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timcowchipnow after rebuilding gvfs nether pcmanfm-qt nor caja find the usb drive02:41
timcowchipshould there be something in ~/.gvfs02:42
timcowchipsome kind of oauth file02:42
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timcowchipI thinking that its not that I have sonehow borked my system (now about 2 weeks old), but that I haven't been using it for long enough to make all the extra configurations and installations necessary for a compliant linux operating system to function normally03:00
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: util-linux-32: 2.33 -> 2.33.103:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: talloc-32: 2.1.14 -> 2.1.1503:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: nss-32: 3.41 -> 3.41.103:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: mesa3d-32: 18.3.1 -> 18.3.203:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: libxml2-python-32: 2.9.8 -> 2.9.903:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: libxml2-32: 2.9.8 -> 2.9.903:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: libjpeg-turbo-32: 1.5.3 -> 2.0.103:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: libinput-32: 1.12.4 -> 1.12.603:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: libgcrypt-32: 1.8.3 -> 1.8.403:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: libdrm-32: 2.4.96 -> 2.4.9703:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python3-packaging: 18.0 -> 19.003:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python-packaging: 18.0 -> 19.003:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python3-setuptools: 40.6.3 -> 40.7.003:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python-setuptools: 40.6.3 -> 40.7.003:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: meson: 0.49.0 -> 0.49.103:53
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Abdullahcrux can be installed without internet connection or usb_modeswitch is available in iso or proprietry wlan firmwares exist in iso?06:09
Anselmoyou dont need internet connexion during install06:11
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AbdullahAnselmo: is that possible to have systemd?06:13
AnselmoI have heard of people running systemd on Crux. Personally that seems like a project thats more trouble than its worth.06:14
Anselmoif I were trying to do it I'd probably do a normal install and then add systemd later to it,06:14
Anselmoits not officially supported, however06:15
AbdullahAnselmo: the kernel is capable to efistub?06:15
Abdullahor I have to recompile ?06:16
AbdullahI don't wanna install another boot manager like grub etc.06:16
Anselmocrux doesnt provide a kernel binary, typically you compile one yourself during install, though you can take one from the ISO image as well.06:17
Anselmouhm, as far as it having efistub I dont recall off the top of my head, I can try to check06:18
Anselmoefibootmgr is avaliable in the install ISO06:19
Abdullahhmm that's good.06:20
AbdullahAnselmo: There is no guide on encrypted installations. I'm running debian right now and it's an encrypted installation. I think I can go ahead and only format the pvs like home and root and mount them. Assuming cryptsetup is there in iso, I'll be okay to go this way.06:27
Anselmocryptsetup is in the ISO06:27
Anselmoyou'll have to make sure you setup an initrfamfs and such, as well as pay attention to what all is enabled in your kernel as a module vs as builtin06:28
Anselmoso as to mount an encrypted root06:29
Abdullahwish me good luck ;-)06:31
Anselmohehe, I hope you dont need too much of it :P06:31
Anselmobut that you have all that you need06:31
Anselmoanyways I'm gonna be off06:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nodejs: 10.13.0 -> 10.15.007:50
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timcowchipI added dbus to services in rc.conf09:00
timcowchipnow I see usb drives in file managers09:01
timcowchipjust can't mount them09:01
timcowchiporg.freedesktop.udisks2.filesystem-mount is not registered09:01
timcowchipI've been editing *.rules files for hours09:03
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Abdullahso I have installed crux. ;-)09:39
AbdullahI can't get into X. it says i915 module not found. and I have no other system to find some help online ;-) here is the log file.
