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j_vjaeger, that looks really good03:24
jaegerthanks :)03:24
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saptechYes it looks very nice04:09
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timcowchipdamn my ports are out-dated09:04
timcowchipqupzilla is falkon now09:05
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frinnstjaeger: damn thats beautiful! :D09:34
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frinnstjaeger: what printer did you get, again?10:04
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pedjaEnder3, iirc11:25
pedjaCura ships with the preset for it, afaik, so it must be pretty popular :)11:27
pedjatbh, frinnst, I am a bit surprised you still hadn't bought one  :)11:29
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jaegeryeah, ender 315:31
jaegerfrinnst: thanks :)15:32
jaegersaptech: thanks as well :)15:32
joacimhere i was thinking it was a regular a4 paper printer15:33
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Spoofingno opt/firefox anymore ;( slowpoke.jpg15:37
joacimyeah compiling and dependency bullshit with rust + firefox =)15:38
joacimthere is firefox-bin now.15:38
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darfohas anyone been able to build opt/texlive since poppler 0.73? I am getting errors:
j_vdarfo: i maintain a fork, mainly for a few added deps and functionality. but it has new patches. i haven't gotten around to submitting a flyspray on it, though i should have.
darfothanks j_v, I'll give yours a spin16:51
SiFuhI know nothing but from what I see it feels like lua+poppler looks like the issue and I see j_v has a patch16:52
j_vbtw, just to be clear, i borrowed those patches mainly from arch, so i deserve no credit for them, i just rounded them up and adjusted the Pkgfile to encorporate them'16:54
darfonice. i looked at arch and tried a couple of the patches but failed. So long to build I thought I'd see if I was reinventing the wheel :)17:00
j_vtexlive is tough one to keep on top of. for one, it is huge. it also seems that some of the code is very susceptible to breakage when deps like poppler get updated. from my understanding, a big reason is that some of the code in texlive does uses internal api's of the dep, so breakage from updates becomes more likely.17:10
j_vs/does uses/uses/17:10
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TimB_j_v: seeing your libreoffice port, there is a shell variable to auto d/l all the external libreoffice deps19:13
TimB_DO_FETCH_TARBALLS=ALL ./configure should do the trick19:13
TimB_I was at the same point until I found out about it19:14
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j_vTimB_: thank you. i will work on incorporating that into the build. i am definitely interested in preventing auto dl'ing in my Pkgfiles. much appreciated :)20:39
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TimB_np ^^ copy/pasting all the deps made me ill. especially since it worked for me without till 6.2.x.x (git sources)20:50
TimB_j_v: wanted to try your texlive fork, but it fails on zziplib on two different machines20:56
TimB_ <- anybody got any ideas maybe?20:56
j_vTimB_: zziplib is in my j_v repo, which can be found at
jaegerI wonder if that's a bash vs dash issue21:08
jaegermight try adding CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash to the configure invocation21:09
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TimB_jaeger: it was, thanks!21:10
jaegernp :)21:11
j_vi wasn't aware that anyone else had a port of zziplib. mine already had that fix, so a little surprized of the build error.21:14
j_vi see now that Romster has one... might move mine over to my forks repo21:16
timcowchiptrying to install /usr/ports/mate/udisks2
TimB_I just saw your port in your official repo.. :^21:22
timcowchipI can't remember exactly but there was something about manpages and udisks221:24
jaegerTimB_: docbook is a pain... sometimes you can fix those errors by removing and reinstalling the docbook stuff (which recreates the xml catalog)21:25
jaegertimcowchip, I mean21:25
timcowchipah, thanks jaeger21:26
TimB_hehe, it is though21:27
timcowchiprebuilt docbook-xsl and udisks2 builds fine, tnx21:32
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TimB_j_v: your texlive fork does fail for me at luatex something.. :/ forgot to --log, rebuilding now21:53
j_vTimB_: hmmm, do you have the graphite2 port? it's in my j_v repo; or you could remove that dep and remove '--with-system-graphite2' configure portion22:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: qemu: 3.0.0 -> 3.1.022:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: qemu-all: 3.0.0 -> 3.1.022:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: qemu-agent: 3.0.0 -> 3.1.022:01
TimB_I had it for something else already, yes22:04
TimB_I can try removing system graphite though, brb D:22:05
TimB_iirc, if you remove graphite2 you have to remove harfbuzz too, right?22:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] irssi: 1.0.7 -> 1.1.2 fixes CVE-2019-588222:07
j_vTimB_: well, i have it in my harfbuzz{,-icu} forks, so i guess that adds up. i added these forks for my own preference and didn't want to push it on anyone else22:09
TimB_j_v: same here. I maintain an overlay for that. speaking of it, I removed my pam related stuff, @jaeger your ports work fine22:10
TimB_autoreconf sure takes some time with texlive..22:10
j_vi keep the forks repo quiet, because it is mainly meant for my preferences and mostly it all 'works for me'... i am testing my build of texlive now. might take a bit because i also have a kernel building and a vm running too22:11
TimB_sounds busy :) np22:11
TimB_and no worries, I had texlive working until last poppler in my overlay. blfs provides a nice patchset22:12
