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T-ShirtsWhat will you be programming?00:01
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john_cephalopodaT-Shirts: I'll do low-level programming of embedded systems, using the C programming language.00:30
frinnstpedja: mellanox00:43
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Anselmohey again06:15
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frinnstfucking fuck. why cant i sleep regular hours?08:37
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Anselmonogagplz: the mednafen port in emulators points to a source that isnt present (it appears they moved hosting to github from sourceforge)18:44
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frinnst guess they will pay out for crux20:03
frinnstif anybody needs a 100CHF coupon for ipv6 services :-)20:03
frinnstdisabling ipv4 ssh on my vps really calmed the logs down :)20:05
joacimhere some isps no longer allow people to run their own router20:05
joacimwith running out of ipv4 adresses as an excuse20:05
frinnstcgnat should die and burn in hell20:06
john_cephalopodaI got true dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6.20:06
frinnstI do ipv6 over a tunnel. adds +20ms latency but the bandwidth is ok20:06
john_cephalopodaI actually had DSLite, but for some dumb reason my domain registrar doesn't want to do DNS with that.20:07
john_cephalopodaCalled my ISP, they said "No problem!" and switched it to real dual-stack.20:08
joacimwhy can i rent a 3 dollar vps, but for 60 dollar internet plans, they mess around with cgnat20:08
frinnstlots of swedish isps do cgnat. but if you ask you can get a proper ipv4 address20:08
john_cephalopodaI wish switching to v6 would be simple... But if I set up a v6 server, 50% of the people who try to join can't join because they are on v4.20:09
frinnstyeah its stupid. if you ask most swedish isps for ipv6 status they say its not planned because nobody uses it20:09
frinnstpretty much atleast. I know every single one of them do have plans to turn it on but dont20:10
joacimi think it is a trial with my isp, but i've been too lazy to call and ask20:10
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frinnstprobably because they cant find competent people at helpdesk level20:10
frinnstthat don't panic when the customer is not on a network20:11
frinnstalso lots of customer "firewalls" are just NAT boxes that would open up the world if everything became routable20:12
joacimcompetent people probably leave for better paying jobs asap20:16
frinnsthmm you cant disable ipv4 in the kernel? looks like tcp/ip networking includes it by default and I dont see an option to build it as a module or disable20:16
joacimone where some annoying 20 something doesn't give you shit for missing sales targets20:16
joacimwhich is always +1 your current level20:16
joacimmaybe something force it on. filtering is enabled too?20:17
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frinnstno sysctl to disable it either from what I can find20:21
pedjaapparently, ipv4/ipv6 share some code, so completely purging ipv4 is not possible, afaik20:30
frinnstyep read that too :)20:35
pedjaI guess to make adding ipv8 easier one day :)20:36
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joacimi'm back to 2003. can't play sound from two sources at the same  time :(20:44
joacimwith PA20:44
pedjajoacim, Crux or Fedora :) ?20:46
joacimcrux =)20:47
pedjawaiting to see if the 2h+ build will break at the same place again when it's at 90% is a nail-biting experience20:47
joacimwanted to play some quake (!) while playing some music in the background20:48
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Anselmouhm, do you have an asoundrc ?20:48
pedjajoacim, quake is using sdl for sound?20:48
joacimno asoundrc20:48
joacimand SDL_AUDIODRIVER is unspecified20:48
joacimyeah sdl20:49
joacimseems to default to alsa20:49
joacimsetting that to pulse and pulseaudio doesnt seem to help either20:51
joacimrebuild libsdl and libsdl2 i guess, in case they're missing something20:51
joacimalsa-plugins too20:51
joacimok works now. back to 199620:54
joacim2003 was a shit year nayways20:55
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pedjaout of curiosity, why don't you have asoundrc?20:56
pedjabuild goes faster if I am not watching21:03
onoderaanyone here using an eq on linux?21:04
onoderafor audio, equalizer21:04
pedjaI played a bit with pulseeffects21:05
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pedjabut generally no. I made an audio compressor PA output sink, thou. I use it for some videos. Youtube, mostly21:07
joacimpedja: never felt the need to have one21:08
pedjayay, the build finished. 150kb .footprint, pretty impressive :)21:09
pedja3h1min. and I disabled most of the 'heavy' stuff21:11
joacim(joacim@albert) % du -ch /usr/ports/opt/texlive/.footprint21:11
joacimbeat that =)21:11
pedjasource for texlive is what, couple of gigs? this is from measly 40Mb of source :)21:12
pedja7G when built, thou21:13
joacimi have it for only pdf conversions21:13
joacimlike when i want to rotate a pdf, or convert to other formats21:13
joacimwith alsa through PA, i get a very noticeable lag in quake :(21:18
joacimhuh a quarter of a second after i jump21:19
joacimnoticeable when i shoot too21:19
pedjalag in sound?21:20
pedjathat's weird.21:22
joacimit just works on my fedora tho. dont know what's different21:22
joacimcould call my janitor and ask him to turn on my pc for me21:22
pedjacheck the pa daemon in htop for excessive cpu use21:23
TimB_pedja: didn't you post your config for pa once? I'm interested in the sink config :) iirc, it's a loudness filter?21:28
pedjaTimB_, pretty much, yes. it's using one of the ladspa audio compressor plugins21:29
pedjait's pretty straightforward to set up21:30
joacimlike 6% with quakespasm idling on the main menu21:31
joacimalmost as high as quakespasm itself =)21:31
TimB_I was trying to use dysonCompress but it's not really making an effect for me, haven't checked again21:31
joacimonly 2% with only firefox playing sounds21:31
TimB_but it's using 100% cpu on one core for me too, even with no sound..21:31
joacimoh and i only get sound in quakespasm, not in gzdoom or yquake221:34
joacimtake that back. rebuilt openal21:35
frinnstbtw i tried your yquake2 port a few days ago joacim. it crashed on startup21:35
frinnstthe upstream git worked better21:35
frinnstguess its a crux 3.5 toolchain thingy21:35
pedjaTimB_, you probably have to play with peak limit, release time, fast ratio, ratio settings21:35
joacimfrinnst: i think i had some issues too, but with building with plain cmake21:36
joacimwhy i switched to ninja21:36
joacimand i only had a crash a bit ago due to the sound issues21:38
joacimit works now with the rebuilt openal21:38
TimB_pedja: ok, I'21:38
TimB_*ll try that21:38
joacimfrinnst: what does the logs say?21:38
frinnstsegfault, dont remember21:39
pedjaTimB_, some tips here
frinnst yay sun21:40
TimB_pedja: thx!21:40
pedjanp :)21:40
joacimyeah it was a segfault i had too due to the audio21:42
joacimwell i think it was the audio21:42
frinnstit crashed directly on startup. didnt even draw anything on screen21:42
TimB_pedja: maybe it will help if I tell kodi to use the sink output device :) changed the setting now21:43
joacimah. mine crashed when trying to load a map21:43
pedjaTimB_, heh. once I forgot to change it back and wondered why the music playing is so weird21:44
joacimso far, yquake2 have been a lot more annoying than gzdoom and quakespasm21:45
joacimi dont want to push a git port, so i'll have to wait for a new release of yquake2 :(21:56
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