38
Anselmoyeah, I remember all of my serbian colleagues in university being like, late comming back from winterbreak :P18:38
tilmanjan 6 is a bank holiday in southern germany18:39
Anselmoor trying to convince instructors to resume classes like,a week later or so :P18:39
tilmanso we usually enjoy a late start of business too :]18:39
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