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timcowchip /I still get "Warning: couldn't set locale." in xterm and "urxvt: default locale unavailable, check LC_* and LANG variables. Continuing." in urxvt00:09
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pedjatimcowchip, did you create en_AU.utf-8 locale?00:15
timcowchipno I created en_US.utf-8 locale00:16
pedjawhy is that set as LC_ALL then :) ?00:16
timcowchipshotgun method00:17
pedjaheh. why are you using dash as a shell, I am curious?00:17
pedjaafaik, it's not really suited for that00:18
timcowchipto comply with the "Crux way"00:18
pedjaCrux way?00:18
pedjadash is the default, you can use whatever you want00:18
timcowchipyes like the Arch way only with Crux00:18
timcowchipI couldn't make bash work so I chs -s back to dash00:19
pedjawhat issue were you having?00:19
timcowchipone is xterm the other qterminal00:21
timcowchipqterminal displays utf-8 correctly00:21
timcowchipxterm doesn't00:22
timcowchipwith in /etc/profile xterm now displays utf-8 correctly but I still get an error message00:23
timcowchipI was getting "xterm: Can't execvp /usr/X11R6/bin/luit: No such file or directory"00:26
timcowchipthen I biult and installed xorg-luit with a link from /usr/bin/luit to /usr/X11R6/bin/luit00:27
timcowchipand the eroor went away00:27
timcowchipI think I was still using bash then00:28
pedjaxterm works without that error here, and I don't have luit00:33
timcowchipthanks for the encouragement then00:42
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timcowchippedja: re: why is that set as LC_ALL then :) ?  &&  xterm works without that error here, and I don't have luit         I read between lines and removed export LC_ALL=C from /etc/profile03:24
timcowchipits the "xterm*locale: true" in ~/.Xresources that causes the "xterm: Can't execvp /usr/X11R6/bin/luit: No such file or directory" error my xorg-luit that fixes it03:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: multimc: initial import10:52
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Abdullahwell, I think the solution to what I need about power management is acpid.11:07
Abdullahpkgrm pm-utils (it did nothing except locking the screen after a suspend which was made possible from terminal pm-suspend only )11:08
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Abdullahfrinnst: cyrus-sasl url needs to be updated. I have installed it using my port, also emailed you15:26
Abdullahthe port has ftp url which doesn't work15:26
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frinnstdon't mail me about that. its not my port16:14
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Abdullahfrinnst: oh I thought contrib is the maintained by crux developers18:09
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Anselmousually contact info for the maintainer of an individual port is listed in the description of it18:09
Abdullahbtw I wrote a port for it. and mailed you about that18:09
AbdullahAnselmo: whose ports get into contib? anyone's ?18:10
Anselmomy understanding is just that its community members who are trying to be reasonably reliable about keeping them up to date18:11
Anselmosometimes that overlaps with the people who maintain core/opt/xorg but not neccisarily18:11
AbdullahHow can we be community members ? I spend 18 hours of my time at laptop and I have no other job right now.18:12
Anselmowell, probably by being here you're part of the community :P18:12
Anselmothere should be info about getting ports in contrib in the wiki18:13
AbdullahI'm always there ;-) and yeah I come from my laptop, not from vps/shell too ;-)18:13
Anselmobut also you can maintain your own ports repo that people can download, and get it listed in
Abdullahyeah I mailed about it to contrib-admin but still no response18:13
AbdullahI'm still newb to crux so I think I need some time ;-)18:14
AbdullahWe have a limited community btw ;-(18:15
Abdullahlimited packages yet functional system18:16
Anselmomeh, it works18:16
Abdullahyeah it rocks ;-)18:16
AbdullahI just wish we could have rolling release but that's just my wish. maybe our developers don't do it for some reason18:17
Anselmowell, it basically is18:18
Anselmoyou can update to new versions without running the iso usually, its just sometimes rather more of a pain x-x18:18
Abdullahthen why we call it crux 3.418:18
AbdullahI can't hear from gentoo/arch mates oh man it's not rolling18:20
Abdullahone of my friend also said that to me that he liked it but its not rolling so he isn't gonna use it ;-(18:20
Abdullahbut as I said our developers know better than us.18:20
Abdullahsomeone has success getting lid close leading to auto suspend laptop? I still have no success18:22
pedjathere are a bunch of rolling release Linux distributions, some more broken then others :)18:23
AnselmoI dont recall having many issues with arch usually18:24
Anselmothough the kernel stuff is . . . irksome18:24
AbdullahAnselmo: I never faced an issue with arch18:24
AbdullahI never used a boot manager for arch too cos I knew it works18:25
pedjaarch, clear linux, gentoo, opensuse tumbleweed. being rolling release is not that special18:26
Abdullaharch maintainer was the one who was inspired by our distro ;-) so we are one step above them ;-)18:27
Abdullahbtw its ubuntu recompiled tbh ;-)18:28
Anselmocrux ?18:28
Abdullahna man18:28
tilmanwhat's "ubuntu recompiled"?18:28
Abdullaharch linux18:28
AnselmoI think this is a joke18:29
john_cephalopodaAbdullah: The usual rule for contrib is, that you should have had your own repo and have kept it up-to-date for some time before you get the key for contrib.18:33
Abdullahjohn_cephalopoda: a git repo is okay or I have to host in on my server for the part of 'your own repo'?18:35
john_cephalopodaAbdullah: You can host it whereever you want.19:24
Abdullahjohn_cephalopoda: Thanks for guiding19:25
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frinnstCALL THE LAWYERS22:03
joacimCRUX 3.5 VyOS22:04
frinnstlol yes22:04
Anselmothat website renders very poorly here22:05
frinnstdamn, missed a trailing " in my comment22:06
pedjawell, fuck.
jaegercan't say I'm surprised, though22:16
jaegerThey seem to cancel most shows I enjoy after a few seasons now :P22:16
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joacimeverything you like gets canceled22:18
joacimexcept for that show you don't like22:18
Anselmostop liking things22:18
Anselmothen they'll last longer22:18
jaegerAhem... travelers sucks! cancel it! JERKS22:18
jaegerACTION waits22:18
pedjawell, at least I have second half of the s3 to look forward to22:20
pedjaI am curious about The Culture series, tbh22:21
pedjahopefully there are some more good SF shows ahead22:22
joacimi did enjoy origin22:56
joacimand it has some kind of sequel bait too22:56
joacimdont think it would be a problem with shows getting cancelled, if they were made with a decent ending in mind22:58
joacimi think most of the shows i enjoyed in the past 10 years ended with a cliffhanger :(22:59
AbdullahI'm missing charset or something like that.23:31
Abdullahcan't see visualizer in ncmpcpp23:32
Abdullahtried many but still strange result23:32
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