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jaegerinteresting... irssi's /upgrade didn't work this time04:31
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timcowchipis this where I suggest using weechat or hexchat?04:48
timcowchipI hate when people do that04:49
jaegerYou can suggest it all you want, I'm not going to change :)04:50
jaegerbeen using irssi for a long time now04:50
timcowchipits in opt :P04:53
timcowchipguess you better fix it04:53
jaegerIt's working fine now04:54
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frinnstinteresting quit message, jaeger08:19
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: mysql: update to 5.7.2511:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: dar: update to 2.6.111:36
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: libinput: update to 1.12.611:36
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jaegerfrinnst: indeed. that was the result of a /upgrade in irssi (which usually works fine).13:45
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joacimyou connect with ssl? i think most clients do that during upgrades16:10
joacimthey always have to reconnect to ssl-enabled servers16:10
jaegerSure, but I expected it to reconnect, not just disconnect and stop trying :)16:16
joacimyeah mine always reconnect16:17
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joacimjust had what seemed like a system freeze. thought it was temp related since i was compiling stuff17:21
joacimbut the logs are full of PCIe bus errors17:21
frinnst5.0-rc totally froze my box a few weeks ago17:38
frinnstrc1 :-)17:38
joacimthis is 4.19.1517:41
john_cephalopodaYou should use 4.20. Because 420.17:48
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joacimi just follow fedora on such things =)18:17
joacimwhatever is the latest in their repo is what i use18:17
joacimmy crux systems usually run the latest longterm18:18
joacimpedja: i love that zypper tells you which applications and services need a restart after updates18:24
pedjajoacim, 'zypper -ps', iirc? yeah, that's nice18:24
joacimyeah that one18:24
pedjasince I disabled the splash screen thingie, opensuse vm boots a lot faster :)18:26
joacimbut yeah. i did notice the boot was slow =)18:26
pedjaremoved all the plymouth packages18:28
pedjathat also removes the systemd service file18:29
joacimplymouth is the graphical boot?18:29
joacimkde is a bit slow too to launch. but that de is slow everywhere i think18:31
joacimlots of nice things in kde tho18:31
joacimalso the kde in leap doesn't seem as broken as the fedora one =)18:32
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joacimpedja: also opensuse has packages for gzdoom and quake :D20:09
joacimboth vkquake and quakespasm20:09
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