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jaegerah ha! gotta set sessiondir, I see00:03
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jaegertimcowchip: I'll alter the mate session file to exec start-mate00:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: iw: 4.9 -> 4.14  thx jue00:13
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timcowchipI was able to grub-install and grub-mkconfig on slackware00:17
timcowchipnow I'm systemd-free00:17
timcowchipable to boot both slackware and crux willy-nilly00:18
timcowchipyes I can maintain my crux ports and SBO builds00:20
saptechtimcowchip, have you tried void linux?00:40
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Ergo0_Hii there00:52
Ergo0_anyone who could link me to a site with crux distfiles00:52
Ergo0_the link for the source of cyrus-sasl seems to be broken or down00:52
jaegerheyo. or are a couple00:53
Ergo0_jaeger thankss lad00:54
Ergo0_back again :)00:55
Ergo0_gonna try and make a port for
Ergo0_seems neat00:55
jaegerlooks interesting00:57
Ergo0_maybe its easier to use then lutris00:57
Ergo0_or atleast to write a port for00:57
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Ergo0on weechat now00:58
Ergo0pedja could i have a link to your xfce port repo again pretty please00:59
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saptechgreetings all01:40
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saptechI'm trying to set my Dell wide screen monitor to 1600x900_60, but it will not accept it01:41
saptechif someone can look through this and see why it won't take?01:41
saptechwhen I try settings, it always swho, xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default01:42
jaegerwhat model monitor is it?01:42
jaegerIt looks like xrandr sees quite a few modes, including 1600x900_60.0001:43
saptechit's currently set to 1600x1200, which is too wide for me01:43
saptechwhen I try to set it to 1600x900_60.00 I get the gamma error message01:44
saptechMate's Display setting doesn't offer 1600x90001:45
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saptechjaeger, I'm trying to find what model it is. It was given to me01:46
jaegercan it switch to any of the modes that are listed?01:48
saptechlet me try it01:49
saptechjaeger, it will do 1280x1024 and under but Mate's Display app doesn't show the 1600x900 as an option and it show Refresh Rate as 001:51
jaegerI think it just uses xrandr but I'm not sure01:53
saptechI used xrandr to try to set it to 1600x900, that's why it show it now01:53
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saptechbut I get this: xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default01:54
saptechScreen 0: minimum 640 x 480, current 1600 x 1200, maximum 1600 x 120001:54
saptechdefault connected 1600x120001:54
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jaegerSorry, I don't know what causes that02:35
saptechthanks anyway. it have to missing something because running Mate on other distros, I get the desired resolution02:46
saptechright now I can't seem to find the model of the monitor02:46
saptechthe mate display app doesn't show the model name, it only show Unknown Default02:47
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jaegerhrmm, odd. if you find out what's missing let me know02:58
jaegerIf you run the display properties app from a terminal does it output anything useful?03:00
saptechjaeger,  "Gtk-Message: 21:13:52.770: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged."03:14
jaegerI'm not sure if that's related, I think I've seen that message before elsewhere03:22
jaegersorry, don'03:22
jaegert have a better idea03:22
saptechthanks for the help anyway. this got me puzzled03:24
jaegeryeah, seems strange03:24
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jaegersaptech: interesting, just tested on one machine, I see the proper modes and refresh rate when I open mate-display-properties03:43
jaegerI wonder if it has anything to do with the monitor's EDID reporting03:43
saptechjaeger, how can I get EDID info?03:51
saptechis this a command, monitor-edid?04:02
jaegerThere's probably some tool to query it, not sure04:02
jaegerI would expect xrandr to show edid info pretty easily but in this case we want to try to verify it somewhere else04:03
saptechI'll keep researching this, but need to leave for now. thanks for the help04:28
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Ergo0anyone has a link to pedjas xfce repo, i cant seem to find it10:48
frinnsthe likes to keep it secret10:58
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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: [notify] curl: update to 7.64.011:02
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Ergo0anyone who has experience with installing debian packages11:13
Ergo0or someone who can recommend me a port to look at to see how it works11:13
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AbdullahErgo0: I had this port, lemme check its url13:01
Abdullah Ergo013:02
Ergo0Abdullah thanks for responding, i already fixed it tho13:39
AbdullahErgo0: I was out of town, still havent read full log14:19
pedjatime to update freerdp, I guess
Ergo0pedja now you was who i was looking for14:47
pedjaErgo0, yes?14:48
Ergo0you had a xfce ports repo right14:48
pedjaI have, yes14:48
Ergo0could you link it to me14:50
pedjasure. read the README to see which branches are usable :)14:51
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Ergo0alsoo anyone know why this is happening ?
