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xveehi guys. recently installed crux on my laptop and have come across a strange issue. when opening a youtube link, it'll open the site, but nothing will load. when refreshing, the page comes up, but the video gets stuck in a buffering state. anyone else experience this?00:36
jaegerhaven't run into that one, myself00:44
xveeare you using the html5 feature?00:47
xveefigured it out. it was umatrix blocking it00:49
xveethat was silly of me. sorry for the trouble00:50
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frinnsttimcowchip: or switch to a distribution that 'doesn't force dash on you'06:53
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timcowchipfrinnst: as it turns out, I can alter that which is "forced" on me to suit myself.07:14
frinnstregarding your question, export it07:32
timcowchipthank you :)07:33
frinnsthmm exactly how does mysql/mariadb tmpfiles work? a simple alter table on a ~40gb db seems to grow the dir with ~40gb07:55
frinnstyet there are no files in the dir07:55
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Abdullahon boot I got a warning, specified group kvm unknow07:58
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frinnstAbdullah: an update for eudev contains a rule that needs that group. run rejmerge to add it to your /etc/groups08:09
frinnstjust pay attention so you dont blindly overwrite something important08:09
Abdullah rejmerge as root?08:09
Abdullahkeep, upgrade, merge, diff skip?08:10
frinnstyes those are the options. merge is probably the option you want08:11
Abdullahgot merge failed errors08:20
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: talloc-32: fix .footprint09:29
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over7headany support for installing from network?09:35
over7head*from other distribution without livecd09:35
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frinnstpedja: seems like I need to to that for thunderbird too10:04
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Abdullahcan't execute /etc/rc10:14
Abdullahoh yeah I think this is the error due to running this command. pkgrm bash ;-) isn't that?10:15
Abdullahright now I'm booted with arch iso10:16
Abdullahroot mounted on /mnt and home on /mnt/home10:16
AbdullahI think I have to boot from crux iso and install bash using that10:17
Abdullahor is there an alternative to use zsh instead of bash10:17
Abdullahlemme check /etc/passwd10:17
Abdullahroot shell is /bin/zsh10:20
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gwosixcrux' package manager, unlike gentoo's isn't python based is it?10:24
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Abdullahso I'm done with it ;-) just booted with arch iso, mounted root at /mnt, home at /mnt/home and did pkgadd /home/pkgmk/packages/bashXXXXXXXXXXXXX ;-)10:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: quota: update to 4.0412:43
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joacimAbdullah: yeah removing bash would make certain scripts no longer be able to run =)15:30
Abdullahyeah I didn't know that.15:31
Abdullahjoacim: I booted arch linux iso, mounted root and home and pkgadd bash15:32
Abdullahin crux iso I couldn't find it15:32
joacimshould be on the iso somewhere15:33
joacimif you updated bash recently, it should be in /usr/ports too15:33
joacimin /usr/ports/core/bash if you didn't change where packages are left15:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: vulkan-validation-layers: Update to
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: vulkan-tools: Update to
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: vulkan-loader: Update to
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: vulkan-headers: Update to
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: glslang: Update to 7.11.300916:53
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jaegerfor future reference all built packages on the ISO are in crux/{core,opt,xorg}17:41
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: thunderbird-bin: updated to 60.5.018:31
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Abdullahso I have rxvt-unicode and visualizer in ncmpcpp isn't working. do I have to recompile with some features enabled ? or I have to install something else?18:55
AbdullahI have fonts installed in my home dir. explained here ;-)
Abdullahso I think I don't need fonts18:56
joacimsometimes fancy features require optional dependencies18:58
joacimi remember having to install certain applications to get album art to work in ccx18:58
Abdullahjoacim: I show album art in ncmpcpp ;-)19:03
Abdullahthat's a hack btw19:03
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Abdullahhere you can see ;-)
joacim404 :(19:05
joacimccx2 did it by converting the picture into some kind of ansiart19:05
Abdullahhere you can see ;-)
AbdullahI manage this site using git. just checked my dir path so it was missing the img in path19:06
Abdullahfor me the still album art is working. but I can't see visualizer.19:07
Abdullahand its not ncmpcpp problem as I checked it with -s flag and it didn't give me some error. just a blank screen was there.19:08
Abdullahbtw I have time as UTC+5 in my rc.conf but still time isn't set19:09
AbdullahI had one script in my bin. that's still working. I thought it is just systemd part. ;-)19:10
joacimI have something like TIMEZONE=Europe/Oslo in my rc.conf19:12
AbdullahThanks joacim for an idea19:14
TimB_ls /usr/share/zoneinfo should help19:14
Abdullahthat's what I sent in script ;-)19:15
Abdullahbut that only works until reboot19:15
Abdullahafter reboot it won't survive19:15
Abdullahthe solution is what joacim said I think it will work. I added UTC+5 but didnt work19:16
