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runaphoxjoin #arch00:42
runaphoxSorry, hahaha.00:42
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timcowchipsudo prt-get depinst lxmenu-data01:54
timcowchippackage lxmenu-data is installed01:54
timcowchipbut then01:54
timcowchipsudo prt-get update lxmenu-data01:55
timcowchip-- Packages not found01:55
timcowchipI thought that maybe my xdgmenumaker package which installs files in /usr/share/desktop-directories might be causing main menus to not build in LXQT and build but not work in MATE01:58
timcowchipso I uninstalled xdgmenumaker and tried to update lxmenu-data01:59
timcowchipbut prt-get couldn't find lxmenu-data02:00
timcowchipcome to think of it prt-get couldn't find xdgmenumaker either02:01
timcowchipgood news, prt-get found itself when I sudo prt-get update -fr prt-get02:03
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jaegerwhatever repo lxmenu-data is in not in prt-get.conf? or are the dir and port named differently?03:11
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pedjayay, snow15:17
frinnstsummer plz15:20
frinnstand make it a hot one so I get to use my AC that I bought 1 day before the summer was over15:20
TimB_+1 for summer15:21
pedjawith 40+C in the summer, I am not a big fan of it15:21
frinnst16C and sunshine is perfect15:21
frinnstcurrent indoor temp at home is 18.9C. "lagom"15:22
TimB_ <- I knew I know the word from somewhere :D15:24
pedjaah, what the Goldilocks say in the bear house15:24
pedjaSerbian equivalent is 'taman' <random fact of the day/>15:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nss: updated to 3.41.116:02
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pedjathe 'hero' is still annoying af, but s2 of the st:d is actually fun to watch most of the time19:13
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timcowchipis cups still a soft dependency for qt5?20:25
timcowchipI see nothing in the Pkgfile that would indicate this20:27
Anselmoit has --no-cups in it20:28
Anselmobut, I'm not sure if it would build without c_c20:29
timcowchipmine doesn't have --no-cups20:30
timcowchiptnx Anselmo20:30
Anselmooh, hm20:30
AnselmoI'll update and check,20:30
Anselmoah, its '-no-{cups,several,other,packages}' actually20:32
timcowchipdon't see --no-cups20:34
Anselmoooooooooooooooooooooh shoot I misread that as qt420:34
timcowchipqt4 should banned20:34
Anselmotrying to test build qt5 without cups installed. . .20:37
timcowchipyou must have a fast machine to build qt5 just for a test20:42
Anselmoits not that fast I'm just curious, its still going so it didnt hit any like,configure errors20:43
Anselmojust an ok quadcore from a few years ago20:44
timcowchiplike mine20:45
timcowchipi5? or i7?20:46
timcowchiplike frinnst20:47
Anselmoheh, doesnt he have like, some fancy 16 core thing though20:47
Anselmoor maybe both . . . hmm. . . .20:47
timcowchipI forget but when he got his it was the cutting edge20:48
Anselmohehe, whereas when I got mine it was uhh, a few years old already ._.20:48
AnselmoI've heard good things about the threadrippers, but like, not that worth it to me. . .20:49
timcowchipthat's what I do......wait until the price drops20:49
Anselmoand I mean, if your needs arent acually that serious its not a problem20:49
Anselmoaaaaaand its still going . . . . .21:11
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timcowchipI just got logged out21:50
timcowchipdon't know why21:51
timcowchipI use slim21:52
timcowchipso I can switch between window managers without having to edit my .xinitrc everytime21:52
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timcowchipI had to restart my build of qt521:56
AnselmoI run a lot of things in tmux, so they dont get killed if X does and I can access them from remote places21:58
timcowchipgood idea22:16
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Anselmoqt5 without cups built for me fine23:30
Anselmo(after like 2 hours)23:30
timcowchipstill building here23:32
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timcowchipnot quite 2 hours yet23:32
timcowchipanywho the new version of vice is looking good23:37
timcowchipbeen 2 hours now and the qt5 build drags on23:56
jaegerOn what kind of hardware are you building?23:58

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