IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2019-01-26

timcowchipintel i5 16Gb ram00:05
timcowchipi5 3Ghz00:05
jaeger4t i5?00:07
timcowchipI can't remember what "Lake" it is00:09
timcowchipI think its this one
timcowchipI should edit pkgmk.conf for the number of cores?00:14
jaegeryeah, that was kaby lake.. 4c/4t00:15
jaegerso yeah, would take a while00:15
jaegerJOBS and MAKEFLAGS in pkgmk.conf should do pretty much what you want, are they uncommented?00:16
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timcowchipI'll uncomment them after the build00:17
jaegerso you're building on one core/thread00:17
pedjathat will take a while :)00:17
timcowchiphow would I know how many threads00:18
timcowchipand change it if necessary00:18
timcowchipI may have known this once, but forgot since then00:19
timcowchipsomething about j1 or j4?00:19
pedjaeasier to set it in pkgmk.conf to automagic :)00:20
timcowchipinstead of $(nproc)?00:22
pedjathat's what JOBS does00:23
timcowchipinstead of $JOBS then00:24
pedjajust read the pkgmk.conf, all will be clear then00:25
pedjaI suck at explaining :)00:25
timcowchipexport MAKEFLAGS='-j4'00:26
pedjawendell from level1tech has some nice toys. couple of threadrippers, epyc, prusa 3d printer00:27
pedjabad ass ARM server00:27
timcowchipand its done00:31
timcowchip2 and a half hours00:31
timcowchiplxqt-panel still won't build the MAINMENU plugin00:37
timcowchipthought if I compiled qt5 on my own system it might make a difference00:38
timcowchipbut no00:38
timcowchipther's something about my system; neither the MATE nor the LXQT menus work00:39
timcowchipI use jgmenu for tint2 on openbox and xdgmenumaker in ~.jwmrc for JWM00:40
timcowchipxdgmenumaker installs files in /usr/share/dektop-directories like MATE and LXQT do00:43
timcowchipI've tried building both mate-menus and lxqt-panel with xdgmenumaker uninstalled00:45
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timcowchipI'm going to install crux on a vm and then immediately try to build lxqt-panel before I muck anything else up00:48
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jaegerhow odd, no idea what's up with that01:17
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: vkd3d-32: initial import07:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: vkd3d: initial import07:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: spirv-headers: initial import07:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: wine: add vkd3d-32 to optional07:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: wine: 4.0-rc6 -> 4.007:23
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timcowchipLXQT-0.13 is dead09:17
timcowchipLXQT-0.14 lives \o/09:17
timcowchipI'll be packagingt of the source files on this page tomorrow
timcowchippackaging the rest^09:28
timcowchipI'll be packaging the rest of the source files on this page tomorrow
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timcowchipQterminal and PCmanfm-qt on LXQT22:14
timcowchipusing screngrab22:15
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