pedjausual caveats apply for that repo, of course14:52
Ergo0I am aware, I only really need thunar thoo14:52
Ergo0and that works14:52
Ergo0i love using 2bwm and then adding parts of xfce14:52
pedjawhy are you using sudo with gpg?14:53
Ergo0i mean it also doesnt do anything without14:53
Ergo0i am in /usr/src btw14:53
pedjachown it to your user/group, perhaps?14:54
Ergo0dont you think its a problem with gpg in general?14:55
frinnstErgo0: the xz archive is not signed, only the tar-file14:55
frinnstyou need to decompress it first. also dont use sudo for gpg :-)14:56
Ergo0soo i have to verify it before unpacking?14:56
Ergo0because i tried that as well14:56
Ergo0ye i tried doing it after unpaking14:56
frinnstxz -d <linux-tar.xz> | gpg --verify linux-4.20.6.tar.sign14:59
frinnstdoh, dont pipe it :-)14:59
Ergo0is xz -d different form tar -xvf?15:00
Ergo0yee still doesnt work15:00
jaegeryou only want to decompress, not to unpack the tarball15:00
jaegerThe comment at the top of the .sign file says it's for the tar archive15:01
Ergo0yee im looking at the file currently15:01
pedjatarball is signed with gkh's key, apparently, not linus's15:02
pedjawhich makes sense, since it's the stable release15:02
Ergo0it finally worked15:04
Ergo0so now after verifying it15:04
Ergo0i untar it fully right15:05
Ergo0yee done15:08
pedjahm. isn't 'gpg --locate-keys foo' supposed to d/l the key if it isn't in the keyring?15:12
pedjaI get 'gpg: error retrieving '' via WKD: No data'15:14
jaegerI wonder if it's missing a lib or something15:19
dbrookefor me it downloaded it with --verify, but I do have: keyserver hkp:// \ keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve   in ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf15:36
Ergo0nice, got flatpak working properly now15:41
Ergo0now i dont need to build ports for a lot of stuff15:41
pedjadbrooke, keyserver works, getting or searching for the key from wkd doesn't. try ' gpg --auto-key-locate clear,nodefault,wkd --locate-key'15:43
pedjasince that checks servers ssl cert first, perhaps an issue with cert-bundle15:44
dbrookeyes, that fails for me15:47
pedjaworks for a key already in the keyring, as in lists wkd-compliant email hash15:48
frinnstcommand to test the https cert?15:48
frinnstI generated the last bundle in a different way. Nobody complained so we hoped it was ok. Might be related to that15:49
pedjafrinnst, my theory is that somehow gpg fails to check the server certificate15:53
jaegerstrace it?15:53
pedjaI'll try that next, passing multiple verbose flags isn't helpful :)15:54
joacimis windows usually a pain in the ass with dns? it'll resolve "hostname.", but not "hostname".15:57
joacimthe former is more correct ofc15:57
jaegergenerally not a pain in my experience15:57
joacimmaybe it is me that is the problem15:58
joacimor my unbound config15:58
jaeger"hostname." seems incorrect to me16:00
jaegerthat explicitly says hostname is the fqdn16:00
jaegerwith that said, windows resolves both "hostname" and "hostname.domain" for me16:01
joacimit'll also resolve "hostname.domain" and "hostname.domain."16:01
joacimbut it will resolve "hostname" if I ping "hostname." first =)16:02
joacimwell. nslookup resolves "hostname" on its own, but I have to ping "hostname." before I can ping "hostname"16:04
darfoare there any docs on for building 32-bit ports? specifically $PKGMK_ARCH?16:17
darfoi've got the .32bit file in my port's directory but the compiler flags are still set to X86_64.16:18
jaegerjoacim: hrmm... that's really odd indeed16:19
jaegerdarfo: I don't think so, we should probably add that somewhere if we haven't. basically pkgmk just sets PKGMK_ARCH if it finds the .32bit file, then pkgmk.conf has the salient variables in it16:20
darfothat's what I hoped for. now I'll track done where that 64-bit flag is coming from16:20
jaegeryour CFLAGS are still going to have -march=x86_64 in them for what that's worth... but also -m3216:21
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darfoi see. I guess the x86_64 is for the CPU type which is still 64-bit and the -m32 tells the compiler to use 32-bit pointers. Thx.16:23
jaegeryou can test the file or lib with 'file' to make sure it built the way you want16:24
jaegeryou'll see "ELF 32-bit" or "ELF 64-bit"16:25
pedjafrinnst, fwiv, I don't think it's an issue with ca certs. gnutls-cli works fine, and gnupg is using that, afaik16:35
pedjait's a mystery :)16:36
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frinnstack, cheers18:20
pedjasince I get the same result with gpg from opensuse, I don't know wtf is going on :)19:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: docker: updated to version 18.09.119:52
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