TimB_i915 is intels graphics card driver09:47
TimB_you'll find it in the kernel09:47
AbdullahI have done a find and got so many results about it TimB_09:48
TimB_I've read that you are working with an initramfs?09:48
TimB_I have no idea about that, but I would guess that you need at least the module for i915 and add it to your initramfs09:49
TimB_recompile the kernel is step one (with added i915 support) and then edit the initramfs config09:49
AbdullahTimB_: I went with unencrypted install this time.09:49
TimB_well then it's the same without the initramfs stuff09:50
Abdullahand I have no initramfs. Just added an entry with efibootmgr, pointed root and vmlinuz only09:50
Abdullahhere is the find result
TimB_the find result doesn09:51
TimB_'t help, at all?09:51
TimB_make menuconfig and navigate to the graphics drivers section09:52
TimB_enable it -> recompile it09:52
Abdullahthanks TimB_09:53
AbdullahTimB_: there was an error about fbdev or udev. do I have to enable something else too?09:59
Abdullahand yeah also 4.14.14 is getting downloaded. should I wait for it and recompile this one or the one I have in /usr/src/linux***?10:01
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TimB_Abdullah: where was an error?10:02
TimB_for make menuconfig you should need ncurses IIRC10:03
Abdullahits working in vconsoles (make menuconfig)10:03
Abdullah4.14.14 has been downloaded.10:03
Abdullahdo I have to recompile it?10:04
TimB_the new kernel?10:04
TimB_yes, of course, you just downloaded the source code10:05
Abdullahits compiling on that screen, I'm sure its the kernel. so will it use the .config from /usr/src/liux-old one?10:06
TimB_copy your old configure file to the new source directory and run make oldconfig10:08
TimB_it goes through your old config and adds missing lines and asks you about new options10:08
Abdullahso its something els which is gonna compile ?10:09
AbdullahI just did prt-get sysup10:09
TimB_I am not sure I follow you10:09
TimB_you should know what just runs in your terminal10:10
Abdullahand it downloaded so many packages and last time I saw it was fetching kernel
TimB_if you've been in the kernel source dir and ran make it builds _some_ kernel10:10
TimB_if you've run prt-get sysup it updates crux packages10:10
Abdullahit is glibc10:12
TimB_so not the kernel - like I said, copy your created config to the new kernel dir, run make oldconfig, and it will ask you a bunch of questions (usually)10:13
TimB_then proceed as usual10:14
TimB_grub user here, so no idea about efibootmgr10:14
TimB_plus I gotta get back to work, good luck to you!10:14
AbdullahTimB_: Thanks alot mate10:14
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frinnstdon't you just love debian? finally upgrading some debian 7 servers to debian 8 that we run powerdns on11:26
frinnsthad to resort to to find what database changes are required11:27
dbrooke ?     I retired my last Debian 7 server about a month ago but that was for mail and was replaced with a completely different OS12:08
frinnstthat just gave me the excuse to actually do it :)12:20
dbrookehaha, now you just need another excuse to go to Debian 9 ?12:22
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pedjadebian 7 is old, 8 current, 9 next release?13:00
frinnst8 is old, 9 current13:01
pedjaso why did you update your servers to 8, then :) ?13:02
pedjaor is it some LTS thingie?13:03
ryuoall Debian releases are a form of LTS.13:04
pedjabecause the development is so slow between versions?13:05
ryuopedja: you'd rather use a broken glass factory distribution?13:06
pedjawhat does that even mean?13:07
pedja'broken glass' implies abandoned13:07
ryuopedja: bleeding edge?13:07
ryuoACTION coughs.13:07
ryuofrinnst: question. is it at all possible to specify domain name servers as an ip address? it seems weird to have to use a domain name to specify them in whois records.13:08
pedja'broken glass factory' = 'bleeding edge'. hm, I don't see the connection :)13:09
pedjaand no, I wouldn't use bleeding edge distro for a server, I am not *that* stupid ;)13:11
pedjasomething like Leap, perhaps, would do nicely, I think13:12
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pedjasome IT pros I met use gentoo or arch for servers, which is...interesting13:14
dbrookeDebian "stable" policy is to only bug/security fix (often to the extent of backporting fixes rather than upgrading) so by end of life things can be a few years old13:16
frinnsteasier than to jump 2 versions13:16
frinnstryuo: like DNS glue?13:16
frinnstyou usually specify both name and ip unless you use some upstream server to be authorotative of your zones13:17
dbrookeif your NS are in the domain you _need_ glue else you can't find the NS itself ...13:18
ryuofrinnst: i guess? i noticed that it seemed to be impossible to use IP addresses as my DNS hosts.13:18
dbrookebut mine have glue regardless13:18
pedjais that how domain registrars dns works? their dns servers are authoritative for the domain you get from them?13:19
