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j_vi feel pretty silly, was searching for bug reports, then looking closer at the actual error, realized i was on the wrong track00:01
j_vnot my proudest moment00:07
jaegerwe all have those00:09
j_vi don't actually feel as bad about as i might sound, my main regret is the time i wasted on the wrong track00:10
jaegeryeah, I know the feeling00:10
j_vhappens to me now and again, no big deal. glad i didn't come up with some hair brained series of patches when the 'fix' was just a few rebuilds00:11
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classoneIs 3.4 broken somehow?01:14
classonelacking of /etc/skel01:14
classoneModules not loading properly on boot (depmod -a) &c01:14
Anselmoare you sure you're kernel is good, re: modules01:27
classoneConfiguring it right now. Been doing so a lot the past hours01:28
classoneNow the latest of LTS too01:28
Anselmoah kay01:28
classoneWhat, re: modules could you tell me?01:28
classonesomething to keep an eye on?01:28
Anselmohow much do you know about kernel configs ?01:28
classonei do make defconfig -> make menuconfig01:28
classoneI used CRUX a lot in 201601:28
classoneRight now I use OpenBSD01:28
classoneas my main OS01:28
classonebut I like CRUX and in 2016 I loved to perfectly tune my kernel01:28
classonebut that was then, not now01:29
classoneRight now my goal is not to perfectly tune, just to get it working.01:29
Anselmouhm. I usually run 'make localyesconfig' before menuconfig, cause that can help to grab some hardware modules if you're running the target machine during the config.01:29
Anselmoas by default you dont use an initrfamfs in crux, there are some things you need not as modules, like for the filesystems and such,01:30
Anselmofor finding other hardware lspci -v and lsusb -i are your friend01:30
classonei did mrproper now and localyesconfig01:30
Anselmoah kay01:30
classonei do not prefer modules over kernel integrated drivers btw01:30
classoneI am not a Arch Linux fan ;)01:30
Anselmoyou can disable modules and run everything as builtin, thats what I do01:31
classoneSame same...01:31
classonebut oh well01:31
Anselmo(there should be an option that just does this so you don't need to manually check everything that would be built as a module)01:32
jaegerIsn't that what localyesconfig is supposed to do?01:32
jaegervs. localmodconfig01:32
Anselmoit should make it so the active modules are enabled as builtin01:32
Anselmoyou still enable modules and build many modules usually after running localyesconfig01:33
classonethanks Anselmo looking good so far01:36
classone# make -j 301:44
AnselmoACTION crosses fingers01:46
classonety =)01:46
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rmullRomster: FYI I was getting some youtube-dl failures (ERROR: Signature extraction failed) that seem to be solved by updating it to version 2019.01.1702:53
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timcowchipimlib2 error
timcowchipfeh is at 3.1.1 now06:14
Anselmousing the opt package ?06:14
Anselmo<trying to build it over here>06:15
timcowchipover where?06:15
Anselmoor wait, I have, but its not claimed by any packages.06:15
Anselmoor, not in fsearch rather and those arent the same . . .06:16
Anselmohere as in, on my machine06:16
Anselmowait, do you have libjpeg-turbo installed ?06:17
Anselmo(its not listed as a dependancy but on my system it provides /usr/lib/
timcowchipdoes it build?06:18
Anselmoyeah, builds fine,06:19
Anselmobut looks like maybe it needs a dependancy on libjpeg-turbo06:20
timcowchiplibjpeg-turbo is installed here06:21
timcowchip 16-Jan-2019 04:1806:21
Anselmouhm. hmmm06:22
Anselmooh, rebuilt it and libjpeg-turbo isnt providing /usr/bin/libjpeg.la06:24
Anselmoanymore, and that also breaks imlib2 for me.06:24
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Anselmoyeah. Uhm. I dont know about that, and I have to go right about now so I dont have much time to debug it.06:28
Anselmomight be worth pinging the maintainer06:28
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timcowchiphsetroot needs imlib2 as well06:36
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timcowchiplmcs2 error
timcowchiplibjpeg-turbo strikes again06:47
j_vtimcowchip: rebuild libtiff, then after that, should not get that error06:48
timcowchipok tnx j_v06:48
j_vno problem06:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] cups-filters: update to 1.22.015:23
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timcowchipso I lost my timcow.sec part of my key20:41
jaegerIf it's definitely lost, you'll need to create a new one and switch to it20:42
timcowchipok tnx20:43
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