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kevinI'm attempting installation, but I'm getting sent to the Grub prompt upon reboot. Any thoughts on where I went wrong?00:35
jaegerIf you're getting the prompt, grub is installed... but it probably can't find the config file00:40
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kevinShould the ESP be mounted at /boot or /boot/efi?  I mounted at /boot/efi, and that's where grubx64.efi is.  However the kernel is in /boot and the grub.cfg is in /boot/grub/ which are on the main root partition.  That's wrong, isn't it?01:04
ryuokevin: no.01:05
ryuokevin: the ESP only needs the .efi file.01:05
jaegerESP is generally /boot/efi but it doesn't really matter much. kernel can be in /boot, no problem01:05
jaegerHow did you generate the grub.cfg? using grub-mkconfig?01:05
kevinYes, just like that.  I see the auto generated file.01:06
jaegergenerally that works fine, hrmm01:09
kevinNow I will mention that I have Mint on a separate drive, which now is unbootable, haha.  I did not think there would be conflict, but perhaps I needed to make one aware of the other.01:11
jaegerGenerally grub can find multiple distros IF you have os-prober as well. So what I'd recommend if you want to boot both is to manage grub on the mint side only01:12
jaegerand let it boot both01:12
kevinAh, okay.01:14
jaegerIf you don't want to do it that way we can try to fix it, but I suspect that'd be easiest01:19
kevinOK, I figured out what was wrong with Mint.  I still had the Crux drive in fstab.  So I can get back to Mint now.  I'll try out os-prober.  Do I need to prep the Crux drive first, e.g. remove ESP partition or something with grub..?01:23
jaegerRemoving the ESP would be a good idea since you already have one on the mint drive, presumably01:23
jaegerMint is booting via UEFI as well, right?01:23
kevinEr, actually I think it's MBR.  the disklabel type is dos.01:27
ryuokevin: that doesn't mean much. Linux can boot from either disk label.01:28
kevinOH sorry.  Hold on.01:28
ryuowhat works is largely dependent on your BIOS.01:28
ryuoUEFI is normally used with GPT, but some also support it in the older MBR format.01:29
ryuoGPT can also be booted by BIOS only setups, but it's a little more involved to get it to work.01:29
ryuoI don't think that trick works on UEFI systems.01:29
ryuoThough i may be wrong.01:29
jaegerwell, if you don't have an ESP for the mint install, it's not UEFI01:32
jaegerthat'd be an easy way to check01:32
ryuojaeger: care to comment on what i left in #crux-devel?01:32
kevinSo, Mint actually is not UEFI.  Is it possible to have both and choose drive from BIOS?  I don't actually need the Mint install, just the data on the drive.01:38
jaegerYou can boot both on some systems, depends on the motherboard and their BIOS/UEFI/CSM implementation... but I don't think a bootloader can do both at the same time01:40
jaegerMight be easier to just boot both in BIOS mode01:40
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kevinWould I need to reinstall with MBR partitioning?01:53
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jaegerMost likely not. As long as whichever grub you're configuring can find both installations and kernels01:53
kevinIs it enough to delete all the grub stuff in /boot and then configure grub from Mint?01:59
jaegerYou probably don't even need to delete it but you could to avoid later possible confusion, sure01:59
kevinI see.  Thank you, jaeger and ryuo.02:01
jaegerNo problem, hope it helps02:01
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kevinHi again.  Grub found the crux install, but booting resulted in kernel panic - Unable to mount fs.  I decided to repartition with MBR and redo installation.  Well, again it can't mount the file system.  Initfs?04:00
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jaegermost like you are missing support for either your disk controller or filesystem in the kernel04:03
jaegerIf you build them as <*> instead of <M> you won't need an initramfs/initrd04:03
kevinI left kernel as default b/c I don't known about any of that stuff!  I was hoping it would have good enough defaults.  How do I discover my system requirements?04:05
kevinActually, I can googling that.04:06
jaegerwhile booted into the install media or your mint installation, run 'lspci -k' and look for your disk controller04:07
jaegershould show you what module is in use04:07
jaegerthen you can search for that module in the kernel config with the / key04:07
kevineasy enough, thanks.04:08
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jaegerThe default kernel config has a lot of them already so I'd be interested to hear what's missing when you find it04:10
kevinIs this it?  SATA controller: Kernel driver in use: ahci; kernel modules: ahci04:11
jaegeryeah, probably.04:14
kevincan I chroot from my Mint install and reconfig the kernel?04:15
jaegerShould be able to if they're both the same arch (x86_64, etc.)04:16
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Romsterand glibc kernel headers are not newer than the kernel you are using in crux05:10
Romsteri hit that one time when i did my own custom stuff.05:10
Romsterwouldn't let me chroot05:10
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saptechgreetings all15:56
saptechwhen during the 'prt-get sysup', is there a way to see which file is compiling?15:57
jaegerno easy way to see exactly which source file is currently compiling that I know of... you could maybe set up some kinda thing that hooked in an inotify watch or the like16:04
joacimnot that i know of. i mostly see it by looking at the path names during compilation16:04
jaegernot sure if that would even work16:05
jaegerIt's easy to see which port is currently building but not which file16:05
joacimmodifying the makecommand line in prt-get.conf maybe16:05
joacimand make it modify the title of your terminal16:06
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darfoi use rmlog_on_success no and logfile  /var/log/pkgbuild/%n.log in prt-get.conf. The ls -lart /var/log/pkgbuild | tail and last one shows me what is compiling17:43
darfohave a cron that occasionally bzips the .log files in that dir to save space17:43
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tilmanmy connection got downgraded to about 128 kb/s for whatever reason18:07
tilmanthe past is now :|18:08
joacimsounds unbearable, considering how heavy modern websites are18:08
joacimhow long does it take to load your isps support page? =)18:08
joacimmine has a video running in the background on their front page18:10
joacimtotal size without the video is still larger than that 1MB webm file18:11
joacimthe support page has two javascrit files that are about the same size as that one video :(18:13
joacimaccording to the firefox web inspector18:14
frinnstthats just evil18:28
frinnst1mb of crap18:28
jaegerAh, the modern web18:28
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tilmanjoacim: dunno, i decided to wait until monday to see if it fixes itself20:32
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_user___yes hello from hungarian21:42
_user___thank you very much for good distribution21:42
_user___works perfectyl on my nmachine21:42
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xorg-libxau: updated to 1.0.923:06
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