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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xorg-xf86-input-libinput: update to 0.28.207:56
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: bison: update to 3.3.207:56
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: libwebp: 1.0.1 -> 1.0.214:18
pedjanot sure how smart, from the marketing perspective, is naming the shop 'spyware mobile'14:20
darforomster: you doing ok with the heat and flooding?16:53
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timcowchipwhat does libxdg-basedir do?21:23
timcowchipI'm wondering if it affects the ~/.local/share/applications location of *.desktop files showing up in menus (MATE LXQT jgmenu xdgmenumaker)21:42
joacimanother way of doing the same thing i guess21:43
timcowchipor /usr/share/applications21:43
timcowchipthe same things as what?21:44
timcowchipfrom ~/.config/tint2/tint2/tint2rc "launcher_apps_dir = ~/.local/share/applications"21:46
timcowchipif I don't put that line in, I don't see those menu items21:46
timcowchipon the tint2 launchbar21:47
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timcowchipwill "sudo prt-get depinst mate" pull in everything MATE?21:52
timcowchipthat's how I installed it last time21:53
timcowchipmaybe it missed a package?21:53
timcowchipfrom /etc/prt-get.conf "runscripts yes            # (no|yes)"21:54
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timcowchipso all the pre and post install scripts are enabled21:54
joacimshould pull in everything needed22:06
joacimtho if you dont have xorg already, you might run into issues22:06
joacimdont know if jaeger fixed all the things i found or not22:06
jaegerthere are some NEW footprint mismatches but otherwise it should work quite well22:14
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timcowchipit built and application menus still don't show23:27
timcowchipgoing to try it in a vm23:28
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