ryuowell, not all registrars also offer DNS hosting. they're distinct services.13:20
ryuoyou have to not only register a domain, but also have some sort of arrangement for DNS hosts.13:20
ryuoi was wondering if the DNS hosts could be specified as IP addresses in the event you have no existing domains that resolve to them.13:20
ryuoi mean, most DNS servers are provided by ip address and not a domain name.13:21
ryuoso it seemed a bit weird here.13:21
dbrookeresolvers need to be specified as an address because a client can't look anything up until it knows where to ask13:23
dbrookebut then the resolver recurses down through authoritative servers from the TLD13:24
dbrooke(it has a hard configured list of the root servers to start from)13:26
pedjasetting up unbund as a local resolver was one of the smartest things I've done lately13:26
pedjamy ISP's dns servers can be a bit...temperamental13:28
pedjamust be the Solaris acting up :)13:28
frinnstthese nameservers were installed with debian513:29
frinnst32bit goodness13:29
dbrookethat was one reason I started again with my mail server, it started as a 32 bit physical box many years ago and had been upgraded and virtualised on Xen and Linux KVM and SmartOS KVM over the years13:32
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AbdullahHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found13:43
Abdullah2019-01-28 13:36:40 ERROR 404: Not Found.13:43
Abdullah=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.13:43
Abdullahtwo ports found on, both gave this error13:48
frinnstI think they remove the old source when they release a new version13:52
frinnstthere are a couple of projects that does that. annoying as hell13:52
Abdullahfrinnst: yeah the error is due to upgraded version of zsh from 5.6.2 to 5.713:54
AbdullahI have solved the downloading part. but I don't know how to upload the port. (I'm newb to crub, first reboot)13:55
pedjafew changes for such a big version jump13:55
Abdullahhow long it should take guys `prt-get sysup` ? 2 hours ago I ran and still running13:56
pedjadepends on the system you have13:57
AbdullahI have X1 carbon with an ssd and 8G of ram13:58
pedjathere were a few bigger changes since the release, iirc. glibc and gcc update? so it may take a while13:58
Abdullahglibc has been updated. Now its gcc13:58
AbdullahI think linux from scratch can give me an idea ;-)14:00
frinnstgcc and glibc are not *that* big.14:01
Abdullahfrinnst: so that means I still have something more than that ;-)14:02
frinnst if you need an old tarball14:03
pedjainterestingly enough, gcc-fortran takes longer to build then gcc14:03
Abdullahfrinnst: I'm newb. I have no idea how to use tar.xz ;-)14:04
frinnstjust download the file to /usr/ports/opt/zsh and run pkgmk14:04
AbdullahThanks mate14:04
Abdullahfrinnst: what about .signature and those dotfiles?14:06
frinnstif the tarball is unmodified it should hopefully match. otherwise don't use it14:06
Abdullahin /usr/ports/opt/zsh14:06
frinnstdont change any of that14:06
frinnstjust place the tarball in the dir14:07
dbrookeyou can also define PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS in /etc/pkgmk.conf and it will check those first (I keep a local mirror to save downloading for each machine)14:07
dbrookethough my new 26 times faster internet (still about 1/12th the speed of frinnst's) makes that slighly less of an issue14:10
pedjadbrooke, so, if my math is right, you went from 4 to 100Mb?14:17
pedjamy nephew recently upgraded from 20/4, I think, to 100/814:22
pedja~14€/month, iirc14:23
pedjapromo price, it will be ~30 after 6 months.still, not bad14:25
Abdullahzsh compiled. now its i3-gaps ;-)14:25
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pedjaif you are bored
dbrookepedja: 3/0.7 to 80/20 (BT installed a VDSL cabinet just over the road back in May but it only went live a few weeks ago) and it's an extra £10/month which I can probably save most of by cancelling an external VPS and hosting it on site14:40
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pedjadbrooke, nice :)14:42
dbrookeit is 8-)14:43
Abdullahsignify failed for i3-gaps. 2 ports tried14:46
dbrookefor a contributor repo you'll need to install the key14:48
Abdullahthe gpg key right?14:49
dbrookethey should provide a public key which needs copying to /etc/ports/$repo_name.pub14:50
Abdullahlemme install gnupg14:52
dbrookeI'm not sure you need that14:57
dbrookeat least for ports, which use signify14:57
dbrookethough I note my key is still not listed in portdb, who could add that for me?14:58
jaegerI'll add it in a few minutes15:20
Abdullahdbrooke: there are 2 ports for i3-gaps. both don't have pub keys on crux.nu15:24
dbrookejaeger: thanks15:24
dbrookeAbdullah: if you can find where they host the port it may have a link, e.g. my key is linked from
Abdullahis there a way to bypass it?15:25
