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timcowchipmate still building in a vm01:02
timcowchippretty big deptree on a fresh installation of Crux01:03
timcowchipup to caja now01:05
timcowchipwhy are all the locales installed in many of these packages?01:09
timcowchipI see "rm -r $PKG/usr/share/locale" in the Pkgfiles, but it seems there should be a configure option to not build them01:12
timcowchipbuilt in a vm of a fresh crux installation, the applications menu of mate doesn't show01:25
timcowchipI'm thinking maybe there's a polkit file that needs editing01:28
timcowchiptried running mate as root still no applications menu01:28
timcowchipcould it be there's a dependency that's installed on jaeger's system, but not listed in a Pkgfile?01:29
timcowchipI've been guilty of that more times than I should01:30
jaegertry strace, maybe01:30
jaegerI can't imagine what it would be because I build with 'prt-get depinst mate' and it works great. No special tricks01:31
jaegereven tried it in a fresh VM recently, no problems01:31
jaegerthere is often a configure option to disable NLS but whether or not it really works varies WILDLY01:31
timcowchipI also use depinst, but if a package is already installed and not in the depends line it won't matter01:32
timcowchipthe np on the fresh vm is interesting01:33
timcowchipI hae problem on a fresh vm01:33
jaegerI do spend a fair amount of time testing my ports, wouldn't publish them if I couldn't get them working :)01:33
timcowchipso what is the diff between my machine and yours.....hardware?01:34
jaegerout of curiosity, do you have the ability to record an install from the start? I'm curious if you're doing anything obviously different01:34
jaegervirtualbox can record VMs, not sure about others01:34
timcowchipyou mean oracle virtualbox?01:34
timcowchipthat's what I'm using01:35
jaegeryes. that's what I use for VMs on my desktop01:35
timcowchipI'm running it in arch01:35
jaegerBut it would be a lot of work to record an install just for this01:35
timcowchipi did prt-get depinst mate as root01:36
jaegerI've never done it solely as root but I can't imagine that would cause trouble01:36
timcowchipare you using vbox on crux?01:37
jaegeryes, and on windows01:37
timcowchipmy wife has windows01:37
timcowchipbut she won't let me use it for anything like that, I'm pretty sure01:38
timcowchipyou have your own package for virtualbox?01:39
timcowchipI see brianlfs has one in portsdb01:39
timcowchipI could try building it then install crux in it01:40
jaegerI use the binary installer from the site01:41
jaegerIn the past you didn't get something if you built it yourself... like usb support01:41
jaegerI don't recall the details01:41
jaegerI've just always used the binary since then01:41
AnselmoI always use qemu/kvm for virtual machines, its been pretty handy and doesnt seem to have too many issues for most use01:52
Anselmoits also sometimes the case with installing a package on an existing system that maybe, while a random dependancy is met it might not be met in the correct version, and that can cause trouble down the line and be a little hard to pin down01:53
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timcowchipthis what I get running mate in a terminal on crux >
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timcowchipmate-session --debug >
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: dmenu: updated to 4.905:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: ncdu: updated to 1.1405:45
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timcowchipwhen I "cp /usr/etc/xdg/menus ~/.config/menus" everything works fine in the mate menu08:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: hpcups: signature update08:39
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: dwm: update to 6.2 release09:03
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jaegertimcowchip: how do you start MATE in your .xinitrc?13:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: unbound: update to 1.9.016:43
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timcowchipmy .xinitrc is exec $119:20
timcowchipin the vm its exec mate-session19:20
jaegertake a look at /usr/bin/start-mate19:20
jaegeryou're probably missing the XDG setup that happens there19:20
jaegeras well as consolekit19:20
jaegerI recommend using "exec start-mate"19:21
AbdullahI have a solution just lemme finish my work19:21
timcowchipthe mate menu works with everything in /etc/xdg/menus copied to ~/.config/menus19:23
timcowchipwhy does Crux use /usr/etc?19:23
joacimrun start-mate19:26
joacimthen complain19:26
timcowchipI'll have to edit /usr/share/xsessions/mate.desktop19:26
joacimdo it19:26
timcowchipI use slim19:26
timcowchipslim runs desktop files in /usr/share/xsessions19:27
