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frinnsthmm lots of random gpg keys for debian repos just started to fail?08:12
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john_cephalopodaThe end is near!08:36
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frinnstheh. noticed php errors for a mongodb repo. although that could be considered a feature since it prevents you from installing mongodb08:41
frinnstpgp/gpg* asdf08:41
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frinnst"fuck ipv6 isnt working. everything looks ok"11:23
frinnstoh maybe also allow traffic in the fw........11:23
frinnstim always so smart11:24
john_cephalopodaImagine google switching to IPv6-only.11:42
john_cephalopodaIt would take 24 hours and _all_ ISPs would suddenly support IPv6.11:43
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pedja tl;dr no ZoL on 5.0+ kernels12:21
frinnstMy tolerance for ZFS is pretty non-existant.  Sun explicitly did not12:56
frinnstwant their code to work on Linux, so why would we do extra work to get12:56
frinnsttheir code to work properly?"12:56
pedjaupstream tolerance for out-of-tree modules is pretty non-existant, so this is no surprise13:09
pedjaI already saw some conspiracy theories, like 'this will force people to use btrfs instead' :)13:14
john_cephalopodaYes, definitely!13:14
john_cephalopodaBecause Linux only has support for btrfs and ZFS.13:15
john_cephalopodaThere is literally no other fs supported.13:15
john_cephalopodaExcept maybe for ext2, ext3, ext4, Reiserfs, JFS, XFS, GFS2, OCFS2, NILFS2, F2FS, ORANGEFS, ADFS, Amiga FFS, Apple Macintosh, Apple Extended HFS, BeOS BeFS, BFS, EFS, cramfs, SquashFS, FreeVxFS, Minix FS, OS/2 HPFS, QNX4/6 FS, UFS, MSDOS FS, FAT and NTFS.13:19
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joacimjohn_cephalopoda: all of those don't count. especially all those you mentioned15:35
Anselmodefinitly not, I dont think I've ever even heard of those15:36
john_cephalopodajoacim: Yeah, they just don't fit into the propaganda.15:36
joacimall i want is a good fs15:37
joacimwould love to use zfs, but i don't want to rebuild kernel modules before i reboot my file server15:37
joacimsmartos seems neat, but i get the impression it isn't suitable for a file server, but zones and virtual machines is nice15:38
Anselmobtrfs has always seemed fine to me15:38
Anselmohas a lot of fine features and hasnt destroyed anything of mine, even when it had every right15:38
joacimonly issue i had was when one of my drives had to go away15:41
joacimthe file system got stuck in read only mode15:41
joacimfairly big issue i think15:41
Anselmooh, shucks15:41
jaegerjoacim: do you mind running something other than linux on your file server? If not, freebsd or openindiana or illumos would make ZFS easy15:41
Anselmowhat sort of raid was it ?15:41
joacimconsidering mirrored arrays should be redundant with minimal downtime in case of drive failure15:41
joacimjaeger: yeah thats what im considering. smartos i already mentioned15:42
joacimomniosce maybe, and throw my services in a zone15:42
AnselmoI have had disks like, drop off in mirrored raid and was reasonably fine15:42
jaegeralternatively I would imagine you could set up dkms to do the module rebuilds for you15:42
jaegerI've not messed with it, though15:42
jaegerjoacim: saw you mention smartos but it didn't sound much like "I would like to use this" :)15:43
joacimi think ossv4 had a service that checked if the running kernel also had the module built for it15:43
joacimif not, it was built during boot15:43
joacimjaeger: ah. i've been looking at it, to see if it is decent as a plain file server + services15:44
jaegerah, ok15:44
joacimi get the impression its strengths is the latter, while omnios is better as a plain file server15:44
joacimomnios doesn't ship with samba or anything like that tho. would be nice to have smbv3 i imagine15:44
joacimthink they support smbv2 at least15:45
joacimfreebsd is probably the nicest drop-in replacent for what I already have15:45
pedjajoacim, are you thinking vanilla fbsd or something like freenas?16:05
john_cephalopodaI have used ext2, ext4 and btrfs. Never got any issues except for the broken inode warning with ext4 from time to time, which could be fixed by creating a backup and mkfs-ing the broken partition.16:23
joacimpedja: probably vanilla. but freenas would be nice if i had more hardware to run things with16:29
pedjajoacim, for a file server, I'd stick to 11.x, I've heard that 12.x has some serious issues. how true is that, idk16:49
joacimis 12.x the one with ZoF?16:50
pedjahm. not sure, tbh16:50
joacimbit too old for that i think,since ZoF was announced recently16:51
pedjayup. I think freenas/truenas will migrate to it when they switch to 12.x as a base16:52
pedjaixsystems is the vendor pushing the switch to ZoL as a de-facto upstream, iirc16:53
joacimi guess they're big enough to be the ones maintaining a lot of the ZFS stuff in FreeBSD too16:53
pedjatruenas is a big money maker for them, afaik, so yeah :)16:54
joacimi still wish illumos had more attention16:55
joacimi dont often see people talk about it16:55
pedjamost people never heard of it16:55
joacimgot a friend that use OmniOS at work, and an acquaintance that use it at home16:56
joacimthat's about it16:56
pedjaI think someone from #crux talked about using SmartOS once16:57
dbrookeI use SmartOS for my NAS but just NFS (served from the GZ kernel ZFS) and one user, so I didn't have to concern myself with SMB or idmap for NFS16:57
pedjaah, you are the one. som my memory haven't failed me yet :)16:58
joacimit'll fail you soon enough16:58
pedjawhat are we talkig about again? I forgot16:58
joacimi tend to forget why i left my chair16:59
dbrookeI have 3 SmartOS servers in total, one other as backup server and one as virtualisation server16:59
pedjadbrooke, how's the tooling for virtualisation on SmartOS? last time I checked it was hand-crafting json files17:00
joacimis the global zone stuff different from other distributions?17:00
pedjathey are Solaris Zones, aren't they?17:01
dbrookepedja: for standalone smartos that is the case17:01
dbrookejoacim: the SmartOS GZ boots from USB and runs in RAM disk so is mostly not persistent and you can't add users17:02
dbrookeit's not intended to do anything other than host zones (Solaris) and KVM/BHyve VMs (and LX which is a zone with Illumos kernel with a Linux system call table)17:04
joacimmaybe go for openindiana or omnios for now17:06
pedjasort of like opensuse Kubic, but with VM's instead of containers, I guess17:07
joacimjust need to set aside time for all that effort17:08
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pedjaout of curiosity, why oI or omnios instead of something that gets more development time?17:10
joacimi wear plaid shirts, jeans, and work boots17:10
joacimand i do not work with lumber17:10
pedjagreat, now I can't get that song out of my head. thanks a lot, joacim17:11
joacimwhich song? =)17:11
dbrookeI initially went for SmartOS to replace a Linux based KVM host as I became frustrated with all the wrangling with dm-raid, LVM, sharing the disks between OS and data, and convoluted bridged networking, all of which SmartOS solved for me17:13
joacimall of those seem really nice with illumos17:13
joacimi don't wear womens clothes yet17:15
dbrookeyeah, it's all part of Illumos, just a minimal version with one purpose17:16
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