jaegerI'll add them to the portdb and soon15:26
dbrookeyou can pass -is to disable it if you're happy to trust it15:26
Abdullahdbrooke jaeger thanks15:26
jaegerok, made sure dbrooke, seiflek, and tb repos have keys listed and uploaded. They'll show up on the portdbs at the next sync15:30
Abdullahconfigure: error: Package requirements (libstartup-notification-1.0) were not met:15:45
AbdullahI cant search theses packages with prt-get15:46
jaegertry 'prt-get fsearch libstartup-notification-1.0.pc'15:55
jaegerbut the package you want is probably 'startup-notification'15:55
jaegerAnd it wouldn't hurt to notify the maintainer listed in the Pkgfile for that package that startup-notification is a missing dependency15:56
AbdullahI will add all those ports myself when I'm good with crux16:00
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Abdullahsndfile is a dependency for pulseaudio, which is available from libsndfile16:30
Abdullahmeson 0.47 required for mpd. while I have 0.46. is the opt meson 0.46+?17:07
Abdullahits 0.49.1 ;-)17:09
Abdullahso we have some alternative to gentoo make.conf? like jobs? (-j8)17:43
joacimAbdullah: pkgmk.conf17:44
Abdullahjoacim: Thanks mate17:45
AbdullahI did 'prt-get sysup' 6 hours ago and still its running. so if I give it sigterm now, will it start over or resume where it left? (feeling headache today)18:10
joacimit will start over what you're currently building18:11
jaegeryou'll lose progress on the current port but anything you already finished updating is fine18:11
joacimall earlier packages will have been built and installed already18:11
joacimwhat he said18:11
jaegerpushed some MATE updates today18:12
AbdullahI just did a fresh install and after getting X I did 'prt-get sysup'18:12
AbdullahI don't use DE (MATE) I have i3-gaps compiled. currently running is my dwm fork
jaegerThat was a general comment, not directed specifically :)18:14
Abdullahyeah I know ;-)18:14
Abdullahfirefox is gonna compile and I don't use it all ;-) I have google chrome18:15
jaegeryou can remove firefox if you want18:15
Abdullahits part of 'prt-get sysup' so removing will affect?18:16
Abdullahlol how lucky I'm jaeger ;-) It produced an error and I got the prompt ;-)18:17
Abdullah here is the error18:19
jaegerfirefox was removed/deprecated in favor of firefox-bin, anyway18:20
jaegerSo I'd recomment removing it either way18:20
jaegerer, recommend18:20
jaegertyping is hard today18:20
jaegerI think Romster maintains the source port for firefox now but if you use chrome anyway, no reason to build something you won't use18:21
Abdullahremoved jaeger18:22
jaegerACTION disappears18:22
AbdullahI use google chrome. and I don't know why its faster than firefox and its me who thinks that ;-)18:23
joacimi just use firefox because always used firefox =)18:23
jaegerI dislike all browsers these days... they all have different issues, heh18:24
joacimused it since 1.x or something like that18:24
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AbdullahI'm newb to this init system so I have to make this script also executable for getting wifi at boot? /etc/rc.d/wifi ? or an other alternative in network manager?18:50
AbdullahI mean an alternative to `systemctl enable networkmanager` in systemd18:51
Anselmoyou probably want to add it to /etc/rc.conf18:51
Anselmothere's the line that says 'SERVICES=(...)', and all those services are executed at boot18:52
AbdullahI have added wifi there18:52
Anselmouhm, and if you want to execute it now you should be able to run just execute the script manually, like18:53
Anselmosudo /etc/rc.d/wifi18:53
Abdullahso that is okay now? and no need to have network manager for auto connecting when I lost connection for power loss ?18:54
Anselmouhm, that depends on what your /etc/rc.d/wifi script does :P18:55
Abdullah+x ?18:56
Anselmoyeah it should be executable18:56
Anselmoor all of mine are18:56
AbdullahThanks mate, is it called openrc or something else?18:57
Abdullahsorry I have only used systemd ;-)18:57
Abdullaho thanks again mate18:57
Abdullahworking now ;-)19:01
Abdullahbtw is there a way like I wanna enable mpd as my user at boot. in systemd I had to execute `systemctl --user enable mpd` as my user19:05
jaegersysvinit doesn't really make the distinction but you could make the mpd script in /etc/rc.d run as your user by editing it directly19:06
AbdullahThere is a mpd socket. I hope it will be documented for sysvinit.(at least now I know the name) ;-)19:08
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dbrookeI tend to use an @reboot crontab entry for processes I want running in background under my own UID regardless of whether I'm logged in19:29
Guest19806dbrooke: I was about to say that but then I thought it will be stupid idea ;-)19:32
*** Guest19806 has joined #crux19:35
dbrookewell I guess it depends what you want 8-) most things I run from .bash_profile as I only want them running if logged in19:58
