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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: libgcrypt: 1.8.3 -> 1.8.400:39
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timcowchiplxqt-panel won't build the KBINDICATOR or MAINMENU plugins02:38
timcowchipthere was a patch for the KBINDICATOR plugin with the 0.12 version02:40
timcowchipit has already been applied to the 0.13 version, yet it still won'y build that plugin02:41
timcowchipand who cares, reaaly02:41
timcowchiphowever the MAINMENU plugin is a bit more necessary02:41
timcowchipyou can always use the openbox "right-click" menu02:42
timcowchipanywho, I pushed lxqt-panel without those 2 plugins so it will at least build and install02:44
timcowchipand I am willing to bet that nobody complains because nobody will ever try it02:45
jaegerI know how that is... not sure if anyone uses MATE02:49
timcowchipI use some of the packages02:53
timcowchipand zenity02:56
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timcowchipon my tablet now03:00
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jaegerah, ok05:47
joacimjaeger: i use parts of it, so i got all of it installed06:28
jaegerCool :)06:29
jaegerwill have some package updates coming in the near future06:29
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timcowchiplibdbusmenu-qt5 is in
timcowchipwhere it has qjson and therefore qt4 as a dependency21:06
timcowchipI can't win with keeping qt4 off my machine21:07
timcowchipbsdtar -p -o -C /usr/ports/contrib/scrot/work/src -xf /usr/ports/contrib/scrot/scrot_0.8.orig.tar.gz21:43
timcowchipbsdtar: Error opening archive: Unrecognized archive format21:43
timcowchipf' it, I'll make my own scrot21:48
timcowchipor.......I can install MATE21:53
timcowchipit has a screenshoot utility21:54
joacimQT4 seems optional with QT4_BUILD21:59
joacimsince that can be set to off21:59
joacimfor qjson21:59
jaegerscrot built fine here22:14
timcowchipMATE is building fine here22:15
timcowchipI just needed an excuse to install it22:15
timcowchipthe scrot pkgfile looks like it was written for arch linux22:17
jaegerthe packager was an arch dev, I think22:18
timcowchipup to engampa now22:20
timcowchipoh wait...its done22:21
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timcowchipmate menus don't work22:28
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timcowchipmozo doesn't start either22:37
timcowchipwhen I alt F2 and run mate-control-center I get "failure loading"22:42
timcowchippackage mate-menus is installed22:43
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timcowchipthe 2 responses I hate the most in forums or irc are "it worked for me" and "try something else"22:49
timcowchipto "it worked for me" I have to respond "thanks for the encouragement"22:50
timcowchipit seemes I've run into this "Unrecognized archive format" thing before22:52
jaegerdid you check that the file downloaded properly? what does 'file' say about it?22:56
jaegerthere's not much info to go on there22:57
jaegerSame with "mate menus don't work"22:57
timcowchipjust a sec23:06
timcowchipI built my own scrot23:06
timcowchiphard to tell from the image but "PLaces" and "System" open a menu when clicked23:11
timcowchip"Applications" does not23:11
timcowchipjust see a line where the menu should be23:12
timcowchipapparently that menu is empty23:12
jaegerdoes running 'update-desktop-database' change it?23:15
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timcowchipran 'sudo update-desktop-database' but no menu23:18
timcowchiplogged out and back in23:18
timcowchipstill no menu23:18
jaegersounds like a post-install was missed somewhere but not sure. Haven't seen that particular problem23:19
jaegeryou could try running the post-installs, they're idempotent23:19
timcowchipI runscripts yes            # (no|yes)23:20
jaegerfor F in /usr/ports/mate/*/post-install; do sudo sh ${F}; done23:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: openvswitch: 2.10.0 -> 2.10.1 closes FS#170323:20
jaegernot sure, then. It's a new one to me and I run MATE on a few systems23:20
jaegermaybe check system logs or xorg log for errors23:20
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runaphoxHello. Trying to install libsrtp from opt. I get an error when downloading the package (self-signed certificate).23:44
runaphoxI already updated my ports with ports -u.23:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: mpd: 0.20.9 -> 0.21.4 closes FS#170023:50

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