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timcowchiptrying to use Crux as my lone OS01:06
timcowchipgot my printer installed01:07
timcowchipall the packages I use built and work01:07
timcowchipnow I could just mount.cifs my media server01:08
timcowchipanywho this at top of my todo ahead of port maintenance01:13
timcowchipI have an idea to install mate use caja01:14
timcowchipthe usual /sbin/mount.cifs commands aren't working01:15
timcowchipdon't know why caja would be any different01:16
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timcowchipThis program is not installed setuid root -  "user" CIFS mounts not supported.01:29
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timcowchipwatching the publisher on netflix04:09
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timcowchip_in the words of David Spade doing George Herbert Walker Bush........."not gonna do it"08:44
timcowchip_I'm not installing qt4 on my machine08:45
timcowchip_I have edited the LXQT Pkgfiles for the upgrade from 0.12 to 0.13 and lxqt-build-tools from 4.0 to 5.008:46
timcowchip_Romster can pull his fork and maintain it if he wants to08:47
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timcowchip_qjson depends on qt408:54
timcowchip_gonna try building lxqt without qjson08:55
frinnstprobably works just as well with qt509:13
timcowchip_it doesn't09:39
timcowchip_libdbusmenu-qt5 has built in backwards compatibility09:41
timcowchip_makedepends=(cmake doxygen qjson qt4 qt5-base)09:41
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timcowchip_actually I think I had removed the qt4 parts from the PKGBUILD for the pPkgfile09:47
timcowchip_think I'll try that tomorrow09:48
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: chatty: 0.9.3 -> 0.9.411:22
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: libdrm: update to 2.4.9714:42
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: dhcpcd: update to 7.1.014:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: apache: update to 2.4.3814:46
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: ca-certificates: update to 2019012315:50
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timcowchipQJSON not found, testapp will not be built17:36
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frinnstis that a "bugreport" or just a random statement?20:19
frinnstleaves a lot to be desired either way20:19
joacimmy tea is too hot. i'll post that on flyspray later20:22
joacimalso the "earthy" statement from the blurb on the package really just means "it smells like manure"20:23
frinnstthe best taste20:25
pedjathe smellier it is, the healthier it is (tea), apparently20:42
pedjaat least that's what some new-age people I know tell me :)20:44
pedjabut they also believe in the healing power of the crystals, so not a reliable source20:46
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pedjagood money can be made with pseudo-scientific BS, thou
timcowchipfrinnst: it was a random statement noting that some former lxqt dependencies will not be included in the qt5-only version20:53
timcowchipthe statement was in the stdout of building libdbusmenu-qt520:54
joacimwas missing the context, so it could seem like anything20:55
joacimpedja: i should try that. not sure if could sleep at night tho20:56
timcowchipI got early this morning and built libdbusmen-qt5, then went back to bed20:56
joacimalternative healing beer coasters20:56
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pedjayou are joking, but few years back one of the magazines writing about 'supernatural' made a shitload of money selling something like that :)20:59
pedjait was the 'special photograph with the embedded healing powers'21:00
pedja'just wave it over the body part that hurts' :)21:01
pedjapeople are...weird21:01
pedjapreying on and taking advantage of desperate people is nothing new21:03
joacimwhen i was a kid there was someone on tv like that21:07
joacimclaiming he had the ability to heal through your tv set21:07
joacimalso. random reboot of my windows system21:07
joacimlook away for a few second, and my computer had rebooted21:08
joacimno warning :(21:08
pedja <--he was very popular here in the 90's21:08
joacimevent viewer has nothing that indicates random reboots either21:08
joacimupdate logs mention some .net stuff was updated today21:09
joacimdo those require reboots usually?21:09
pedjaafaik, windows really likes to reboot these days :)21:10
joacimlogged on to a server today to see if i was given the right passwords21:10
joacimso i could do work on it while people werent using it21:10
joacimthat triggered automatic updates with a forced reboot with a 15 minute warning21:10
joacimeven tho the update window was configured to run at 020021:11
pedjaah, windows server? idk how they deal with updates21:16
joacimwhenever you think they shouldnt =)21:19
joacimfile server stops responding for about a minute at a time21:30
joacimnothing in logs21:30
joacimnothing in dmesg :(21:30
joacimno load. load average: 0.00, 0.02, 0.0021:31
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Anselmocould it be taking a bit of time to spin up the disks or whatever ?21:31
joacimthey always spin21:32
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joacimhmm. it seems the system responds fine when i keep ping running21:42
joacimsome bullshit power saving of the network interface maybe21:43
Anselmohuh, interesting21:43
joacimseen something similar on os x ages ago (10 years maybe). agressive power saving on the wifi caused connections to drop21:44
joacimhad to leave ping running to be able to use ssh reliably21:45
Anselmoooh, meh, that could make sense if you're on wifi, not that agressive, but the like, little bit of lag21:45
joacimonly noticed this after i killed my torrent client.21:45
joacimi dont know what os x did at the time. lasted for one build. was a bug apple fixed a few weeks later21:46
Anselmoha, guess someone noticed21:46
joacimtook me long enough to notice21:56
joacima kernel upgrade seems to fix the problem22:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: btrfs-progs: updated to 4.20.123:37
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timcowchipso "sudo mount -t cifs //" doesn't work, but "sudo mount //" does23:55

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