j_vmy container build system had to build some stuff that was updated, so those changes may have broke something for me on my end... will know in a bit.22:12
TimB_but as of right now, texlive really stretches my knowledge22:12
j_voh, me too. wish it was a build it one time thing. and wish it wasn't needed to get some stuff to work, but i like lyx and the ability to build docs easier22:14
TimB_so it failed again here, but I noticed that I don't have harfbuzz-icu in my overlay, maybe that's my missing link?22:14
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j_vthat could be, because i only included harfbuzz-icu to cut down on redundant deps22:16
TimB_haven't looked into lyx, never noticed it. But I sure have to check it out. Right now, texmaker is my go to program for tex documents22:16
j_vwill have to look into texmaker. love to have choices.22:16
TimB_same :)22:17
TimB_there is also a nicely working vim plugin22:17
TimB_but I haven't really had the oportunity to use it yet22:17
TimB_but it needs vim with python support22:18
j_vi always end up with python installed anyways, so that is not a big deterence22:18
j_vfor me at least22:19
TimB_it's a nice combination with zathura22:19
TimB_which failed to build for me for two reasons: docs (python-six stuff etc.) + synctex22:20
TimB_had to remove those from too for a successful build22:20
j_vi added python-sphinx in order to get the zathura docs, but sometimes think it would be easier to add prebuilt docs for that; i should look into that22:22
TimB_regarding texmaker, I'm pretty much a beginner with latex, but this has made it relativly easy for me to get a relativ clean document22:22
jaegerTimB_: glad to hear it :)22:22
TimB_another little question, I updated one instance to the newest openssl, rebuilt everything, works fine. Unwise move or just something for the next version?22:24
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jaegerMight require some rebuilding here and there but if no big API/ABI changes were made probably not a big problem22:26
jaegersince you already rebuilt everything, whatever :)22:27
TimB_alright then :) I think I had to borrow one patch from somewhere for something..22:28
j_vbiggest gotcha i run into is the openssl and curl rebuilds and once i got that sorted in my build container (3.5) it has been pretty seamless so far. i still need to start building opt ports much with it, but so far so good22:28
j_vTimB_: my texlive build failed here, too. I will get on it right now and see if i can find fixe(s).22:31
TimB_j_v: jep, harfbazz-icu wasn't it22:32
TimB_here, at least. I' gonna have a look into now too22:33
j_vlooks like it is poppler related... looking thru arch's patches to see if anything pertains before i get crazy looking into the actual code.22:37
TimB_doesn't arch ship the bin port?22:38
TimB_is it the same error?22:39
j_vyep, that is the one22:40
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j_vyes, arch had to refresh their patches, and poppler updated recently, so i will have to follow suit or reinvent the wheel...22:58
TimB_j_v: just tried their patches, didn't work for me, although with another problem.. this time, something with synctex23:00
TimB_forgot reautoconf.. next round23:01
j_vyou should look at their PKGBUILD, as well, if you haven't already, because it requires other processing, also23:03
j_vi almost have the adjustments, done, can push the changes before i test build, in case you want to try it23:10
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TimB_I'm already trying a another run :)23:16
TimB_but I would run your fork when you push it23:17
TimB_my try didn't work out23:19
TimB_same error as before23:20
j_vok, just pushed23:20
TimB_I think I'll have a look at the output tomorrow.. I need some sleep. I'll let you know tomorrow, have a good one23:29
j_vyou, too. nn23:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: jq: initial import23:31
korijq is cool23:36
jaegeryeah, very handy23:36
jaegerI was considering adding my own port to contrib but now no need, heh23:36
j_vyep, very useful. now i can ditch my port and follow the contrib one. if teK ever decides to orphan it, sounds like we won't have a shortage of possible adopters :)23:37
john_cephalopodaIs anybody going to add blender to contrib?23:42
kori6c37 has a port iirc23:43
john_cephalopoda6c37 is no longer maintained.23:44
john_cephalopodaI used to use that port.23:45
koriyes but that's a good place to start23:45
j_va blender-bin ports shouldn't be too hard to put together, either, but i would probably do like kori is saying and start with the 6c37 port23:45
pedjaI have a blender repo, with ALL THE DEPS (well, almost) :)23:47
pedja2.80beta is pretty nice23:48
john_cephalopodaj_v: I am using binary blender right now. But I am using a source-based distro for a reason.23:48
john_cephalopodaIf I wanted binary packages I'd use Lubuntu.23:48
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j_vjohn_cephalopoda: yep, good point. i am very curious about pedja's blender repo. is that on line?23:49
pedjaj_v, I can push it to bitbucket if you are interested23:50
pedjaI do use master git snapshot for 2.80, thou23:50
j_vi would give it a try, no doubt. i set up a blender repo a couple years back and it was really involved getting it all to build right. so would love to give yours a spin.23:51
j_vi never exported mine, and gave up on maintaining it23:51
j_vi still have the port files, but would need a ton of love to fix up23:52
pedjaOK :) I'll ping you when I do it. of course, the usual caveats apply :)23:53
pedjaworksForMe[tm] and all that23:53
j_voh, no doubt. one of the things i love about CRUX is how i can mould it to my preferences, so i would expect anyone else to do the same as needed23:54
pedjablender deps are not that bad, qgis is way worse ;)23:56
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