joacimshould be set to what is in /usr/share/zoneinfo19:16
AbdullahI have set without checking zones but I think it will be there19:17
Abdullahyeah its there too19:17
Abdullahbtw I'm not sure why people say that systemd did something with boot time. I don't know if there is a command in this init for checking boot time (an alternative to systemd-analyze). but my system is really fast booting. and I don't see a difference in this matter19:22
joacimfaster on systems with lots of services maybe19:24
Abdullahyeah maybe.19:24
AbdullahI have only crond net wifi and logs19:24
AbdullahHow do you guys startx? I have to manually type it after login.19:25
Abdullahif [[ ! $DISPLAY &&XDG_VTNR -eq 1 ]]; then exec startx fi I have this in my .zprofile too19:26
joacimthats what i do on my laptop19:26
joacimon my desktop with a different distro, i just use lightdm19:26
AbdullahI think a user from uk gave me a .bash_profile which had something different but I forgot to bookmark it19:27
TimB_lightdm here too19:27
Abdullahlightdm I have used in another distro and it got some seconds to start19:28
TimB_runs very smooth for me on an ssd19:28
TimB_I mean it's basically X starting19:28
TimB_plus pam. I can unlock my laptop with a yubikey19:29
jaegerAbdullah: /etc/rc uses TIMEZONE on boot but it just sets the time zone, it's not NTP as well19:31
jaegeryou would need to run chrony or openntpd or something else to set the time automatically19:31
AbdullahTimB_: I'm also on ssd19:31
TimB_Abdullah: what kind of delay do you have? for me, it's like a second and it's up, both laptop and desktop19:32
joacimyou should have /etc/cron/daily/rdate on your system too19:33
joacimuncomment a line down there to have rdate run and set the time for you19:33
AbdullahI had this issue on some other distro TimB_ I didn't check lightdm on crux.19:33
joacimopenrdate already comes installed in core19:33
TimB_oh alright then, well you can use my repo to install lightdm19:33
Abdullahjoacim: I'm pretty sure that job is already done by what we call system clock19:34
joacimi dont really know why it is in core =)19:34
joacimi suppose something depends on it19:34
TimB_only thing thats not working is the restart part of the rc script, haven't had the time and motivation to dig much deeper last time I checked ^^'19:34
Abdullahso I think if we set like you said it will auto set the time on boot19:34
joacimthats a different job. rdate is yet another ntp thingy19:35
AbdullahTimB_: thanks man. but I think I don't need it. I can login via vconsole19:35
AbdullahYour clock is 1.5 seconds behind. ;-) ref time.is19:38
TimB_The difference from was +0.007 seconds (±0.020 seconds). powered by openntpd19:39
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AbdullahI have a luks2 encrypted external hard drive and I can't mount it to my system19:41
Abdullahonly archiso today mounted it19:41
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Abdullahon crux iso I also got an error luks2 not supported19:41
AbdullahI compiled cryptsetup from gitlab to my homedir. and tried to use the script cryptsetup but still no success19:42
AbdullahI don't get a /dev/mapper/foo19:42
AbdullahIt just asks me the passphrase19:42
TimB_maybe the kernel doesn't support it?19:42
AbdullahTimB_: ;-)19:44
AbdullahI had this issue on debian testing. then I compiled cryptsetup and used the script in root directory of repo and it was okay19:46
Abdullahdid same on this machine today but no success19:47
AbdullahTimB_: can I see your fstab for the system with ssd?19:48
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TimB_uhm, a sec19:59
TimB_/dev/sdc2               /         btrfs      defaults,discard               0      119:59
TimB_guess the options is what you are after19:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: stellarium: Update to 0.18.320:00
Abdullahmine is /dev/sda2 / ext4 noatime,discard 0 0 for root20:04
Abdullah/dev/sda3 swap swap sw 0 020:05
Abdullahand for home same options as root20:05
Abdullahjust noauto for boot20:05
TimB_looks ok? I use defaults,noatime,discard elsewhere20:05
Abdullahdevpts                 /dev/pts  devpts    noexec,nosuid,gid=tty,mode=0620   and   shm                    /dev/shm  tmpfs     defaults   should I comment them?20:06
Abdullahthere is a line in fstab for it. that they are required20:07
TimB_i have both uncommented20:07
AbdullahI also uncommented during installation20:07
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AbdullahConnecting to||:21.. for last ten minutes20:54
Abdullahstill not downloaded20:54
Abdullahsite ftp is down21:06
Abdullah source is available here21:08
Abdullahwrote my first port ;-)22:12
Abdullahbut I was unable to install saslauthd into /etc/rc.d so I did manually22:12
Abdullahhow can I submit it?22:12
Abdullahguide me please ;-)22:13
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Abdullahanother one for python3.7 ;-)22:38
Abdullahat least we should have some guide for non english users too ;-)22:39
saptechAbdullah, you are now appointed to create guide for non english users  :)22:46
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Abdullahyou know I'm high school dropped. and we started reading english from 6th to 9th only 3 years ;-)22:47
Abdullahand we didn't even saw computers in schools22:47
saptechI only speak english and PC computers were very expensive when I was in school. I'm not sure if the school had computers22:49
saptechI think school did teach French & Spanish. I wanted to learn spanish but skipped class  :)22:51
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AbdullahI have $BROWSER set but still no apps are using it23:13
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