joacimthe default locations for such things generally works fine.19:27
joacimnever had an issue with them when i used Xfce, and now that I use mate19:27
timcowchipwhat about the default location /etc/xdg?19:27
pedjaboth etc and usr/etc are valid19:28
timcowchipon Crux19:29
timcowchipnot arch19:29
joacimwhy not19:29
joacimwhen a distro has a policy, maintainers tend to adapt applications to fit with that policy19:30
timcowchipnot me I'm a Republican19:30
joacimso crux and their maintainers have to adapt to your needs and wants?19:31
timcowchipno the developers could change the policy though19:32
joacimmaybe they like it this way19:32
joacimwhy they choose to maintain this specific distro with these specific policies19:32
joacimas their software, political, and personal freedom allows them to choose19:33
pedjatimcowchip, what's the issue you are having?19:34
timcowchipits my needs that aren't being met, but the developers of the sources for applications that are built using default library and data file locations19:34
timcowchipnot having one actually19:35
pedjathat doesn't answer my question :)19:35
timcowchipthough I'd already solved it19:35
joacimyou could simply let these files be where the maintainer decided to put them19:35
timcowchipthen, suddenly I got a ton of responses19:35
joacimthat's bullshit. IRC is dead19:36
timcowchipdoesn't seem dead today19:36
timcowchipI couldn't see any applications menu in mate19:37
timcowchipnow I can with everything in /etc/xdg/menus copied to ~/.config/menus19:38
timcowchipor /usr/etc/xdg/menus19:39
timcowchipI forget now19:39
pedjatimcowchip, etc and usr/etc being both valid is not a Crux thing, it's a typical Linux configuration19:39
pedja'man hier'19:39
timcowchipnot that typical19:39
pedjaarch modifies every port to put the files to etc19:40
timcowchipI was think of replacing arch with slackware19:40
pedjaregardless, you shouldn't have issues with files being in either. if you do, something is probably wrong19:41
timcowchipI am told its the way I start mate19:41
timcowchipstartmate instead of mate-session19:42
pedjaif mate is like xfce, there is a start-up script that does the initial setup19:42
pedjastart-xfce, for instance19:42
pedjaas jaeger already said, use start-mate. modern DE's are fiddly beasts these days :)19:44
timcowchipthat means editing /usr/share/xsessions/mate.desktop19:46
timcowchipther's is also a start-lxqt19:46
pedjawhat's in the Exec line in mate.desktop?19:47
timcowchipsame as lxqt-session is in the Exac line of lxqt.desktop19:48
timcowchipI could make my own lxqt.desktop and install it with the package19:49
timcowchipmake it part of the installation19:49
timcowchipI did that with vice and ecwolf19:49
pedjaIsn't .xsession used by the display/login manager?19:52
timcowchiplet me see19:52
pedjasorry, usr/share/xsessions19:53
pedjagdm/lightdm, that kind of thing19:53
timcowchiplogin_cmd           exec /bin/bash -login ~/.xinitrc %session19:53
timcowchipsessiondir            /usr/share/xsessions/19:55
timcowchipand .xinitrc is "exec $1"19:55
timcowchipso slackware uses elilo for UEFI boots20:01
timcowchipdoes lilo boot Crux if its on a GPT partition?20:09
timcowchipslackware uses elilo20:09
joacimlilo is mbr/bios only20:11
joacimelilo isnt maintained anymore afaik20:11
joacimthought it was 2300, but it is still 21-something .(20:13
timcowchipslackware current uses it20:16
joacimStatus: Abandoned20:18
timcowchipgrub-install: error: cannot find EFI directory20:19
onoderaI just use the kernel efi thing now20:21
onoderait's quite nice20:21
timcowchiphow does it work?20:22
onoderain the kernel you enable this efistub and set an efi path20:25
onoderayou copy vmlinuz to this path20:25
onoderaalso you need to do something with efibootmngr, I kind of forgot the steps20:25
onoderaanyways it will result in linux without a boot manager20:25
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darfoRomster: you doing ok with the heat and flooding?21:26
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mayfrosthello there22:54
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mayfrostwith programs under /usr/local/bin, do you add them to your path or you change their installation destination?22:56
jaegerfor one-offs, maybe add to your path... for ports, move it22:57
mayfrosthow do I move them in the Pkgfile?22:58
jaegerif it has a configure script, use --prefix=/usr22:58
jaegerif it's a Makefile, check for a prefix or destdir in it22:58
mayfrostprefix is /usr and destdir is $PKG22:59
mayfrostoh, I may use the configure script23:00
jaegerif it has one available that's usually the best option23:04
jaegerno problem23:05
jaegerhow does slim even select sessions? I've never seen a theme with any kind of session choice on it23:53

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