dbrookebut as an alternative to init scripts the @reboot is easy as you don't need to be root to add it19:59
dbrookefor system users init scripts are still the way to go20:00
Abdullahdbrooke: by running mpd I mean it should wait for a connection to start. that thing they call socket20:00
Abdullahpulseaudio needs to be started this way?20:02
Abdullahin systemd I think it is enabled by default20:02
dbrookeI'm not familiar with that kind of requirement but I've run mpd as my user and controlled it over the network so I guess the @reboot could start it for that usage but I've not tried it20:02
dbrookeI start pulseaudio from .bash_profile20:03
Abdullahcan I see your .bash_profile?20:03
dbrookepulseaudio --start --exit-idle-time=-1 --log-target=syslog20:03
dbrookeprobably mostly stuff of no use to you, but
Abdullahif [[ ! $DISPLAY && $XDG_VTNR -eq 1 ]]; then pulseaudio --start ?20:07
Abdullahfor desktops20:07
dbrookeI'm not sure but maybe that's assuming a DE would start it automatically20:09
dbrookeI'm an X + WM person20:09
Abdullahme too ;-)20:10
dbrookeso as you can see from .bash_profile I start X if I log in to the first console20:11
dbrookeand that script is shared with debian systems which need startx rather than just xinit20:11
Abdullahso xinit works too without startx?20:15
dbrookeit's enough on crux, I can't now recall if I tried startx on crux but debian needs it to set some permissions I think20:16
AbdullahI tried to start X with startx today20:18
Abdullahand it was okay20:18
Abdullahsame xinitrc was on arch, debian, gentoo, and slackware20:19
Abdullahhow long the fotran is gonna take ;-) hours ago it started ;-)20:19
dbrookehah, I've had fortran compiling in a VM for hours too (it's a dependency of a port I'm testing in a clean environment)20:27
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timcowchipgot pcmanfm-qt to mount removeable drives20:29
AbdullahI can't get /dev/mapper/ even after upgrading to cryptsetup 220:30
Abdullahis it okay to leave the laptop plugged in and fall asleep ?20:32
AbdullahI'm having sever headache today20:32
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Abdullahexport jobs=8 is correct format?20:47
Abdullah$(nproc) is only 420:48
*** timcowchip has joined #crux20:49
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jaegerI would not recommend setting jobs to twice your threads, maybe set it to 4 or 521:03
Abdullahjaeger: just for tdoay? I can't leave machine unattended21:09
jaegerWhether it's attended or not, setting jobs to 8 when you have 4 threads isn't going to help much21:11
Abdullahokay I'm gonna change them back.21:12
Abdullahthose were commented out by default. I just yanked that line and pasted it, uncommented it and replaced $(nproc). now I deleted it21:14
jaegeryou can set it to 4 no problem21:16
Abdullahexport JOBS=$(nproc) just commented this line.21:17
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jaegertimcowchip: I have caja, udisks2, and gvfs installed here, USB drives mount automatically without trouble for what that's worth21:56
joacimthats pretty far into the backlog21:57
timcowchipyou won't believe what I did to make it work here21:57
jaegerindeed, but I hadn't had a chance to test it yet here21:57
joacimoh he posted recently21:57
joacimsome sleep might cure my blindness21:57
timcowchipI copied /usr/share/polkit and /etc/polkit from my arch installation to /usr/share/polkit and /usr/etc/polkit on my crux installation21:59
timcowchipthey're just a bunch of text files so............21:59
timcowchipI got tired of editing22:00
jaegerMine are unedited, for reference22:00
timcowchipit s polkit in opt that provides the *.rules and action files22:02
jaegerAh, I use the one from the MATE ports22:03
timcowchipI wish I could install mate22:05
timcowchipI can install polkit from mate though22:06
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timcowchippolkit from mate sort of works22:14
timcowchipI get not authorized to perform operation22:14
timcowchipI used to get "GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed: Action org.freedesktop.udisks2.filesystem-mount is not registered"22:15
timcowchipcan't see any diff between /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.UDisks2.policy on arch or crux22:20
timcowchipits maddening22:20
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jaegerGoing to do a fresh VM install with MATE and see if it's broken (aside from NEW footprint mismatches)22:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: wg: 20181218 -> 2019012322:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: firefox-bin: updated to 65.023:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: glib: updated to 2.58.323:08
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jaegerugh... virtualbox/vboxvideo are absoltely refusing to create /dev/dri and I can't remember how the hell to fix this23:40

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