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jaegerAnyone here used octoprint?02:48
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classoneBCM43142 *sigh* prop. firmware, anyone using this with CRUX?05:55
jaegerNot I, though I believe it's supported06:00
classoneThis is the best hint I have06:01
classoneIt works on Ubuntu and Xubuntu and Debian with non-free06:02
jaegerProbably wouldn't be too tough to make a crux equivalent of that pkgbuild06:05
classoneI see06:05
classoneI will give it a try when I wake up, hehe06:07
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classonebe back later when I've gotten some rest06:29
classonetake care all06:29
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timcowchipmy sig pair is timcow.sec and however my repo is
timcowchipmy sig pair matches
timcowchipcan my portdb listing be renamed or should I rename my github repo?20:45
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drgibbonhello, is it possible in Crux to choose the base flags that packages are built with?20:48
timcowchipedit /etc/pkgmk.conf20:51
drgibbonahh ok yes I see20:53
jaegertimcowchip: the portdb listing can be renamed easily20:59
joacimtimcowchip: github repo name and the name of the repo as synced don't have to match21:00
timcowchipit would be less confusing for my feeble brain if they matched21:01
joacim <- mine don't match at all21:01
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jaegerJust the target dir name and key name need to match21:44
timcowchipthey do21:53
timcowchipthe problem is I clone my git repo as ~/timcowchip21:55
timcowchipwhen I try to pkgmk -us in ~/timcowchip with timcow.sec in there, it doesn't work21:56
timcowchipit would if I renamed timcow.sec to timcowchip.sec21:56
joacimi dont think the local dir and remote repo name have to match either21:57
joacimyou can also specify which sec file to use with -sk21:58
joacimwhich is what i do with mine21:58
joacimpkgmk -us -sk /etc/ports/joacim.sec21:58
timcowchipdoes Thomas Penteker still maintain the portdb?21:59
joacimidk. i just mail the mailing list when i need something22:00
joacimi forget which support technician replied the last time22:00
timcowchipyou use to do it, no?22:00
joacimnever contributed to crux in any official way =)22:00
joacimonly with opinions and ot in here22:01
jaegerI can update it22:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: btrfs-progs: updated to 4.2022:47
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