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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: kexec-tools: 2.0.14 -> 2.0.1800:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: git: 2.19.1 -> 2.20.100:08
Worksterhi what's up with i do a ports -u and hit just hangs on core00:09
jaegerWorkster: not seeing any issues here currently, ran a ports update without trouble00:10
frinnstworks here00:13
timcowchippolkit is at 1.15
Worksterit's working intermittently i got some of the ports then it times out. like network packet loss behaviour hrmm, it was fine here last week.00:27
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Workstersome weird network issue going on here. works from home too.01:14
Workstermight be to large MTU setting or something misconfigured.01:14
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AbdullahGood Morning pals. ;-)05:51
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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: libpipeline: update to 1.5.108:07
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AbdullahI have pm-utils installed. pm-hibernate and pm-suspend are working (after I added /usr/sbin to my user $path) but when I close the lid, it doesn't suspend. Is there a solution for that? and also lock it after resume?08:25
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Abdullah_How do you manage lid close event? like when I close the lid it doesn't suspend the machine.09:29
Abdullah_I have install acpid too09:29
Abdullah_but still not working09:30
z3braI think that's with pm-utils09:43
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Abdullah_z3bra: with pm-suspend, pm-hibernate it works. but doesn't work if I close the lid. I think there would be some work around10:23
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Abdullah_I have made it work like it would lock the screen with i3lock when suspended or hibernated10:24
Abdullah_but still no success with lid close10:24
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Abdullahso yesterday my `prt-get sysup` was interrupted after upgrading so many packages and 18 hours. if I run it again it will upgrade all those things again?11:36
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Abdullaherror: failed to parse manifest at `/home/pkgmk/work/rust/src/rustc-1.29.2-src/src/tools/clippy/Cargo.toml`12:33
pedjarust is evil12:39
pedjaand PITA to build12:39
Abdullahmpv: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory12:44
frinnstlooks like mpv needs a rebuild12:44
Abdullahwhile find says, /usr/lib/libLLVM-7.0.0.so12:44
frinnstthe joys of a source-based os :-)12:44
Abdullahhow to rebuild ;-)12:44
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frinnstprt-get -fr update mpv12:45
Abdullahfrinnst: lol we love it (don't need a heater) ;-)12:45
frinnsti recommend the port prt-utils which provides the "revdep" util - searches from broken stuff12:46
Abdullahthanks mate12:47
frinnstprt-get -fr update $(revdep) would rebuld everything that revdep flags12:48
AbdullahI rebuilt the mpv and it gave me an error for footprint mismatched. so I did pkgadd -u on built package. but still that error comes ;-)12:50
frinnstits probably a dependency that actually causes the error. run revdep12:51
Abdullahgave 4 packages glu mesa3d xorg-server and xorg-xf86-video-ati.12:51
frinnstprt-get -fr update $(revdep)12:51
Abdullahyeah working12:52
pedja'Unix is dead. There is Linux and some rounding errors' he does have a point :)12:53
Abdullahunix didn't have errors ?12:54
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pedjaanyone else get 404 with kexec-tools tarball d/l?12:55
Abdullahlemme check pedja12:56
Abdullahpedja: package installed ;-)12:56
AbdullahI don't know what it does so gonna rm it ;-)12:57
Abdullah pedja12:58
pedjaAbdullah, I am having issues with 2.0.18. run 'ports -u'12:59
AbdullahI think I ran it today.13:00
Abdullahagain doing it13:00
AbdullahI wish we could have a rolling release ;-)13:01
pedjaplenty of those out there13:02
Abdullahlol I dont need single of them13:02
pedjafrinnst, nice job with disabling update check for firefox13:05
pedjathat was kind of annoying :)13:05
Abdullahmount: /home/z/mnt: special device /dev/mapper/mithu does not exist.13:10
Abdullahpedja: how can we check if there is an update available for a package or not?13:10
pedja'prt-get diff'13:11
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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: bison: updated to 3.3.116:40
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timcowchipneither sdl_mixer nor sdl2_mixer will build21:43
timcowchipI have all the dependencies installed21:45
timcowchipI use prt-get depinst anyway21:46
timcowchipI see both of them are the latest version21:47
Anselmouhm, whats the error21:48
timcowchipMakefile:137: *** multiple target patterns.  Stop.21:49
timcowchipthey both stop there21:49
Anselmoboth build fine here21:50
timcowchipI'm trying to make a Pkgfile for ecwolf21:52
timcowchipI was hoping to use sdl_mixer for a dependency21:53
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deep42thoughtHi, I'm trying to compile sdl_mixer, but it fails in "make" with "Makefile:137: *** multiple target patterns.  Stop." - is anyone else seeing this?21:57
timcowchipyes I am seeing that21:58
timcowchipRomster has packages for both here
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timcowchiptnx for the sdl_mixer package Romster22:00
deep42thoughtthanks, timcowchip, for pointing me to the binary packages - I'll use that for now :-)22:01
deep42thoughtbtw: another thing that bothers me is, that I'm unable to compile texlive for quite some time now22:02
deep42thoughtis there some working alternative to texlive?22:02
deep42thoughte.g. some other tex/latex compiler?22:02
deep42thoughtthx, cu22:07
deep42thoughthmm, nope, that texlive is linked against, too22:22
jaegerDo you guys use funky CFLAGS?22:25
deep42thoughtI have export CFLAGS="-O2 -march=x86-64"22:31
deep42thoughtand ccache enabled22:31
jaegerMight be worth trying without ccache sometime, CFLAGS look ok22:32
deep42thoughtsdl_mixer fails similarily w/o ccache22:34
deep42thoughttexlive is still extracting ;-)22:34
timcowchipjaeger: do you run as root or your won user?22:37
timcowchipI was wondering if that's why you can mount removeable drives without editing polkit files22:40
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jaegeralways run as my user22:42
timcowchipI figured you did22:46
timcowchipgot ecwolf to work22:47
timcowchipmaking a desktop file for it22:47
timcowchipthought I'd add some *wl1 files so you can have something to play22:48
timcowchipI used to have *wl6 files22:48
timcowchipthey might still be on a zip drive22:49
timcowchipremember those?22:49
timcowchipthe 100Mb floppy22:49
jaegerI see the sdl2_mixer build failure in a fresh container22:50
timcowchipI mean oh22:50
deep42thoughtok, texlive failed similarily22:55
deep42thoughtI mean w/o ccache it fails similarily22:55
deep42thoughtbut it's really time for my bed now :-)22:55
deep42thoughtgood night, everyone, and thanks for your help!22:56
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jaegerlooks like setting CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash fixes the sdl2_mixer build issue23:05
timcowchipI use bash for my shell23:07
jaegersame with sdl_mixer23:08
timcowchipbut I don't think I chsh for root23:08
timcowchipthanks jaeger23:09
jaeger /bin/sh is linked to dash which can cause some issues now and then23:10
timcowchipwhere does "CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash" go exactly?23:24
timcowchipdoesn/t work23:26
timcowchipdo any other Pkgfiles have the "CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash" line?23:32
timcowchipI've tried adding the line both inside and outside the build() section........neither build23:37
timcowchipmaybe I should just wait for Romster and pedja to update their ports23:39
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: sdl2_mixer: Force bash as shell for configure23:48

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