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jaegertimcowchip: just clone your repo to the local dir 'timcow', seems easiest00:03
john_cephalopodatimcowchip: If you put your sec key into /etc/ports and do "sudo pkgmk -us", it should work.00:07
jaegeras long as the dir names match or you specify the key00:11
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frinnstso soothing00:29
frinnstso calming i couldnt even watch the whole thing00:30
jaegernew skrillex album is hot00:31
joacimfloating away in some kind of meditative state00:32
frinnsthmm snow outside. wonder when that happened00:35
joacimbeen snowing all week00:35
jaegerIs it weird that I find those noises LESS annoying that real "ASMR"?00:36
joacimi love it. before this week, we had 3 weeks of rain :(00:36
joacimsounds like merzbow and others like it is your thing00:37
jaegerew... had to look up merzbow... that's some shit00:41
joacimreminds me of playing with an AM radio00:42
joacimmaybe I just have different triggers, but the asmr genre doesn't have much of an effect on me00:45
jaegerI just find it annoying... but then it's simple to avoid it :P00:45
joacimthe twang that starts around 1:20 has that effect i think00:46
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pedjamay I suggest Nic Endo, the queen of noise :)00:56
pedjaworked with ATR00:56
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john_cephalopodaThat video xD01:10
john_cephalopoda"What if I rub a broken can over glass?"01:11
joacimhe is an interesting guy01:17
pedjaAlec Empire?01:29
pedjaI still have cassette tapes with the recordings of the radio show that introduced me to a lot of interesting music. no cassette player, thou :)01:33
joacimi havent seen one in well over a decade01:34
pedjareally should found one and transfer that music to digital somehow01:35
john_cephalopodaI got a big cassete tape player.01:49
john_cephalopodaYamaha KX-53001:49
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ryuoJoy. I doubt IT folks will like this:
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frinnstyep fun times03:48
ryuofrinnst: i checked out some domains i do some minor IT for and they are uneffected, but Romster's are going to be impacted evidently.04:32
ryuofrinnst: uh oh. seems you should look into's name servers.04:44
ryuowhoever controls the domain.04:44
ryuoafter reading about the complexity of email hosting, i think it's better to use a dedicated host for it...04:59
jaegerthere are a lot of parts05:10
ryuoindeed. email clients are simple, but servers not so much.05:11
jaegerIt's not too tough to set one up, though tuning it properly can be a chore05:12
ryuoi think the tedium comes from when your email server has to talk with other servers.05:13
ryuoweb servers don't have to do this to function.05:13
ryuothough they can.05:13
ryuoit's a PITA to ensure email continues to function.05:13
ryuoi don't think it's worth messing with.05:14
AnselmoI get annoyed enough setting up email client configs c-c05:14
jaegerI manage a couple of my own but mostly because I have for years... not because I feel like I do it better than a service would :P05:15
Anselmohehe, yeah thats the only reason I consider starting one . . .05:15
Anselmocause all the providers I'v eever used I hate . . .05:15
ryuoi currently use easyMAIL, bundled with my easyDNS service.05:17
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frinnst"Spanning-tree song"14:53
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timcowpattyI remember about 5 years ago changing my nick from "timcowchip" to "clbb"20:56
timcowpattysomebody explained how I shouldn't do that because its important to have a consistent identity20:58
Anselmoha, gosh, its 2019, I've been on irc like, almost four years c_c20:59
Anselmobut always as anselmo20:59
timcowpattyso I decided to own it, I'm timcowchip for better or worse20:59
timcowpattySan Anselmo, CA21:00
Anselmoahahah, I should go there, one day.21:00
timcowpattythere's a song "Snow in San Anselmo"21:01
AnselmoCA though, someone might have to drag me.21:01
AnselmoI got it from a book character, from 'for whom the bell tolls',21:01
Anselmothere's also a musician called phil anselmo, but I didnt know either he or the city existed, at the time ;P21:02
Anselmojust needed a nick to feed my client and anselmo came to mind :P21:02
Anselmotim cow patty, though, wonder how that came to be :P21:03
timcowpattymine was a nickname for Tim Lincecum a San Francisco giants pitcher21:03
timcowpattyhe's from a farm in eastern Washington21:04
Anselmoah, hence cow patty ?21:04
timcowpattyI called my fantasy baseball timcowchip21:04
timcowpattythen when I joined the Salix forum I used it as my username21:05
Anselmoah, huh,21:07
AnselmoI feel like I must have installed salix once, never much used any slackware derivative. . .21:08
Anselmounless, wait, is that the one porteus is based on, think it might be21:08
timcowpattyI like slackware but it is very old21:08
AnselmoI had that corrupted and read only on a USB stick as my only working os install for a while21:08
timcowpattyit is one of the few non-systemd distros left21:09
Anselmogosh, gentoo still isnt, and slackware21:10
Anselmoand crux of course. . .alpine is sort of in a different class. . .21:10
timcowpattyalpine isn't that a mail client?21:11
Anselmoname collision irks me, I used to use that alpine though :P21:11
Anselmotheres also a distro based on like, musl and busybox with it21:12
Anselmosuper minimal, popular seeming for like, containers and vms and stuff21:12
timcowpattylooks cool21:13
jaegertimcowpatty: I've used jaeger since 1996, staying consistent :D21:14
Anselmothats like, as long as I've been using names c_c21:15
jaegerACTION creaks21:16
timcowpattyI'm sure there's a story behind the origin of jaeger21:16
jaegerI played a LOT of quake back then and wanted a nick that kinda worked with a shooter. I was also studying german back then21:17
timcowpattyI still play wolfenstien21:18
jaegeralso fun... the wolfenstein games were the first I can remember modding or making maps for21:18
timcowpattyI should my a Pkgfile for ecwolf21:18
timcowpattygotta go watch de foozball21:21
joacim4 years? figured most people on irc have been here for far longer than that21:22
joacimguess it seems like that when so many dismiss it as dead21:23
AnselmoI've hardly been on the internet four years, got my first computer late 2014 and got on irc not long after21:23
Anselmobut yeah, have been using crux most of the time I've used computers, . . . which is to say probably less time than most of you all :PP21:25
joacimthink i've been using IRC since around 200221:41
joacimonly mIRC once in a while at first tho21:41
AnselmoI started I think on . . irssi21:44
Anselmomaybe weechat, one of those two21:45
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john_cephalopodaUsing weechat here.22:00
john_cephalopodaI started with xchat, then moved to hexchat eventually and recently switched to weechat (like one month ago), so I can run it on my server and be always online.22:01
Anselmothats why I usually liked weechat / irssi22:02
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frinnst-95, -96?22:12
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joacimi wanted an amiga22:47
joacimbut i got some expensive pc with windows 95 instead :/22:47
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