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jaegertimcowchip: are you still maintaining lxqt or should it be removed from the portdbs?00:20
timcowchipRomster forked it so I thought he would maintain it00:21
timcowchipthough he hasn't00:21
timcowchipits at 0.13 now00:22
timcowchipI could bump it on github00:22
timcowchipI'd have to install qt5 first00:23
timcowchipI believe Romster has a pre-built package00:24
timcowchipok I'll do it00:24
jaegerNot gonna force you, just curious00:24
timcowchipI thought no body used any of my ports00:25
jaegersomeone already complained on the ML that you removed chrome :D00:25
timcowchipI saw that...its back up00:26
timcowchiplxqt is still active so its worth maintaining00:26
timcowchipuses a lot of packages from
timcowchipbut I direct people there in the README.md00:29
timcowchipfuckin' Patriots :(00:31
john_cephalopodakframeworks are actually really simple to package.00:35
john_cephalopodaI wrote a script where you can enter the names of the kframeworks parts you want and it will generate pkgfiles for you.00:36
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john_cephalopodaYeah. Kframeworks are got a very standardized build process.00:38
john_cephalopoda*are -> all00:38
john_cephalopodaBasically replace "karchive" with anything on and it should work as Pkgfile00:39
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timcowchipthe fam's home gotta gp for now00:40
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saptechI guess I got my christmas present...someone gave me a nice Dell 20 inch HD monitor for free  :)01:25
saptechwell, I work on people's computer on the side and lady had it sitting in a corner01:26
saptechshe said would I take it and junk it for her, usually when they say junk, it be JUNK, but not this time01:27
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saptechI just got a new, to me, dell 20 inch widescreen monitor today and loving it02:36
saptechit was a gift that the owner was throwing away02:36
saptechone issue is setting the correct refresh rate, it's showing as 0 HZ but the correct resolution, 1600 x 120002:38
saptechhow can I set the refresh rate? I have Mate installed02:39
saptechI'm looking at the Monitor Preferences screen. It doesn't detect it as a Dell brand either02:39
saptechcommand xrandr -r 60,  Rate 60.00 Hz not available for this size02:45
saptechin fact randr doesn't show any Hz, all are zero02:45
jaegersounds like EDID info from the monitor is incorrect or not detected03:02
jaegermaybe you can manually program a modeline for it03:02
saptechI just read some info and it said to run 'sudo cvt 1600 1200', it showed info then it said to type ' sudo xrandr --newmode, with my info added03:05
saptechthe output was, "xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default"03:06
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saptechI ran commands again now getting other faile request messages.03:15
saptechI'll have to research into this more03:23
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TimB_did somebody try and setup exim with pam auth?10:23
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dbrookeexim can auth via dovecot if that's any help ... (well, in general, I don't actually run either on CRUX)13:07
TimB_dbrooke: nice tip, I'll look into it tonight13:09
frinnstouch, change that back :-)13:22
TimB_frinnst: shadow file? 8)13:23
frinnstheh yeah13:28
TimB_done :>13:28
TimB_well, I'm back tonight, have to go to work - laters13:29
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: rsyslog: updated to version 8.1901.017:49
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timcowchipdo I need to create /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/51-joystick.conf to get my joystick to work?19:44
joacimonly if you have to19:48
joacimmy 360 controller just works, once i have the proper modules installed19:48
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timcowchipthink I need to rebuild my kernel " CONFIG_INPUT_JOYSTICK is not set"20:07
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timcowchipCONFIG_NETWORK_FILESYSTEMS is not set guess that means no cifs mounting20:12
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